dol0hov (EUW)
: What should I do to climb in rankeds?
Thanks everyone for helping, I'm starting to win games, I think this is a start... Thank you all.
dol0hov (EUW)
: I honestly quit. I can't play this anymore, can't climb up.
Thanks to everyone that helped. I'm seeing some results here I guess :))) That's a start.
Megidus (EUW)
: I recently logged a ticket with Riot support. I was carrying every game up to Silver 1 98lp and then have had a teamate go 1/11 in every game so far. This isn't the first time it's happened either. How is it pros can go from unranked to masters in 20 games meanwhile 90% of the playerbase is silver/bronze? There's clearly something wrong with their system.
Ceberuz (EUW)
: Depending on what tier / division you get into promo's for, you can get new unranked players on your team due to team-wide mmr matching. That anyone could actually think a new player who's got 30 levels of experience vs a multi-seasoned player is good design and fair match making, is testiment to an extreme level of idiocy!
Saibbo (EUW)
: I mean as a tryndamere you can literally win the game alone, you were pretty fed just leave your teammates to die while you're always on the other side of the map pushing? Looking at the score boards you literally could have 1vs1 anyone or at least push them away and get to the nexus all by yourself
I can't win the game alone, that's a bad thinking. I didn't left them to die, I always tried to help them but I can't avoid them making bad choices. I could indeed 1vs1 anyone but they jumped 3+ on me, and my team couldn't do anything because they were useless, you're just thinking bad, this is not an alone game, yes a team one, it requires teamwork.
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Alchemiczka (EUNE)
: Well a lot of smartas*ses here are people who have been in plat+ since few seasons. So they barely saw what is happening in bronze/silver elo now. Starting from unranked is also not the same as having lower mmr and trying to leave that hell. I left bronze/silver pretty quickly but only because I was playing duo. One of my friends has second account in silver to play with his friends and this year he tried to climb to plat (he is diamond in main account) and he couldnt. :D He said that it was much easier to climb in prev seasons.
Wow ;o, I do understand and it's normal he couldn't, this isn't a game made for ONE person to get his kills, his lane and then help others get their lane, I believe all the team has to put some effort and do something for themselves instead of waiting for the rest to help them, otherwise, it will not work.
Ceberuz (EUW)
: N'th post about the exact same flawed design, but people got the Riot goggles on shouting 'nahnah', and Riot says there is no elephant in the room when it comes to this, yet the scenario is always as you described.., with emphazis on promotional games.
Thanks for replying man, I can see that you know what I mean, I just find it hard when I get good teams in a row and manage to get to promos, and when I get to promos, the team doesn't seem like the other ones. I mean, please? If it happened once, twice, alright, I guess, it happens, but everysingle time?
: The season gone to shit anyways your best hope is next season. I've dropped from D5 to p2 31lp just by getting brain dead players who play like they've never played a league game in their life. And i was Diamond for well over 500 game's. Once you fail the promo to diamond you're %%%%ed and the game just gives you players who suck ass, not oh look 0-1 i mean 0-8 lost the game by the 15 min type shit even tho you tell them how to try and play. Like there is no consistency what so ever in league anymore, and i have the feeling a lot of people seem like they've bough their accounts with the way the play, there is no skill, no nothing, just pure %%%%ing luck which gets the better players or the better comp. Most time's you lost just by what your team has picked its full c*ncer. league won't ever address match making, they think they're to perfect to ever say their wrong. The same shit happened in D3 promo's, lost them to %%%%%%s trolling, and next think you now in under 30 game's i was back to D5 with 0 chance of being able to do anything about it. Last 2 games
What? Is this actually happening in diamond? I mean, I thought this only happened around bronze/silver and from there would get better. O_o
: I've been stuck in plat5 for 3 years now. feelsbadman
I would feel happy if I was in plat 5, just jk, probably wouldn't cause I would feed the hell out of me xD.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: masses games. this game is not based on personal skill rather than statistical chances. "how many chances i get to find a good team?" i.e: 10% good, on 10 matches 1 find good teammates, rest is up to opponent's statistics. (same-skill-population-in-that-elo-wise) play sc2/chess/1v1 games, be good = u rank fast until your skill gets his ceiling.
