: Unless you been that elo before within this season. There's no elo skipping. I think that has been so for over a year. My friend in diamond pointed it out a few months ago.
I have skipped divisions on a fresh account in the last month (dif account)
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Spearki (EUW)
: not sure if trolling or not normally accounts that go 10-0 are placed in plat 5-plat3 on top of that regardless of your placement your mmr will be high enough for you to never get gold players and only get plat and diamonds so you whole point about getting gold 3 players is wrong as well so idk if you played on a fresh 30 or playing on account from last season xD"
I went 10-0 and got placed in G3. you tell me i'm "wrong" despite the fact it happened so.. I'm not wrong? And 10-0 = plat 3? No, last season diamond/challenger players get high plat.
: If that is true then why so many players when get placed in bronze decide to just make smurf?
It is true. Thinking elo hell exists is a waste of your time and absolutely ridiculous. I've also never heard of any "gold" player getting placed in bronze, and furthermore I've never heard of a gold player get placed in bronze, and rather than climb out, they make a new account. It would be far, far, far faster to get out of bronze. To me, that suggests the "gold" player was boosted. You are bronze 3, right? You have 50 games in bronze 30, you are stuck around that ELO. There is ONE thing in common in every game you play - YOU. Could you explain why, if I was you, I'd get out of bronze within 20 games? What, that's luck? Could you explain why I could 1v1 you on any champion 100 times and win every one? Luck? I beat you in a 1v1 because I'm lucky? Could you explain your OPGG? You build bad items and get bad CS because of luck? Could you explain why players around high gold + can just go on huge winstreaks in bronze and win every game they play in bronze? Luck? Could you explain why you frequently finish your games with the lowest kill participation in your team? Could you explain why your frequently have the lowest damage dealt to champions on your team, sometimes including supports? Unlucky? ELO hell doesn't exist. That's not a debate, it's just fact. The proof is the fact I, alongside all players high gold + could just go in bronze and win almost every game they play. Bronze isn't hard. Want a tip to get out? Stop wasting your time in Normals.
: Or how about people finally admit that elo hell is real and many people chose to make smurt and get to silver+ after placements rather than get placed in low elo and climb cos it so fking frustrating and impossibe
Elo hell doesn't exist, any player above Gold (who can destroy every bronze game they play) proves that
: Seems to me you are trying to boost your friend. If you don't wanna duo with him in ranked for whatever reason, you can still play with him in normals.
What? That's the LITERAL OPPOSITE of why I told you I made the account. What the hell are you talking about? The entire point of the new account is to not play with anyone, it's a solo-only account that I will never duo on. And no, Normals are boring. Normals is like playing bots. It's mindless and about as stimulating as watching paint dry.
: Riot tolerates smurfs, but they arent fans of it. I dont see them supporting them or making it easyer for them.
It's mutually beneficial. Why wouldn't the people playing with smurfs want them to leave their rank faster? The faster I leave gold, the better for everyone.
: I hate smurfs, does not matter in my team or enemy, if we have high smurf and get carried it's a bad game, it's a win we did not deserve , if enemy has a smurf that carry them + they dare to say GG after game I just want to find where they live and burn these buildings down. Smurfing in League is the same as going back to preschool, do finger paintings with 4 year old's and feel super happy when teacher says that your painting was the best
You know not all people smurf to beat lower rank players right? I don't enjoy it. It's pretty boring. At bronze/silver I imagine it's no different than silver players playing normals or bots. I made a new smurf because I wanted an account seperate from my friends that I will NEVER duo on. I can't just have a new account start at dia, so I have to grind my way up there. I don't want to be in silver anymore than anyone wants me there. Blame riot, not the smurfs.
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: {{item:3031}} 20% crit {{item:3094}} 30% crit {{item:3087}} 30% crit = 80% crit, that's 4 out 5 crits, which is very good. Hurricane on Caitlyn? That's just bad, since it doesn't stack her passive anymore (and that was the reason why to buy it)
Yeah, 80% isn't 100%. If I buy triple zeal I have 100% crit chance and max attack speed. It works out more damage than buying, say, ldr when I don't need it. There's 0 point in keeping boots lategame too, I don't need them.
: The comments you give ain't even worth reading atm... The first 6 replies are just you "You're bad" in a youtube video without contest. 0 Sources and only insults. At least try to explain a little instead of saying 6 words without wording.
