: So apparently NA players are more privileged since they get permanent suspension lifted and players
: So apparently NA players are more privileged since they get permanent suspension lifted and players
According to the original post there, this will be applied to all servers
PuppyMaster (EUNE)
: Illaoi W mashing
AHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I hope your ult never registers either, that will make illaoi balanced
Luniya (EUNE)
: Because the context wasn't taken in, I went from honor lvl 5 to honor lvl 1 with a lock on with a 10 game chat restriction for something I did not do Somebody told me all kinds of things, to kill myself, they told me that they'd wish (Insert name here) gassed my family under their chambers, they told me they wished for me to live under torture until the end of my days. I quoted this to the enemy team, telling them that one of the premades on my team was saying this, while the two others ganged up on me. I don't remember how much time passed, but I was punished and never got a "The player you reported has been punished!" notification after I reported them. I went to Riot support with this, and they said the punishment was irreversible, that it could not be removed I said I don't care if it can be removed, I just genuinely wanted to know what I was supposed to do in this case, even though I did nothing wrong, I was punished, and wondered if I should just have kept my mouth shut. Riot support told me to mute them, they didn't even tell me to report them after game or anything, just 'mute'. If that's the case, then why are you throwing punishments here and there when the solution is just "mute"? That's because it's not the solution to fix the toxicity around. I was then showed another "reason" as to why I was punished, for being passive aggressive to a Sona that literally called me a m'ron, an idi't, etc. for me trying out Teemo jungle in a normal game. NORMAL GAME! COMEON! it's a game! it's a normal game! I even went positive until every lane lost, let me play! (censoring cuz idk how hard boards rules are.) TL;DR: I was punished for something I didn't deserve, and if context was allowed, I would not have been punished wrongly like this, therefore I think context is a big part of what punishments should be.
"Report" or "Toxic" are just as bad as "%%%" or "cancer" according to riot But honestly the fact that you literally had 3 people telling you that you deserve torture makes me question that you don't deserve the chat restriction
: Do you think context SHOULD be considered when judging to punish a player for undesirable behavior?
Yes it should be to see if other people were toxic with question marks or things the AI can't detect and also to see if the punishment of the player who wasn't toxic first should be lifted, but only in more extreme cases P.S I never even considered this since there are so many flaws in riot's punishment system and their ignorant "employees" just don't lift bans no matter how clearly unjustified


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