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: Firstly, have you been 14-day banned or have your account been permanantly banned? As someone who has had an account permanantly banned in the past, I can understand the frustration completely. However, Whilst you may not think what you said was particularly bad, and honestly I can see why, calling someone a "Dog" might actually come under the racism moniker. Therefore the system may have logged you as repeatedly using racist remarks, which along with telling someone to top themselves, is basically a one-way-ticket to the ban house. Another thing to consider is that even if you havent had any prior warnings/punishments such as chat bans or the 14-day ban, the system might have been tracking your account any way if you are demonstrating behaviour that is either considered unacceptable or if you are receiving reports that mark your account. This can happen where you get reported and whilst the behaviour isnt severe enough to lead to a punishment straight away, the system will still keep track of it. All this adds up to what can potentially lead to a 14-day or even a permanant ban without prior warning. I know this to be true because that is what happened to my old account. Repeated behaviour that was unacceptable but did not lead to any prior punishments until I got perma-banned after a particularly anger fueled game. So whilst it can seem sudden, it may actually be the result of reportable behaviour over a longer course of time than it seems. Regardless, if your account has been permanantly banned, there is nothing you can do. Despite popular belief, Riot NEVER permanantly bans account that doesn't deserve it. And it is ALWAYS an actual person who issues the permanant bans. The automatic system triggers the account for review, but the final decision is down to a Riot employee. Finally, you can send a support ticket to ask why your account got banned, Riot will respond with transcripts of the behaviour that caused the ban. It might not actually be the game you posted above, that could have just been the final instance that resulted in the overall ban. I know it sucks, but you can always make another account.
I did get permabanned 6 times and a 14 day ban on EUNE but I am now reformed and haven't bought any level 30 accounts, leveling this up myself and I honestly think i'm not doing that good of a job but I still kept myself from going too far on insulting someone, but I guess just the d word will get me banned when the other guy did the same i did months ago. Also this account is banned for only 14 days but I don't have another account to play on and I was looking forward to playing league this week before i'll start with school exams.
: No it's not a reason to get banned. People will tell you though that you argue too much - which is true of course.
Is there any way for this ban to get reverted?
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: Have you had any previous punishments?
25 Game chat restriction, but I think this is not a reason for even a chat restriction and they are all chained into the permaban.
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