: Which champions should be buffed in your opinion?
Nothing should be buffed; everything should be nerfed to Urgot level, and start from there. Lets be honest, we'd have a better game that way.
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: So, how i'm supposed to play now?
In Rito's usual style, Making people like the new client, by making the old client unplayable. :P
Syranda (EUW)
: [Champion Concept] Kirashi - The lone half
Part two - since I type too damn much. > **(Death sprint) E:** > Active: > If a enemy champion is marked Kirashi can jump to the champion picking up her scythe and doing magic damage > After the jump Kirashi gains a movement speed buff for a certain amount of time > > Passive: > Non critical strikes do more damage on feared targets I disagree with having this only target marked targets. If you miss your Q this ability is worthless. This is especially true since her Q is delayed; by the time the mark is applied she might as well have walked up to them. A more reliable variation would be: > Kirashi jumps towards her scythe and picks it up, upon landing Kirashi whirls around with her scythe, dealing magic damage in an area around her and triggering Painful Marks on champions hit. This would make it less reliant on the Painful Marks, and usable as a followup on her Q. Other than that it would add to the whole 'leaving the scythe on the ground' mechanic, as well as synergising with the marks. You could even change it to the following: > Kirashi whirls around with her scythe, dealing magic damage in an area around her and triggering Painful Marks on champions hit. If Kirashi's scythe is on the ground she will first jumps towards it and pick it up before spinning around. This would, beside the points mentioned earlier, also allow it to be used as a simple damage tool with the potentional of being used as a mobility spell as well (similarly to jarvan's Q). As for the passive component, again I'd get rid of the whole crit mechanic. But other than that it's fine; it makes her damage a bit more frontloaded (while the fear lasts). > (Last suffer) R: > This ability can only be used on feared champions > > Kirashi creates a sphere around the target wich lasts a certain amount of time > Every enemy champion in the sphere is marked and is slowed > While in the sphere Kirashi gets a attackspeed buff > If the target champion is killed Kirashi gets a movementspeed buff for a certain amount of time (The sphere remains at the enemy's location) When I read this two questions come to mind: 1. Why can this only be used on feared targets? Yasuo has this limitation on his ultimate because his kit as a whole is overloaded, and has a crap ton of build-in limitations to compensate for that. This ability doesn't seem nearly powerful enough to justify such a limitation. It seems like an unnecessary focus on the fear mechanic, and can leave the champion without buttons to press. 2. Does an ability like this really fit a champion like this? A champion like this will likely want to jump on a squishy target and keep them in range. The squishy will attempt to use mobility (flash) to get out of range. Limiting part of her strenght to some bubble of power doesn't seem right in this case. Wouldn't it be more fitting if she 'chained' a target to her? Maybe causing them to be feared when they try to leave, forcing them back into range somehow. As for the 'near dead champions' part, best not to do that. It's really situational. And since a lot of champions and skins don't actually leave corpses, and the duration of these corpses vary (death is a lot shorter at lower levels). This makes it near impossible for the enemy team to track. I get that you want to include the whole 'I like dead people' thing from her lore, but this doesn't seem the way to go. If you wish to keep the casting limitation you may want to change this to "for 5 seconds after killing an enemy champion", or something similar. I need to stop putting so much time into writing these feedback thingies. T.T Anyways, I hope you got something useful out of my feedback. I'll keep checking here for responces. :)
Syranda (EUW)
: [Champion Concept] Kirashi - The lone half
First off, I'm not really going to look at the lore and all that; not my strong suit. You're better off with someone who has more experience to give you feedback. :) It looks like a pretty cool concept and theme at first glance, though. Secondly, this feedback turned out pretty negative overal. I'm not trying to be a dick, just pointing out issues I see with the champion in an attempt to help you improve it. If you feel I missed something or read something wrongly feel free to correct me. :) So, to start off my wall of feedback I'll start by saying that I'm not entirely sure that this champion will survive as an AP Fighter. Her only tools of survival are a set of fears, which require skillshots or setup. It would feel like a Diana without the ability to burst and less mobility (not to mention the lack of a shield). If you were to increase the fears as a compensation people would end up playing her as a tank instead (think Ekko). Looking at her abilities as a whole the first thing I noticed myself were a lot of loose components, that would be better off combined or worked into other parts of her kit. Examples of this are her passive and W. You did mention in an earlier post that these do different things, but the end result is the same: passive increased auto attack damage. I'll go deeper into detail on this while looking at specific abilities. Other than that I see a focus on multiple mechanics (fears, AP scaling auto-attacks, crits, scythe placement), but not enough on any of those to make them interesting. For example the only interaction with fear is that two out of three of your other abilities can only be used on feared