So he can't criticise you without "insulting" you? He's right. At the end of the day, if you were better at the game, "boosters" wouldn't be a problem. The "boosters" you are playing against aren't challenger boosters, I'm willing to bet 90% of them are just slightly higher rank, maybe a league or so. In that case, just improve? I played against a leblanc with a 92% winrate yesturday, but I don't make a boards post complaining about it, because, at the end of the day, I have 35 games played and I only played against 1 smurf significantly better than me. Additionally, I was smurfing too, so 1/35 games being a smurf is pretty good.
DeJoker (EUNE)
: Why ADC getting way 2 much movement speed?
I like how you complain about something so small like 5-15% movementspeed but you don't mention the fact that Janna can give her ADC a huge shield, attack speed from Ardent censer, redemption, her ult (healing them to full hp) with a knockup, knockback and slow. You don't complain about the fact that Sion can take overgrowth, stack hp and shield his ADC for 3KHP. You don't complain about the fact that tahm kench can buy a QSS, walk into a stun and literally remove his ADC from the map. Without a support, ADC is insanley easy to kill. Supports are the problem.
: No ADC buys more than 2 Zeal items.
I disagree. I buy 3 zeal items if the game suits it. If I don't need armorpen and I don't need any lifesteal or defense, I'll buy triple zeal if it's on Caitlyn or something. Gives 100% crit chance, and then I get the passives of PD or Hurricane. I also usually sell boots if it gets to the point I have 6 items, and I'll get a phantom dancer to replace them.
DeJoker (EUNE)
: Where i see it ADC rule the game & its hard enough to kill an adc when they spam attacks on you with dmg+att speed+shields(from supp)+MS and u cant even touch them as a melee. There's no way a melee can touch an adc unless hes assassin.
So, if a jax jumps on an adc without a dash (the majority of ADCs do not have dashes).... how does the ADC get away? By walking? What?
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: Except ADCs are doing more burst dmg than assassins.
What? An ADC can't kill an assassin faster than the assassin kills them. The only way they can is if it's super lategame with 6+ items. It sounds to me like you are salty a lategame ADC killed you quickly. No shit, that's what they are designed to do. I'd love to see a video of an early/midgame vayne/cait doing more burst damage than a zed, talon, fizz, katarina, evelynn, leblanc or Kha'zix. Can you show me one? And I don't mean one where the ADC is 3/0 and the assassin is 0/3.
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: > They have pretty much no way to defend themselves. Yeah, except dealing 800 dmg crits per aa while healing from each. And some adcs have really insane mobility or cc spells for self-peel while still dealing lots of damage. {{champion:498}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:18}} Adc's shouldn't really get free move speed from their items.. Their items already are insanely underpriced and core items being so cheap is the reason adcs dominate. The movement speed just guarantees them extra safety if they get out of position which they should be punished for.
Yeah, dealing a lot of damage doesn't automatically make you unkillable. It's a double edged sword, ADCs deal lots of damage but A) only with items and B) they are insanely easy to kill. Jinx, Kog'Maw, Draven, Varus, Jhin, Sivir, Twitch, Miss Fortune and Xayah all have NO dashes. None of them have any shields (Sivir's E doesn't count really). None of them have any healing unless they build lifesteal. None of them have any hard CC, or even reliable CC. And that's.. hard to kill? They literally have no way to defend themselves, at all. If you are on top of them, do you know what they can do? Walk away from you, that's it. Those that do have dashes all have drawbacks, too. Caitlyn has a crappy midgame and basically doesn't have an ult. Kalista sucks at killing tanks. Lucian is unreliable and takes too long to kill assassins. Vayne has really short range and a terrible earlygame. Ezreal has a terrible lategame and sucks at killing tanks. ADCs do a lot of damage, but unless they are VERY fed or superlategame as kog/vayne, there's really no way they can kill something like an assassin faster than the assassin can kill them. Zed's Q+W with an auto from Duskblade will almost instakill any ADC, without even using ult. They have the lowest defence base stats in the game, the lowest amount of CC, the lowest amount of peel and the lowest amount of shielding/healing abilities. Complaining about movementspeed from crit items is ridiculous.
Lleajy (EUW)
: Of course, how didn't I thought about it before, my team is losing because of the corruption potions. Please stop replying, you are obviously stuck in your little world like many on this forum, talking to wall isn't my thing. Bye.