I think I understand what you mean and I'll try to make some use of it, thank you.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: I know that this will sound like overused tip, but just get better than the level on which you are playing right now. Last season I was bronze and this I got from bronze to silver in soloQ rather fast, but with some problems. But then, after 200 games in silver I decided that I need more training to advance further (still in middle of this). Therefore I went to flex and played in bronze division again. But I played mostly champions that I do not know. And I'm talking honestly, when playing a Graves, I was forced to read skill description as I bought him just few seconds before ranked game. In the end, I got out of bronze rather fast and easy even when playing handicapped (not knowing a champion is a bonus for enemies after all). I can say that getting out of bronze is mostly based on taking objectives. I had a game where enemy took two of our 1st tier towers, and was clearly dominating. I took herald (with the help of toplaner), used it, and before enemies reacted I took 3 towers and inhibitor. If you play Tryndamere you need to split push. Take your lane tower, go bot. Take all tier 1 towers, then tier 2 towers, force enemy to split to stop you. If you will get your timing correct you will always push at least two lanes (you can't count on your team). Take objectives like drakes, herald, baron, never count on your jungler that he will do anything. When playing other champions, strategy is similar, play it the way that all of your team is AFK and you need to win solo. If you are better than bronze/silver/etc. you will easily climb up.
Hey there, thanks for replying. I'll watch some videos as I said before in order to know my champion better and take the objectives mostly, some of you made me recognize mistakes I did. Thanks about this, best of luck. :) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: i understand how you feel though ranking up can be different from person to person. Yet there are some values that you need to think about. I can think of "Will" right now. Will to win means a lot of things. It means that you won't flame at all. It means that you will practise csing in custom games. it means that you will watch educational videos. It means that you will give up playing your favorite champions if you have below 50% win rate. Dodge 1-2 games per day if they are already toxic in champion select menu. And the list can go on and on.
Hey there, thanks for the tips. I'll surely do that dodging thing and give up Tryndamere if the next games don't work.
Metharius (EUW)
: i'd say: overall you have the skill to feed yourself but not (the strategic thinking) to carry. therefore: you shouldn't monopolising the kills and instead help your teammate to get fed. Serve as a ladder for them and win as a team. Unless your skill is way above your mmr: being the only one fed is actually easier for the enemy team to beat you because "they just have to focus you" and then stomp the rest of your (extremly behind) team. not to mention the big bounty you have on your head increasing even futher the gold advantage they can get. _**look at your match history: everytime you are fed (and still lose the game): you are still far behind in team gold**_ ex: vs when you win edit: also here is a pro tips: _don't try to be **BETTER than them**, just try to make **less mistakes than them**_
Hello. Thanks for the tips man, I'll give my best and try to help my team but I do recognize there's some times where there's just nothing to do about it, because, for example, yesterday I've just played with a 0/15 lux and I couldn't really do anything about it. Anyways, thanks for it man, but there's a few times we have to recognize that our team doesn't deserve the win at all, because they ain't doing anything for it.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: What if i check your match hystory and find negative scores? Would u find excuses or deal,with the same treatment ?
Of course I have negative scores, I mean, who doesn't? I'm not actually complaining about negative scores, I'm complaining about they not doing anything positive for the game and HOW am I only playing with this kind of people? I just want to know what to do in order to win games.
