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: It will probably be an adc or a top lane champion next. There are currently: 2 Support - Janna & Morgana 3 Jungler - Elise, Graves & Jarvan IV 1 Mid - Orianna 1 Adc - Sivir 1 Top - Maokai I don't think they will do another mid lane champion next as Orianna was the most recent victorious skin. This as a result likely rules out any mid lane champions. So it is probably most likely, from looking at the numbers, that they will do an adc or top lane champion for season 9 ^^ At least that's what I think anyway :) Following with the theme they will most likely pick a champion that was successful in competitive play in one of the seasons.
well you can make Jarvan IV on toplane too xd & Morgana on midlane
: ***
LMAO ! euromasters {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} good one
: The problem in lower elo (silver, gold, low plat) is that junglers doesnt know how to gank. If their top is Tryndamere and enemy is Darius then the jungler thinks omg, Darius, OP, cant gank. While ganking Darius would be really good and so is getting Tryndamere ahead for the future splitpush. Junglers just dont understand, they gank whatever they can without thinking about it, if they even gank. Im pretty sure I would be 3 x a better player in Diamond 1, just because they play the game there more. Better understanding of the game, more communication, wave management, importance of farm (gold and xp) in a snowball or a scaling carry, an actual roaming laner instead of saying 'I had to farm my 1 minion, dont contest scuttle as lee vs graves when I have 1 minion to farm'.
Gold since 3 seasons and talk about lower Elo "silver , gold , plat" dude you didn't even reach plat. 1. Gold is You'r ELO. 2. Plat is higher than you'r own Elo why you saying low Elo ? 3. "Im pretty sure I would be 3 x a better player in Diamond 1" I think not, if you are 3x better you could get out from hardstucking gold since 3 seasons. stop lying {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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Shädäm (EUNE)
: Im in the top 11%?
Top 9,5% of players :)
CodiFly (EUNE)
: We needs this as icon
i don't get it which champ is it ?
Smoothberry (EUNE)
: New thing in Practice tool
thats a good idea, would be nice if they putt it in the practice tool. :D
: KDA skins suck
you can mute the music from the loggin screen and in game too if you go to the settings. :)
Vilkiss (EUNE)
: I'll test this out, think it's impossible in such a small timeframe to get from 0 to 2 in honor level, even more if first i have to unlock it now.
You should play with ur friends as 5 the special rotate modes (short rounds) like nexus blitz , urf & one for all or just aram. Tell you'r friends to honor you and you can unlock you'r honor level from 0 to 1 in 1-2 weeks probably {{sticker:galio-happy}}
ΣF Ξ ma (EUW)
: Didnt get any lp after my win
rip lp {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
: yes exactly you are Right thats just BS .. thats why i stopped to Play since i know i wont get any rewards from this Season . played over 700 ranked soloQ games to climb from g3 to Platin 2 and in the end is my effort for Nothing.. i wont get a banner for my hardwork or a Icon .. not even the Skin for the Gold division {{sticker:sg-janna}}
{{sticker:sg-zephyr}} sad.
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: U.R.F!!!
nice mode . {{champion:37}} OP {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}


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