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Stell (EUNE)
: You flame someone, he leaves, so you flame more and demand justice
What you intended this to mean seems more like a rhetorical question for you to ponder amongst your friends.
zoomfg (EUNE)
: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke. There was a better one, but i cant find it atm.
What's that gotta do with anything? 4 Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him. 5 Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit. You can't win. If you "do something" you get chat restricted for arguing with a fool. If you "do nothing" they think they're right and report you anyway even if you don't say anything.
Stell (EUNE)
: Yes but this is not if it's ok to leave or not. This is about the Flamer getting butthurt when the one who had to eat all his shit decides to leave.
The flamer should get butthurt when the one who had to eat all his shit decides to leave. The one who leaves should be punished by leaverbuster, the flamer (if actually flaming and not just saying "play safer pls") should be chat restricted. Job done
: I had an unusual game here recently, thought i would share it with you guys
: 'GG' Means 'Good Game'
I thought it meant get good
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Stell (EUNE)
: You flame someone, he leaves, so you flame more and demand justice
I have been flamed so many times and never left. If it gets too bad I mute. Leaving is hurting EVERYONE not just the flamer. Why attack 4 people because of 1 or 2? Mute. If you leave when you get flamed you deserve a punishment imo.
> [{quoted}](name=Go Fuk Urself,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=IpIQ6j3T,comment-id=000100000000000000010000,timestamp=2015-08-24T01:28:01.970+0000) > > only has diamond+ stats
: Well firstly traditional skins are only for relaunches, aka sion level reworks. Trist wasn't that big so no traditional skin. And secondly riot have said they aren't going to make any more traditional skins, hence why sion never got one.
They changed her entire race, from Megling to Yordle. That's huge. Look at the change of her ears, and proportions. She has long legs in the new version. Omg the old dance!!! It was just the _cutest_!
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mrnm (EUNE)
: You just looked at the statistic like "look how high riven is compared to others" completely ignoring that that's still only 0,5% of riven players who afk. Maybe the other 99,5% of Rivens are actually decent people? Maybe?
> [{quoted}](name=mrnm,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Ymo8jAUs,comment-id=00100000,timestamp=2015-08-23T10:42:35.659+0000) > > You just looked at the statistic like "look how high riven is compared to others" completely ignoring that that's still only 0,5% of riven players who afk. Maybe the other 99,5% of Rivens are actually decent people? Maybe? I think that % doesn't count the ones who afk without leaving. which also seems disproportionate.
Práedyth (EUW)
: banning riven becasue riven players are toxic..? Look at Yasuo, Vayne, Riven, Zed. Regarding my league, I get matched up to Platinum too in ranked sometimes!
Práedyth (EUW)
: banning riven becasue riven players are toxic..?
"Riven mains" either get lucky and get some kills, or they feed hard in lane, and rage out of the game. Check this player for example: 80 games with riven 40% win rate, constantly dies. I was going to go top and they were all enthusiastic "Oooh no let me top vs irelia!!!" I was sceptical but I allowed them and picked mid. He lock in Riven vs Irelia. He died 5 times in 15 minutes then quit the game. No one even said a word to him. I checked the replay and the whole game he was either under Irelia's tower, recalling, or dead. That's why I try to make sure Yasuo, Vayne, Riven and Zed are banned. Sadly there are not 4 bans :p
T1er 1 (EUW)
: Can't connect to chat
BT seems to have the same issue. Can connect through a VPN and the chat works, but a bit afraid of lag!
: Chat broken
I also get "Unable to connect to chat, you may reconnect manually."
Pengüin (EUNE)
: [Riot Lyte] - "...Chat Restricted, Ranked Restricted or Game Bann...
Yeah what court in the land passes a sentence then later on when sentence is almost over or already been served "We're taking everything you ever earned off you this year, because that is going to reform you LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL"
: League of legends itself is toxic, negative and cancerous because it expects you to work together with people who are incredibly likely not to, first of all focus is way too much on personal success for teamwork to happen, second the esport emphasis and based gameplay changes are what destroyed league of legends completely for the regular player. Champs are being balanced around esports, roles are being locked because of esports, metas are being forced because of esports, people flame eachother because of expectations based on esports. If you ask me four things need to be removed: soloq and elo so that the game becomes a journey of fun again instead of a settled dictatoin of how to (optimally) play. Reporting, although its my favorite thing about the game because there is then justice against the worms that crawl in the shit that league is right now, it has no consequence. The playerbase is being MADE toxic because of the way the game is setup so reporting will not cure the playerbase. Its like dragging water out of the sea on a rainy day trying to get rid of the sea. And lastly ofcourse the emphasis on esports. Esports is the biggest cancer in the history of gaming, it is flat out child labor, big buisiness fat cats who have no buisiness in our bastion of gaming away from their brain disease called money and competition hijack videogames, decorate them with giveaways and flashy nonsense and have children watch other corporately sponsored and heavilly advertised children play videogames. How is that not existentiallly wrong on all levels.. The enviroment attracts so i wont be suprised if people here enmasse support this travesty, its like having a bowl of puke' you'll mostly see flies. The disease that is money has already bought riot thats for sure. I havent seen a single good change so far, even riots arrogance is rising exponantially in how they refuse to give refunds now after they change content that has been fucking payed for in the shape and sound it used to be. I've made the comparisan before when it wasnt as bad as this even but ill have to again; Its like buying a new car, the type you want' the color you want etc. You drive with it for a long time and love it, then one day you walk into your garage and the seller has come into your garage uninvited changed the color of the car, changed the transmission, changed the interior, changed the wheels etc.. It disgusts me and should disgust any and every inherently good willing person.
They screwed me in that way with Fiora. Support are just hired to say no. I have all Fiora skins, was one of my favourites and now she is unrecognisable in playstyle and appearance.
Penns (EUW)
: Why Soloq is luck based.
You can't assume that you "will" climb if you are better than your elo. Statistics are just representations of past data, and the probability of having serious detractors on your team are the same every game. That also takes into account the fact you yourself can have a bad game. Imo a super high ELO player can carry out of Bronze/Silver/Gold, but that's because their level is that much higher. A true Silver will have a difficult time climbing out of Bronze because they aren't _that _ much better. Same goes for Gold out of Silver and Plat out of Gold. The people guaranteed to climb are climbing because they are meant to be far higher than their current elo and not just a little bit. They have better mechanics, better knowledge and better cs ability. It does come down to the luck of the draw ultimately. Sometimes that luck is stacked against you. Didn't Riot say they sometimes give you almost guaranteed losses just to add some super-fun variance to your games?
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