: Hiya! I'm not sure if it's the right thing to do, but I wanted to find out how to play my role (support) better this morning, so I spent a couple of hours watching some videos of master/challenger teams playing in Korea on YouTube. Picked up a lot of tips about Soraka and Morgana, and when I went back to try it out, I ended up getting S+ and honour from my teammates in all 3 games. I wanted to do it because I was looking at the "stats" section on the client and noticed that compared to other support players, I do really well in the "income" section, but other parts I wasn't doing so great in, like "utility" and "roam" and stuff. But since I tested out what I had watched and picked up, all of them ended up much, much higher now. I was watching videos from a channel called "DomisumReplay". I don't know who they are, but the videos on there are really good if you're wanting to watch someone else playing your champion and see what items they buy, how they play around the map and how they trade in lane and team fights. ^^
Heyyy! Thanks for the tips you've given, I do watch some videos about champions I'm not sure how to play and they help me, I'll make sure to watch that channel you've told me and I'll search for a few more in order to improve. Thanks man, best of luck.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Well, i was bored so decided to have a look at what happened in that game. 1. Start for your team was pretty bad, but at 3:08 you managed to get a double kill and got double buffs. The big problem with the invade enemy did was that it left them underleveled, which allowed you to get that double kill. While your team isn't performing that well, you actually have an immense lead, gold, level and double buff advantage. 2. 5:21 another kill, you're level 6 while Irelia is still level 4 and 3 kills lead. I can't stress enough how huge of an advantage that is. With that back you definitely should've gotten a pink ward. 3. after coming back you decide to freeze. You're not pushing your advantage here that much. Tryndramere after 6 can pretty easily start tower diving. You enter a fight get ganked, kill Irelia but end up giving your bounty to lee sin. This is a really big mistake. Irelia is becoming worth nothing and you snowball enemy jungler even further. If you bought that pink ward you could've prepared for that gank. You're in lead, there's a high chance enemy will try to stop you. 4. 9:00 another death, you had no ult and still went in. 5. around 10:30 you kill Irelia again as well as some action happens around bot, which results in enemy giving up a few bounties. But you made here HUGE mistake after you killed Irelia you decided to roam mid, which resulted in nothing. I'm pretty sure you could've taken enemy turret, which also would've been first blood turret, which would've put your team back into the game(together with those bounties they obtained previously). 6. 12:25 you finally get the first turret, which was also first blood turret. Also, that flash was completely unnecessary. The game is more even than it may look like. you got the turret lets you what you do with it. 7. So you decide to go bot and get nothing, well maybe you've protected enemy from taking another turret. then go mid kill fizz, push it and go bot to get few more kills. I think you could've attempted to get mid, went to get herald or maybe rotated top to get another top turret You're ahead, like really ahead, Tryndamere is not exactly a team fighting champion, he's the type that keeps splitpushing forces enemy come to him. This kinda shows your lack of understanding of the champion you play. Sure you got a bunch of kill, but nothing else. 8. 16:35 you go bot again, engage 2v1 kill Pyke, but give up another bounty to Jhin. 9. you sell your {{item:3006}} and buy{{item:3158}}. Lack of foresight as well as a waste of gold. Enemy has a good amount of cc i think {{item:3111}} would've been better, but whatever. 18. 18:00 mins in you just killed 3 people and got a massive bounty from Lee sin, then you go mid and kill Fizz and then go bot again to kill enemy bot duo AND BACK OFF. This is so infuriating OBJECTIVES>KILLS, after any of these you should've gone for the turret. At least your team stayed and got mid. 19. around 20 mins you clear top and push it out, then minor skirmish happens in the river where nothing particularily of importance happens and you group with others mid. You're Tryndamere you should be solo splitpushing and forcing enemy to come to you. You're far far ahead, i doubt enemy can even 2v1 you now. 20. around 22 mins in, a fight for infernal drake happens, enemy gets infernal, but you get kill 4 enemies and get 2 enemy turrets. Congrats, your call to stay mid wasn't that bad. 21. 