No, that's not at all the point. Clearly walls of text aren't your thing because you can't read. The point is that you flame your team for lacking knowledge, yet you yourself lack knowledge with stupid things like guardian soraka. It was more to make you realise that, at the end of the day, you are the same rank as the people you are playing with and therefore the same skill level. Before you go around complaining about people in your games, you should realise you make the same amount of mistakes as them, you just don't realise it. By nature, if you realised your mistakes, you wouldn't be making them. Stuck in my own world? It's actually hilarious to hear that from someone who seems to believe elo-hell exists. I remember when I was 13 and in Bronze, I sounded just like you did right now. Yeah, I'll go back to my world. I like it here. Last time I played in silver I had a >85% winrate, so I think I'll stay here thanks :) Enjoy silver.
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Lleajy (EUW)
: You re reading what you want to and you don't understand that I'm not talking about people that lose their lane because of aggressive play and straight fights. the problem is when the top, the jungle and the mid lose their lane for 5 game in a row BECAUSE OF %%%%%%ED PICK AND PLAYS AND I M TALKING ABOUT BASICS THERE NOT ANYTHING ELSE. I'm not carrying people that don't want to win sorry, that's not a healthy system, this is totally wrong. You think you know how I play, you don't. Unless the enemy has excessive counter I play quite aggressive without negliging the vision. I'm not asking for your advice on how to climb or your appreciation of the silver difficulty, I'm not even that clinging on that. It's about the system, I'm merely saying the system is B U L L S H I T. > silver is very easy elo to climb out of {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
So, your complaining that people lose their lanes because of picks? That's understandable. They are silver players. They lack game knowledge and mechanics, ofcourse they are going to pick stupid things and do stupid things. You are the same. For example, you take Guardian on soraka. What? That literally defeats the entire purpose of Soraka. Soraka wants to be at the backline. Guardian is for tanks who stand infront of their ADC in lane - Soraka is the literal opposite and one of the only supports who lets the enemy bot focus their ADC rather than her. You keep buying Rabadon's on Soraka... what? Are you trying to get more AP to heal more? You could just buy heal + shield power items for the same result. Rabadons is an expensive item that is only cost-efficient when built with other items like Ludens. Building it on a support is pretty cocky and useless in most situations. You seem to also buy corrupting potion halfway through the laning phase. Waste of gold, just get a refillable or take biscuits. And, why are you even complaining about picks? It's silver. Picks really, really have NOTHING to do with it. I could climb silver playing AD Veigar jungle. Silver players don't really have the mechanics or knowledge to properly use picks anyway. If someone lost their lane in silver, 9/10 it's because of game knowledge and mechanics rather than what they picked. If you want to question picks so much, question why you are picking Soraka into extermley hard counters. No, the system isn't "bullshit". What exactly are you suggesting? You seem to be complaining about your team not knowing basic champion picks, but you forget that you are in an elo where nobody has good gameknowledge, including you. It's very hypocritical. Yes, silver is a very easy elo. I'm not sure if you are trying to discredit that, because it is.
