: Summoner name: TSM Dankos Elo last season: No Rank Elo this season: Bronze I currently Top 3 champs for jungle: Vi, Xin Zhao, Nidalee/Ekko Age: 15 Working headset and mic: Yes Do you use teamspeak: Yes Days/Times you can play: Anyday past 8:00 (except for saturday)
Im sorry but your to young for our team, i realise i didnt put an age restriction on the post but we are only recruiting people who are 18 or older
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yusuf1974 (EUW)
: need a support
im support main but i dont play any of the supports u listed, i play mostly soraka, sona, morgana, karma, was silver 3 last season and i am fairly experianced
: Join #BlazeIT (Blaze) < ingame tag
il join =3 add me, my IGN is dogzdream
: Team Nemesis GG come and join silver-gold
Age: 20 IGN: dogzdream Speak English: Im British so i cant be any more english Current rank: Bronze 4 (so hard to carry as a support main) Primary lane and what champs: mains support, mains mostly sona, morgana, karma. Secondary lane and what champs: i also play ADC and mid, ezreal, MF, lux, annie, i play alot of ezreal ether as mid or adc tho
Lorillyth (EUW)
: ADC main looking for a duo supp partner or ranked team!
Gimbola (EUW)
: LF Support for low elo ranked team
hay im a bronze 4 support main who can also play ADC and mid lane =3 i would be interested =3
: b3 adc looking for aggressive silver/b supporter
hi i was silver 3 last season but am currently bronze 3, i main support but only play utility and mage supports such as sona, morgana, karma, im an agressive support who has exceptional warding skills and i know my role in a team, maybe you could consider me even tho i do not play supports like thresh, braum, alistar, my summer name is dogzdream {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Low Bronze players WANTED!
hay im a support main and my second role is adc, i was silver 3 last season and i would like to be part of a team to try and climb with and have fun with, my league name is dogzdream, please accept me for atleast a try out =3 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}


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