24:00 min you went bot side jungle, got red buff, fight happens and you kill 3 enemies(including enemy jungler) with not losses on your side. But you decide to go mid with no minions, push it out a bit and went bot. I mean i guess it's fine you got something, but THE BIG INFURIATING problem here is that this was the most perfect opportunity for BARON. Irelia is afk, this is 4v5, your team is in lead and at the moment i just don't understand how you managed to lose this, WTF HAPPENS NEXT? 22. Your team overstays a bit, but you still manage to wipe the 4 enemy members that were left. Seriously how did you managed to lose this? Also another opportunity for a baron call, eneymy lost everyone, while your team doesn't have only you. 23. 28 min. Fight around dragon, your team kills Pyke. Jax goes bot to push it, top is pushing by itself. I think here you could've went top and pushed, maybe even do a 1 3 1. Your team is ahead to do that, you also have 2 splitpush champions. Then you and your team wander around 24. 30 min, fight happens, you mechanically %%%% up a bunch of stuff and your taem loses a teamfight, you even die without using your ult. 25. 32 min, Your team finally decides to go for baron and you throw it. Enemy gets the baron, your team attempts to stop the push and loses 2 more members. few teamfights later you lose. You lost a 4v5 your in-game issues: * you personally had a lead, but didn't use it at all. * you don't buy pink wards. * you don't know how to play the champion you picked. * OBJECTIVES > KILLS. You mostly just hunt for random kills I also had a look at your stats, i don't see a main role you have, you play quite a wide range of champion and you don't play enough. If you want to climb you need to decide on a role you intend to main, your champion pool, which has to be as small as possible and play a lot.
Well, I still can't believe you've lost your time watching the game but thanks for it, I can't disagree with you on any of the tips you've given and I could indeed win this game, but I'm not the type of person that carries games, I just do my thing and expect the rest of my team to do theirs. Thanks for all the tips, I'll try to make the best use of it. Answering your question, I managed to lose this game when that baron fight happened. I don't know if you noticed, but we where on baron and the enemies show up. Me and Jax fight which to me, seemed the most aproppriate thing to do as we where almost winning all teamfights, and meanwhile, the rest of the team (the other 3) decides to run instead of helping us win the teamfight, the baron and the game. I'm a main adc but I don't seem to find a good support to duo with me, so I don't risk it playing ADC cause it will always come some dude that doesn't main it and has no idea what to do, so I play top and jungle mostly, I'm not really that good on jungle, only sometimes it goes well and I risk it more on toplane, but I've been finding that the rest of the team feeds when I play top. Anyways, thanks for all the tips, best of luck. :))
CJXander (EUNE)
: Hey, i was in about the same sittuation as you are. I was gold 4 on FLEX, when i've decided to switch from my beloved 5 years support role to ADC, because each time i was getting into a game, people had no idea to make calls or to build correctly for the sittuation. Then i've started to play ADC, mute everyone's chat + ping mute from jungler and support. I usually start straight up on lane without leashing, it's my choice because in hundreds of games, junglers never manage to care about botlane or the dragon, therefore making good use of time to take good farm. And so on, i've climbed my way up to Platinum 5 (flex), without exchanging a single word with anyone, they don't have anything nice or useful to say anyway. The obstacles i've encountered during my climb were the abysmally bad promo teams, it's been a nightmare for real, huge winning streaks 7-8 games then bad people in promos. My solution was to stop playing so i won't tilt, and have another try the next day. It took inhuman efforts to win since for every advantage i was giving my team, they were coming back the next minute with 3 disadvantages for myself. My advice, mute everyone, mute pings from the most annoying sources and keep a cool head, there is a high chance the feeders will be in their team. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Hey, thanks for replying. I'll try to do that but even doing so, they will keep on feeding their lanes just like the 0/15 lux I just got, playing agains't a 26/9 zed cause of her feed, and I didn't even talk all game, I don't think the problem is on chat or pings, just on the people im getting queued with...