: Playing as a ADC (early game/mid game Build)
The question your asking has no answer, because it's far too broad. It's like asking "what wheels do I put on my car?" Well, what car is is it? Not all cars are the same. There's two or three types of ADC builds, with small changes inbetween them. Traditional crit builds on champions like Caitlyn, Jinx, Tristana, Twitch usually start with an attack speed item + infinity edge. For the most part, you buy a BF sword (or Pickaxe if you can't afford BF sword when you back) and then build an attack speed item, usually Statikk shiv or Rapid Firecannon. You then finish the infinity edge. You do it in this order because having an IE which benefits heavily from attackspeed is pretty worthless if you have no attackspeed and no critchance. While you usually do this, it depends on the champion. Twitch for example might go Hurricane IE, or maybe build IE first. It depends on the situation. If I'm super far ahead in lane, I'll finish the IE before the attack speed item, because the autos will hurt a hell of a lot. Lethality builds are also an option for some ADCs like MF, Twitch and even Varus. These aren't too hard, just rush a ton of lethality and don't worry about boots or defense. Start with either ghostblade or Duskblade, depending on the situation (duskblade = damage, ghostblade = picks + fighting a lot). Pretty simple. With these builds you usually want to fight a ton and end quickly because they are outscaled quite heavily by crit builds. Rageblade builds (varus, kogmaw) are pretty scarce, but you really just rush rageblade into BOTRK and whatever on-hit is viable for the game (wits end maybe). Self explanatory. But.. Yeah. There's no set build path. Building the same items in the same order every game is always bad. Some games you shouldn't buy berseker's and instead should buy ninja tabi or merc treads. Some games, you'll get IE before Shiv or the other way around. Some games you'll even rush two zeal items with a BF before IE. It's dependant. I will say this - your Xayah build is terrible. Rushing ghostblade into boots IE is really, really cost-inefficient. IE is good when you have attack speed and crit to back it up - something you are lacking because you buy Ghostblade. Lethality is good when you stack it earlygame, but you waste 1100g on boots quickly followed by over 3K on IE rather than stacking more lethality. Your build is very, very cost in-efficient and makes no sense. What you are doing is the equivalent of building a car and putting random parts on it. "Okay, i'll put monster truck wheels, a 1.2l engine and a ferrari frame" - it makes no sense. Xayah benefits a lot from Essence reaver so you can get more feathers out and keep your W up. Xayah doesn't need a ton of attackspeed early either, so you can really just rush essence reaver into boots and a shiv. That's far better.
DeJoker (EUNE)
: Why ADC getting way 2 much movement speed?
You are complaining about ADCs getting movementspeed? ADCs are the squishiest, most (usually) immobile class with the lowest amount of CC. They have pretty much no way to defend themselves. There isn't even an ADC in the game that has a shield, nor has their ever been (no, I don't mean spellshield - that doesn't count). But sure, complain about movementspeed...
Lleajy (EUW)
: Patronizing much heh ? As a supp I ve a good knowledge on the map and what happens on it, I know how to make the difference between someone that doesn't play wtf but get stomped because of the difference of level and the guy that pick a shit champ and will just get farmed the whole game because he doesn't know how to play safe nor where is the ward in the bloody shop or on his keyboard. I don't ask for the moon, I'm no pro gamer obviously. People that play like they don't care, that don't know how to dodge anything, that don't def and prefer to trololo teamfight while they split, that don't target the objectves (A mountain drake ? who needs it), that don't even know the limitation of my champ. This is my problem, I can understand that in Bronze but not in top silver elo. Waiting for the "silver knows nothing". But let's say you are right even if it's obviously not the case : If I get 9 smurf, why does it always end up with the 3 other lane losing on my side ? Smurf my ass.
I bet if I looked at your replays, I'd find tons and tons of mistakes. And as for "all my lanes lose", I find that mostly to come down to people playing passive. People who complain about every lane losing often have very, very little map pressure. "Playing safe" doesn't carry games. "Farming for late" doesn't work in soloqueue. "Playing under tower" doesn't get you an advantage. People who "lose their lanes" are often the people who are trying to play aggressive and get an advantage. You could cry about that and complain, or you could play aggressive with them and find a way to help them do that. If you are stuck in silver, that's where you belong. Silver is a very easy elo to climb out of, and "I main support" isn't an excuse, it's season 8 and supports are actually one of the biggest impacting roles there is right now.
Suffer (EUNE)
: I personally think that those people I mentioned deserve higher rank because I've seen how they perform many times. And decision making and game knowledge in general. >Whatever it's luck or skill based depends on how many games you've played, if you don't play that much then it's gonna be luck, but if you've played alot then it shows skill That is a good point to make.
If they deserved a higher rank, they would be higher rank. Doing well in lane, farming well and trading well doesn't mean you are a better player. Often times the people complaining about "elo hell" who "win their lane" are passive players who farm the whole game and refuse to play with their team, resulting in their team feeding (because it's a 4v5). These are the same types of people who type things like "play safe" and "farm under tower" constantly. If your bronze friend deserves high silver / gold, he will get it.
Lleajy (EUW)
: If you win too much Riot will basically send you trolls and very bad players, it's particularly frustrating as a supp (When i get an adc that prefers running rather than AA and hides behind me (soraka) and says that it should be like that because i m a supp...). That's not what you should do as a game developer. That's just punishing good players. If we are getting good we deserve to go up not to get pushed back by waves of monkeys. If you get better, you should get teammates and enemy of your rank, that's it. That's my sole problem with Riot, they think their matchmaking system is good. It's not, it goes from random to straight cancer.
