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: Why are u salty about this? I would feel so pro if someone called me a cheater.
It's probably the way of player I am. I'm the kind dude who talks nice with enemies and respects players, doesn't rage and doesn't blame teammates even if junglers misses smite on baron and looses us the game. We all people, we make mistakes, let's be competitive on our skills ,not in our words. So knowing that someone thinks I am a cheater makes me want to prove I am not. And I want them to try hard vs me. I'd rather loose a hard close game that puts you in zone where you try hard to minimize any mistake than get one of those open mid at 12 mins in.
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Barty (EUNE)
: "ADC 2k17 lul" - main problems
Dudes, its not THAT bad. It always been similar to this. I mained imobile mages in mid (xerath,brand) , threw assasins spikes, and i used to main adc, and still play it as its my secondary. Im Plat player with good win rate, going to hit that Diamond by the end of season. My opinion on this is simple: Low elo creates those problems becouse they have no respect what spacing and positioning is. My average deaths in mid 4 a game. Its not great, but prety ok since KDA is 4,5 and I do like to play on the agro side. So yeah, in low elo you just let that Syndra or Annie or whatever to just walk on your adc ,get one shot and then blame the system and pogchamps, while in reality its easily preventable AND THE IMPORTANT THING is that if you do prevent it (hardcore version would be just wait until that syndra has to use her ulti before dying on someone else and come closer then, etc) it does shrink her power bank so so so much. So stop crying please, start thinking how to overcome it. Its always better to miss 2 cs than to die. Another thing - people who says ADC is complete garbage and assasins are wayyyy too powerfull are prob same dudes who hardstuck in silver with 100 games played, blaiming teammates every single game and calling it elo hell. Yeah, this season i got my smurf threw all Gold in 8 days, nothing special. If you are better than your tier , you dont even need to tryhard to carry those games. Naturrally you will and you will climb. GL in fields of justice ppl


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