: i'm just waiting for that one high elo player to say "it's your own fault you're in low elo". i had this aswell, went 1 win 9 losses in placements and placed silver 2, played some and suddenly had 14 wins and 11 losses which was a huge step up. i was in promos for gold 5, won the first 2 matches but in the other 3 we had a lux who used her q to farm while getting ganked and ended like 0/9, we had junglers who were afk half the game and top laners that fed their butts off then did nothing the rest of the game while me and my duo in bot lane won hard. needless to say i lost those promos. it just feels like everytime something is about to go right, you get teammates that drag you down and there's nothing you can do about it. just keep grinding, you'll get there someday -- just felt you on that lux one right now... --'
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Answers Q1. Her abilities gain 9 stacks then heal her Q2. Violence solves everything: Katarina Q3. Blue buff is Blue Sentinel Q4. We're in patch 8.16 Q5. Essence Reaver gives 75 AD Q6. Fallen Angel belongs to Morgana Q7. Mightiest mountain of Runeterra is Mount Targon Q8. Twisted Fate is from Bilgewater Q9. The game was created in 2009 Q10. False! Annie and Amumu share the same voice actor, not Lulu :D
I'd bet if this was your maths test you wouldn't have got one right! xDD just joking :)) gj
NeptuneXI (EUNE)
: ***
Thank you for your tips, they're very useful but there's some problems. I've already did that roaming thing after getting fed and it didn't work at all. Why's that, you must be wondering? Well, the time I take getting fed is the time that takes my team to feed their enemies, and it happens on EVERYSINGLE GAME now, I can't really do anything about it. Now, the last tips you've given are the ones who are actually going to help me. I'm not even going to write anything on any game and just play it my way in order to get good scores and some wins and probably riot will put me together with a good team again, I mean, it does make sense this system and I didn't know about it. And I don't play with a duo, thanks.
: i'm just waiting for that one high elo player to say "it's your own fault you're in low elo". i had this aswell, went 1 win 9 losses in placements and placed silver 2, played some and suddenly had 14 wins and 11 losses which was a huge step up. i was in promos for gold 5, won the first 2 matches but in the other 3 we had a lux who used her q to farm while getting ganked and ended like 0/9, we had junglers who were afk half the game and top laners that fed their butts off then did nothing the rest of the game while me and my duo in bot lane won hard. needless to say i lost those promos. it just feels like everytime something is about to go right, you get teammates that drag you down and there's nothing you can do about it. just keep grinding, you'll get there someday
I just can't, honestly, I feel you and I know there's people out here that are going to say "yo, its a team game" I do understand this is a team game but how can I win and climb soloQ in a team game where the team isn't there at all? I love this game and I love teamwork, but I just can't do anything when they don't even make effort. I'm not even saying "yo, you play like sh#t" I do recognize that I'm in silver and there won't be really good players in here to carry me, that's not what I'm asking for, all I'm asking for is people with brain that actually know when to go in and when not to go in, when to play safe and when to play agressive, that's all, but it seems so hard.
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Siwo (EUW)
: Looking for a midlaner for a team.
: looking for jungler to finish team
The fun you say? Uhh, this guy rages so hard.
ImSweeney (EUW)
: LF ADC main around gold
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Naeko (EUW)
: Im a Janna/Nami main in Gold 4! add me and we can try out some games, discord is also a plus (catz#8392)
Hello! I will add you when I log in! Thanks for passing by :]
: im a bard main in bronze 1 if you are interested :/
add me, let's try it out in a normal later :] can't play right now
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: top/support laner LF team
League of Legends Name: marraf Current Rank: silver 5 Main Role: Top Champions for Main Role (Your top 4 main champs): Uh. I Can play all i guess. But i like to Riven kinda, A long time ago i played a lot with Trundle, I Can Cho Gath, Morde, Anyways i don't have MAIN champs, i play it all. Anything else to support your application: Well, i really want to join a team and make some friends, obviously play hard to win, for me the important is the Victory, so, yea.
: Team up with DNero!
I Would like to Join! Why not!? Im a Toplaner if your want me.


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