targets. This doesn't make the fear any more interesting, but does mean that if you were to miss the fear you would have little more to do than hobble around hoping you can get into auto-attack range. I would suggest dropping some mechanics, and putting more focus more on others. > **(Rules of death) Passive:** > Kirashi can cast her ultimate near dead enemy champions without a target > > Kirashi's critical strikes scale with AP and do magic damage > Kirashi can't get critical strike chance from items / runes / masteries I'd personally move the "can cast her ultimate near dead enemies" to her ultimate. It's rather confusing to split the mechanics for her ultimate between two parts, and you're better off keeping it all on one place. -I'll give feedback on the actual mechanic as part of the ultimate below. As for the second part, it's been done before, and generally doesn't really work out because of how itemization works in league; which is why we haven't seen it on actual released champions yet. I'd add the W ability as part of this passive, since they're practically the same thing. Yes, one increases scaling whilest the other increases damage; but it's effectively the same thing: increasing auto attack damage. Much like the ultimate it's better to keep all similar mechanics in one place, just take a look at Kalista's passive for reference. This keeps it clear, easier to balance, and it opens up the W slot for an active ability. Because that brings me to the bad part of this ultimate: it doesn't really bring gameplay. This passive only really changes the way you itemize the champion. To take Kalista as an example it also adds in the gameplay of the little hops, outside of the list of things that are special about Kalista's auto attacks. Diana gives every third auto attack that big bonus, allowing you to play around that. This passive, however, does neither; it's just a statistical change. A good example is Jhin, who has a lot of text explaining statistical changes to his auto-attacks (much like this passive). However, they added that extra strong 4-th shot to add in a cool gameplay component. You might want to consider getting rid of the whole AP crit thing. Yes, I get it's a fun idea - but it doesn't really do anything for the champion outside of making her chance based and unreliable. This would allow you to add more focus on the whole scythe mechanic for example. That might be an area to improve it on; something to make it more interesting than buying an Infinity Edge on any other champion. Something that makes you change your gameplay or decisionmaking outside of what items to buy. > **(Painful mark) Q:** > Active: > Kirashi throws her scythe doing magic damage at the target location > The scythe stays at the target location fearing everyone staying in a certain radius for a certain amount of time and marking the champion for a certain amount of time > While Kirashi's scythe is on the ground she does less damage with her basic attacks > The scythe returns after a certain amount of time or if Kirashi picks up her scythe > > Passive: > Critical strikes on marked champions fear the target for a certain amount of time It would be great to have some actual numbers on this one, mainly thinking of range, duration, the amount of damage it reduces. As I read the ability I get the idea that you pick a targetted location, and after a short delay you fear champions within range once for maybe 2 seconds? This to me feels similar to a Cho'Gath Q, and would be a decent enough ability as a result. Reducing the auto-attack damage of a champion of a champion who heavily relies on auto-attacks seems scetchy to me. If the scythe only fears once (which I'm going to assume is the case) there seems to be very little reason to keep the scythe in place for longer than the initial fear delay, and would only serve to be a nuisance. I'll need some clarification on the purpose of having the scythe out on the field for a longer duration. If there is none, you might as well remove the whole 'losing your scythe' mechanic as it seems to have little to no benefit. As for the passive part, I'd personally suggest making critical strikes on marked targets consume the marks. Not having it consumed or have a cooldown would very easily have the risk of chain-stunning someone with fears; which is extremely anti-fun. This is also the reason things like Nautlus' passive or Braums passive have cooldowns attatched to them as well. As for the mark duration I'd opt for making it really short (and consumed on attack). This forces the player to choose a single target to go ham on, rather than trying to re-fear as many different targets as he can (think Bear-stance Udyr). A short duration mark would allow you to make triggering the mark stronger and more impactful, allowing for a more assassin-fighter playstyle, rather than a stun spamming tank. > **(Frightening strike) W (Passive):** > Kirashi's critical strike chance is higher based on skill level and AP As mentioned before, add this to the passive. It's just a boring flat damage increase that practically does the same as the actual passive, only in a slightly different way. If you want to limit the crit chance early on in the game, you can do so by basing it on levels (which is the same thing). Vayne gets away with having a passive ability as her W because it adds that 3-hit gameplay she's known for, and which is an important part of her playstyle. The same goes for Jinx's or Aatrox's toggle abilities; they're boring, but impact their gameplay enough that they become really fun and interesting. In short, boring; replace with something that affects the way the champion is played. - I'll try and add some ideas for you once I finish writing this (if I don't forget). Continued below!
HuanXue (EUW)
: I Can't login onto Chat Service!!!!!