Riot doesn't send "trolls" if you win too much, that's absurd. If you go on a huge winstreak, games become harder and you'll find yourself in a lobby with 9 other smurfs. I won 9 games in a row and skipped a division on my smurf yesterday, and ended up playing against a Leblanc with a 96% winrate. TF (my midlaner) fed her HARD but that doesn't make him a "troll".
Suffer (EUNE)
: About ranks overall, a debate
There's no such thing as elo hell, and anyone claiming there is just refuses to accept they are bad. Notice how anyone agreeing that elo hell exists in this thread is silver-bronze? You can complain about AFKs all you want, but they aren't in every single one of your games. You can complain about "trolls" but what I've noticed is that people complaining about "Trolls" in their games are really complaining about people who don't win their lane. You belong in what elo you are stuck in. If you have 100 games in Silver V, you belong in Silver V. Otherwise, could you please explain how players like myself can get from unranked - gold in <20 games on every account? Could you explain how Eloboosting works? Are challenger players just lucky? Did faker win 3 world championships because he's just insanely lucky? No. I can get gold / plat fast because gold-plat players are easily abuseable. Eloboosting works because eloboosters are far better than average players. Challenger players are challenger because they have perfected the game. Faker won 3 world championships because he's good. Elo hell isn't real. The faster you realise that, the faster you can climb.
: Seems like you are tyler1 fan and act like him but no riot doesnt use ip bans , ip bans arent those like runescape private servers thing?... yes riot once blacklisten tyler1 but still hes playing sometimes low level accs just gets banned fast
Actually, I was very toxic before tyler1 became popular. I was already inting, flaming and getting banned frequently. But yes, I do like tyler1, because he's exactly like me.
: No, it's not. Unless you want to spend time putting every possible item into an item set, it's pointless . I main ADC. I sometimes build Zhonyas on Ezreal, sometimes I need a GA, a Randuins, maybe Maw, maybe Banshees. Then there's my core build, I need BOTRK, manamume, maybe triforce, maybe iceborn gauntlet, Maybe AS boots, maybe swiftness, maybe I need scimtar, mortal reminder, ghostblade, bloodthirster, IE, maybe essennce reaver, maybe even deaths dance, maybe I need a heavy armor item, maybe I need to buy/rebuy ZZrot, maybe I need an extra zeal item so I have to pick between 4. Do you see the issue? I build a massive amount of items across just one champion. Unless you want to be retarded and spend a stupid amount of time creating item sets, they are pretty pointless.
Also, gold players. Makes sense why you like item sets so much.
JakiStow (EUW)
: ***
No, it's not. Unless you want to spend time putting every possible item into an item set, it's pointless . I main ADC. I sometimes build Zhonyas on Ezreal, sometimes I need a GA, a Randuins, maybe Maw, maybe Banshees. Then there's my core build, I need BOTRK, manamume, maybe triforce, maybe iceborn gauntlet, Maybe AS boots, maybe swiftness, maybe I need scimtar, mortal reminder, ghostblade, bloodthirster, IE, maybe essennce reaver, maybe even deaths dance, maybe I need a heavy armor item, maybe I need to buy/rebuy ZZrot, maybe I need an extra zeal item so I have to pick between 4. Do you see the issue? I build a massive amount of items across just one champion. Unless you want to be retarded and spend a stupid amount of time creating item sets, they are pretty pointless.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Probally. Actually, my flaming has progressed a little, I just sarcastically trash talk now because it takes longer for me to get punished, and when I buy a new level 30 account it's pretty difficult to get the first punishment. But, once I have the first chat restricict, i'm usually permad within a week. Also, who knows how many permas I have now. I gained 3 within the last week alone, I think it's somewhere like 20. Only about 5 of those were accounts that I actually made, the rest I bought.
Kingdom (EUW)
: Riot, please don't remove item sets in the form that we currently know.
they are idiotic and pointless and promote equally idiotic and pointless people from building the same thing every game
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Oh well. If I can't level, i'll go buy a new account for £10. Thanks for letting me know fam
RazerX (EUW)
: Goodbye YellowStar
No, he isn't retiring from the scene, he's retiring as a professional player. He's already got a job as head of esports in a french football team.
