: Vocal chat with casual member of our team
Honestly, it's the spectrum of an American company like Valve, and a Chinese company like Tencent, Notice how the competitive games that valve makes all have in-game comms that you can choose to opt in and out of, their competitive games also never ban players for saying whatever it is they want in chat or voice comms. They are also extremely harsh towards people who grief/troll by giving punishments that could go up to whole months of bans if you intentionally lose even a single game. Now with Tencent's League of legends its a whole different story, corruption, censorship, cancerous anime skins, people who go 20 games of syndra TP Smite and intentionally derank with no consequences, terrible work environment, complete tolerance for trolling, 0 tolerance for calling someone a dumbass... etc. Imagine this would be probably the best game for the next 10 years if it was not bought out by a Chinese company, throwing all our western values and standards out of the window and completely shitting it up.
Craxyy (EUNE)
: hey guys can you check if thats in for a permaban
Typing too much can get you banned, even if you say completely friendly things like "Hey team lets win!" or "Nice hook thresh" just for examples, if you say those things way too much, say you sent like 200 messages then you can get banned for that, pretty dog shit system but it's what you have to put up with.
Smerk (EUW)
: Riot don't want to add voice chat for random groups because they have no way to monitor it. Plus opt-in system doesn't really work in competitive environment, because by not choosing to opt-in you're putting your team at a disadvantage and other players won't be happy and will blame those who chose to not join.
I mean dog company only cares about banning people rather than a more healthy competitive environment so yes it makes sense.
Eldian (EUNE)
: so you should be banned too then? https://imgur.com/a/34M54fy
I should be, but the funny thing is... they banned me for calling the jungler a dumbass rather than me inting that game... I would not care if they banned me for inting that game, but the fact that they banned me for language rather than inting is even more frustrating
: I just got griefed (again)
ofc, this dog company does not care at all about this game's competitive environment, saying simple things like "moron" can get you 14 day banned, but inting 20 games in a row and losing on purpose is not bannable. So no, they won't ban this individual...
: League Of Warcraft Classic
"Fury is so op" I'm dying :D
: and what did you say on these tickets? showing opgg screens of losses isn't enough you need to bring up their impossible troll winrates and maybe record their griefing in action and compare them to nubrac and be more urgent that they get banned so they finally receive ban hammer also doubt riot support takes that long to reply you either dismissed their actual reply as a bot response or you have to wait a little longer riot support acts weird for whatever reason sometimes but rarely
I explained how he was denying our jungler from playing the game, because he would take the main monster from the camp and throw it into baron/dragon pit thus resetting it, then I said that they were even admitting it in chat, i didn't manage to get recording cos the game was last patch, but I'm sure they can see games the person is playing.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: this is a booster that didn't get paid probably
but getting banned is so easy, just type magic 3 letter and n-word and ur good to go
: lmao send a damn ticket wth
me and my friend sent tickets a few days ago, still no asnwer from riot...
Rioter Comments
: No, it's not... It's 1 single game.
are you not looking at the screenshot i provided or are u seriously defending him... jeez no hope in this community tbh
: Riot is just being Riot, ultra inconsistent in everything they do. They are literally the worst company in the history of online gaming, but not unexpected from a Murican company.
Correction, Riot is a scum %%%% Chinese company, it stopped being American looong ago, look at Dota, honestly I don't like Dota's gameplay but the community and developer relationship is so damn good, that it makes me curious to how the game is...
: It's been always like this. I had a 14 days suspension on an another account, because i was a bit racist and anti-Semitic to a dude that literally run it down mid 20 + times in a row and wrote some stuff in Arabic . Yes i called him the 'T' word. No regrets, lost my platinum promo on the smurf account because of this guy. And this was perfectly fine by Riot's stupid system. He can ruin games on purpose, BUT if i get angry at him and call him some bad words - i GET BANNED. This is going on for at least for 4 seasons(that's how much time i played the game), and still isn't fixed. Like Cmone Riot for real, there will be less angry(toxic ) people when their are less people who ruin games on purpose.
Така става пич ;)
: ive just played a draft game with them after they added me randomly, probably found me here, they didnt troll did ok for a sup and won the lane,guess they only troll in ranked games or someone was using their account idk seems weird :/ https://i.imgur.com/PwYs9b7.png https://i.imgur.com/kPtwcST.png
No one reports people in Normal games, ranked reports matter more so thats probably why he didnt int that game...
: either scorch is bugged
scorch is useless after 20 minutues, because it's damage becomes irrelevant, whereas +18 ap is extremely good for some scales
HealzYT (EUW)
: Playing LoL after long break
What happened to your old account?
: That could be in 1 single game. I rarely see a troll as in 1 single game for it as being bannable. Like said. If the system haven't banned her for "intentionally grief" over those games, then it's very likely she played legit over those games. You can take 1 game of tilt into the account.
: Should be punished. But not by ban. Simply instant demote to iron4 and set mmR to 200. Same with naughty words. It's just a game and rating exists to separate people.
This would make the already problematic smurfing problem worse, you could just int a few times and start smurfing straight away.
: added
When I get home I’ll send I’m at work right now.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: > and I just played a game with him is what they wrote, but I don't see it in match history.
It was on a different account
: ohh sadness i was so curious to see all his matches
Add me I,ll DM you the opgg
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