Going to paste the following from a different threat, since it did help for me: > [{quoted}](name=JesusWeed4Ever,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=lLXrUfAt,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-08-16T23:55:03.758+0000) > > Hey so, many people had the "Logging onto chat service..." in EUW, including me{{summoner:3}} and I came up with a solution! > > 1. Change the local hour +1 > 2. Login onto the client > 3. Leave client. > 4. Change hour back. > 5. BAM! There you go thank me later :) Rito spaghetti strikes again
: How about yes? http://imgur.com/a/ZNawp
> [{quoted}](name=Icy Spectre,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=H3EkN7qt,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2016-07-03T14:59:21.675+0000) > > How about yes? > > http://imgur.com/a/ZNawp Actually, no. :P "Upon entering champion selection, ten summoners, five on each team, randomly summon a champion from their available pool of champions (owned and free play)." ~http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/ARAM Chances are Braum was just free to play during that week.
Feel free to add me, would love to have some more people to play games with as well. :)
Etherim (EUW)
: I want a friend :c
Feel free to add me. :D More or less in the same boat since most of my friends stopped playing.
Sco0oby (EUW)
: Zac Balance/Idea Discussion
> [{quoted}](name=Sco0oby,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bWWR6edm,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-02-06T05:37:42.311+0000) > > 1; Passive What you don't seem to take into consideration is that Aatrox is a melee ADC kinda thing and Anivia is a burst mage, whereas Zac is a health scaling tank. As soon as Aatrox pops out of his immunity he can get bursted down in an instant, and Zac's blobs are stronger than Eggnivia simply because Zac is more tanky in general (and the blobs scale with health). Not only are Zac's blobs about as difficult to take down as Eggnivia is, but if Zac does revive it'll take a bit more trouble taking him down compared to Aatrox or Anivia. To add to this Zac has two passives, in that the blobs he spawns after using an ability are also part of his passive as well. As someone who's favourite champion is Anivia, I'm a bit jealous of that. :D Do like the blobs interactions with Smite and Teleport as well. > [{quoted}](name=Sco0oby,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bWWR6edm,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-02-06T05:37:42.311+0000) > 2; Q - Stretching Strike > > or it could automatically collect any blobs in its range. This would actually be a pretty cool thing that wouldn't push him over the edge again like he was shortly after release. Though it would decrease the counterplay to pretty much the only way of beating Zac in lane... so I'm not entirely sure yet.
: Creating Team ( Xmplar 'XMR' )
Heya, I'm a 23 year old dutch player. I speak Dutch, English as well as a bit of German, and I am a positive and friendly player. I'm a currently in platinum 5, though I don't care about my rank too much (played a bit to platinum for the fancy border. :D). I'm mostly just looking for some fun people to play some games with. My main roles are Mid and Support. Feel free to add me in-game if you're interessted in having me. :)
Xzayler (EUNE)
: Hey, I'm in EUNE so I don't know how we could play together.
Ah, my apologies; I hadn't noticed you were on a different server. Sorry about that. :D
: Silver- Plat Team looking for Gold III+ Members
Heya, I'm a 23 year old dutch player. I speak Dutch, English as well as a bit of German, and I am a positive and friendly player. I'm a currently in platinum 5, though I don't care about my rank too much (played a bit to platinum for the fancy border. :D). I'm mostly just looking for some fun people to play some games with. My main roles are Mid and Support. Feel free to add me in-game if you're interessted in having me. :)
Xzayler (EUNE)
: Looking for a friendly team
My IGN is epicepicness, feel free to add me. :)
Hadasa (EUW)
: New Silver Ranked Team / DouQ team (LF experienced players)
IGN: epicepicness Age: 23 Country + Timezone: First Role + 3 Champs: Mid; Orianna, Lissandra, Ahri - (though I can play a pretty wide variety of champions, including assassins). Second Role + 3 Champs: Support; Janna, Thresh, Nami - (again, got plenty of different ones). Working Mic + Headset: Yes I'm dutch, speak english and a positive and friendly player. I'm a currently in platinum 5, though I don't care about my rank too much; I'm mostly just looking for some fun people to play some games with. :)
SalmonDuude (EUNE)
: Friendly Players Please
Feel free to add me. :) Seems like you're on EUNE, though. :|
Milk Guy (EUW)
: We need a skin for Tahm Kench
Why not make it an entire skin theme? http://i.imgur.com/zwPrlB3.jpg https://scontent-ams2-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfa1/v/t1.0-9/12278894_10153718863379280_8570605715066769413_n.jpg?oh=d79725fb6cfa5b52c5edfc32dffcd3c7&oe=56E78427
Rich (EUW)
: I'm feeling generous. Free skin?
Friendly teams for 2 ranked games in a row, and now this... Where is the League community I knew and loved?! Wait...


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