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Dage (EUW)
: Will Kalista be getting any kind of buffs?
Agreed. Played her earlier this week, my god she feels like the worst ADC right now. Her early game is pathetic, it's suppoused to make up for her horrible tank killing abilties and lategame but my god her early is awful.
Smittles (EUW)
: I'm Curious: In Bronze Matches.....
I've smurfed in bronze - They do do this, while claiming their " gold smurfs " The sad thing is they think gold makes them good
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
You do realise what 0/20 singed jungle with smite and cleanse means? It means he was running down mid. I should be able to trash talk him for doing that without being banned. You think I cry when people report me for int feeding? No. I find it funny and I ignore it because I deserve the hate, just as people who play like trash and refuse to stop feeding do.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
GLurch (EUW)
: Situation: Someone walks up to you on the street and starts insulting you very badly. He wishes you certain diseases and death. He also insults your parents and you. And all, because you tried to climb a wall earlier, but failed. What would you do? 1. Keep ignoring him * He follows you the rest of the day and keeps insulting 2. Tell him to stop * He doesn't stop and you * Go to the police * He gets punished * Ignore him * He follows you for the rest of the day and keeps insulting you
Irrelevant. That's a totally different scenario. Here there is no mute button.
Infernape (EUW)
: Are you a Tyler1 wannabe?
I was toxic before it was cool. The only thing tyler1 changed is instead of flaming I just int feed, and instead of playing passive boring farm champs like Vayne I play draven and play agressive.
Magneset (EUW)
: I know for a fact that everything you wrote in your post isn't true. I saw Riot post things to prove it. I wont provide the evidence though since i dont have to back up anything i say what so ever. Apparently.
Really? What parts of it do you think aren't true? Please. If you don't bother checking league subreddit or boards then don't bother. Here, here's one of the several posts on reddit . https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/4u0ojs/riot_is_manually_banning_toxic_players_for_14/ They are manually banning people.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Or riot could just stop crying when I call a 0/20 singed jungle wth smite and cleanse trash.
Magneset (EUW)
: Link it.
I'm not going to go dig through riot posts. If you want to see it , go find it. It was on Reddit a few weeks back, it's common knowledge. Go search something like " Riot is manually banning players " on the league subreddit.
Magneset (EUW)
: They dont have to care. Why do you think they made the automated system? I dont know why you think its Riot manually punishing and banning accounts lol.
Because they are? They are even manually banning people who spam ping questionmark. They made a post on it a few weeks back.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Why do you care to put a question mark in the Chat after someone did something questionable? There is literally as much point in doing something like this as is in getting offended by flame. Flame is used as sort of vent, letting out Frustration about whatever. Being offended by flame is... well, it's just logical, as the whole intent of flame often is to simply offend. If it wouldn't offend, it wouldn't be flame. ------- Edit: > All of you cry " FLAME, FLAME, REPORT HIM! PERMENANT BAN! " I personally consider this flame too. There are a lot of people who flame flamers for flaming just like flamers flame others for playing bad, and (IMO) both are equally... [insert what you feel like here].
I don't flame to " Vent " . I flame because I need to let that trash twitch player who's flashing in 1v5 know he's a fucking moron and he needs to stop. Picture this, your working in a group project that you can't leave. You fuck up something in the project. All your friends are like " hehe! no problem, your doing fantastic, you did nothing wrong atall! haha! keep going! ha! " do you really give a shit that you fucked up? probs not. so fuck it, who cares? i'll just do the same thing again, nobody cares right? OR your friends are like FUCK SAKE WHY DID YOU DO THAT CMON STOP FUCKING DOING THAT I don't care what your opinion is, 99% of people would STOP doing whatever they did just to shut everyone shit-talking them up.
: Errr...no. Look in the player behaviour section of the forum and you will see plenty of posts from players who have been banned that say "I have spent X amount of £ on my account!" etc. You use the worse kind of anecdotal'evidence' to support your claim.
And they also have flamed ridiculously hard, intentionally fed and have continued to be toxic. I'm reffering to the fact it's alot HARDER to get banned if you spend RP, it's noticeably harder.
Lsayu (EUNE)
: Riot bans people who spend tons of rp. Source - qq threads on this board from players demanding that they shouldn't be permabanned since they spent tons of money on it.
Yeah, extreme cases they do. In most cases, no they don't.
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