Hansiman (EUW)
: Draw the picture, and send it to [support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). They'll help you out. =)
But what champion? i feel like i need to ask them, and draw what they want me to do,
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Zedant (EUW)
I rly like owm wrecker? owhm wreker? whomst weeker? anyway, i like the item, i usualy buy it when i have a lead in botlane as a sup, it makes for great ganks and free kills under tower, i belive it is 4 second the tower is deactivated, and those sec is ALOT of time to finish an enemy, + the item is unique, not just another dmg item that deals crit and somewhat mana or CDR. anyways, i enjoy it, the zz porrtal i rarely use, but i hate to play agaist it. i think ppl just havent seen their potential :)
: 🎃👻 Volunteer Halloween Quiz 👻🎃
This was a very cool and fun quiz xD, only lore i wasnt sure of was the illaoi, aka the Bearded Women task, but thx for making this quiz fo the community, i feel like we should have paid u guys, instead of u "Paying" us xD, ty anyways :)
: This is my main account ! And i never played anything else, just TFT.
So u are lvl 4, but only play tft, and got scripted, ur way to fishy for me, i feel like this account has some gucci scripts on it{{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: just disable urf again, toxicity is crazy, mental breackdown
Why are u crying about urf being broken, thats the whole point of the gamemode APE, And urf is not toxic, it's LEAGUE, belive it or not, league is not the most happy sunshine place in the game market, go cry in TFT or somewhere else
: nah sadly i still play ... i have too much free time else i would play like 1-2 games a week at most ... the game balance is pretty bad ... the matchmaking is atrocious ... the penalty system makes no sense whatsoever (outside of being extremely easy to execute - after all they just have a bot that bans everything around chat but nothing else) ... the client is buggy af ... they cant even connect you into game properly (getting stuck in loading screen, bugsplats, etc) ...not to mention the milking (monetization is trough the roof lately) dont forget to mention that you have 0 impact on your rank (cant influence if you climb or not) ... there are literaly people with negative win ratios climbing multiple divisions (just take this dude https://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=DJ+Sona+SLO - last season G4, has 49% win ratio this season ... but is in plat 2 ... no you cant explain that to me thats just epic failure of matchmaking and ranked system ... how does player thats running it down every other game to the point it impacts his win ratio into negative numbers climb 6 divisions ...?
"cant influence if you climb or not" while ppl stay challanger and rank 1 for weeks, u wont climb if u belive that u make no diffrence, cus if u make no diffrent then wtf does ur tm do? dmon bruv
Delusion (EUW)
Can u apes just enjoy urf, wich just came to the rift xD {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Got ban for script... in TFT ?
What is ur main accounts name? how long since the ban? When did the ban show up? Riot usualy dont bann ppl for scripting unless they are scripting or is a acctual god at skillshots.
: evelynn skin
yall forgeting that ornn dont have more than 1 skin, and xerath has not gotten a skin in 3-5 years now xD
: Exact time of URF live ?
Can Anybody Link me the Info where Riot says it is released ? like exact time? since alot of ppl have their own opinions :P
: Wrote a program that gives max speed builds for Jhin but ...
Ty, the passive reduce was kinda wierd but nice guide :D
CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=dute9,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=9TxkqmYy,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-10-17T12:12:03.145+0000) > > not salty for stating the facts of what have happend in league so far.... Stating the facts? His point of view is at the extreme edge of bias. - he doesn't like the rift's visual update ( i do) - he doesn't like cosmetics ( i do ) - he's complaining about people getting banned over chat abuse? (i don't). If people wouldn't get banned over talking shit, then this game would turn into a keyboard warrior war. - he's complaining about the game getting mechanically complex ( i don't)! Early league 2010-2015 was the reason i never wanted to play this game and i chose Heroes of Newerth over it, simply put because league had SHIT graphics, DUMB gameplay (QWER) and it was slow paced to an extent it felt like playing in slow motion. He's just another fumming individual that got famous based on a game that changed, and now he's mad because it didn't changed in the direction he particularly wanted, along with other toxicheads like tyler and hashinshin.
Ok lets see :3 1 his point wasnt that the rift had changed, but league had changed to much, and is not league anymore. 2 no he doesnt like Chromas, and that is subjectiv, i agree. 3 his point again was not that it should be legall to spamm "Evil" words, but that AFK'ing and feeding is much worse, and riot doesnt give enough attention to the feeders, rather the "keyboard warrior" wich btw, is already in the game, the game is 50% gameplay and 50% chat (unless u mute) 4 He hates how every champion has 2 different dodges and a bible of a passive and huge dmg abilities, and old league used to be more skilled than today, if u look at it, league is just as "slow" as season 1 and 2, if not even slower. And if u think that everyone who is making Critisism on the game is a "Fumming individual" then 99% of league is "Fumming individual". and btw, his points arent rly subjective anymore, because this is something that ALOT of people in the league community agrees on, and i can prove that with counting his likes number.... 30k likes and 1,2 k disslike, that is 97.5% more likes than disslikes. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Shamose (EUW)
: I don't know where you read 2am but gifts start at 1PM PDT.
and where did u read that ? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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CJXander (EUNE)
: This guy is extemely salty, he kinda talks as if League is his property.
not salty for stating the facts of what have happend in league so far....
: Miss Fortune drawing/ Microsoft paint/ sketch
Here is the reUpload oh my drawing, hope it brings as much hype as the worlds music videos :) [](http://<a href="https://ibb.co/p3w0w8z"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/y8PfP1y/Mf-fanart.png" alt="Mf-fanart"></a>) My name is dute9 EUW BRUH
: Miss Fortune drawing/ Microsoft paint/ sketch
Welp, i did my best, i cant do any better hope this is just as hype as the new wolrd music video pheonix :) https://ibb.co/p3w0w8z
Kurotsu (EUW)
: It's quite simple! You dont need a therapist or any medicine or anything. First of all, don't quit. You'll feel empty if you just quit and that's it. The point isn't to quit, the point is to drift away over the course of maybe even many months. So keep playing, keep raging, it's part of the League experience! But set teeny tiny milestones of just slowly finding other things. Don't quit League, but do those other things at the same time. Something will catch on, and you'll notice your attention divided enough to where League isn't important enough to feel bad about. My things that I do: RPG Maker, FFXIV, Cooking Shows, Anime, Gym, Youtube, Tea Ceremonies, Lewd stuff on Reddit, Pixel Art, Photoshop, Studying a Language, watching movies. Not a week goes by where I haven't done ALL of these things in that span of a week. So if League gets removed from my life I'll find other things to do, but that doesn't mean I will quit League. It just means League is on a similar level of interest as those other things. Get it? Don't set ultimatums for yourself, just expand on some other stuff.
That simply makes no sense, it's like telling a drug addict to continue doing drugs, because maybe they get bored of it xD. i have played this game for 6 years, im sure i wont burn out anytime soon ;)
: Uninstall the game and play minecraft.
i sure am doing so, currently tried RLCraft
: Go to a Psychoteraphist. We can't help with this issues
I sure do belive that, but i feel like i have to Take care of this by my self
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Kaluchii (EUW)
: Everyone Joins The Battle - League Of Rage Edition Part 1


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