: Banned, Over 5k RP on profile, money back?
just lawsuit them bro and go away frm this forum only virgins
: They are probably going to be re-adding prevention against funneling in the next patch.
u sure bro? where u read that?
Tarolock (EUNE)
: i dont know whats your problem here, that twitch farmed got gold and killed you, he played the game like you should, i dont see any problem here
you dont know what funneling is? lmfao get outta here
HitYourHead (EUNE)
: Players find ways to win easy, and ruined everything then let's blame the company :D
? they know this shit exist and in fact they removed it by putting junglers earning less gold until they close their jungle item, now they removed this shit and here we go all the virgins at it again, just why remove it?? jesus
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fubbeli (EUW)
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: Don't smurf as a gold player then! Smurfing is not something Riot like but they know they can't stop it as some small percentage of players do it for a goal, example: this account is Vlad only that I have to smurf through every rank (me personally, I find this fun climbing through each rank) but am playing against plat 1s currently. I could complain at riot, but its a good thing for new players and I am the minority as are you if you are smurfing. Also how can you even complain, making yourself known on the forums and having this in your match history on your account you post with: https://i.gyazo.com/bdfeaba04498d401e340ce908e4d02a6.png I wonder if you was banned thats why you went to smurf?
im not a gold player i logged random account to type in this dogshit board ahah
Smerk (EUW)
: Well, yeah, it makes your experience painful, but you're just another smurf, nobody cares. Use your main account and you'll be fine
that makes no sense lol but i guess the most revenues of riot games come from this low elo people so i kinda get it why they are doing this shit
Smerk (EUW)
: Why should they care about smurfs? This system is better for legit new players and also for those currently in bronze/silver and it changes nothing for players in higher divisions. So only positives in all important places
mmh no because now i've to grind up through iron/bronze/silver/gold while before i could literally do 10-0 and being placed platinum IV and grind from there instead of playing with 0 brain cells players which make my game experience painful. Also i don't understand HOW people that are this bad at the game keep play it like wat the fook if i was this bad at the game i woulda change game 4 sure
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Semaka (EUW)
: While Jax did die 10 times, his deaths are all over the place, and especially late in the game. You died every 2-3 minutes and 16 deaths out of 18 are on the mid lane, most of them under or near Yasuo's turret, you even got executed twice under his turret, so it might look like running it down mid. And you killed MF with ult probably, so that doesn't say much between you and Jax. Btw 10 deaths in a 24 minute game can be possible, but you died almost twice that number. And again most of them are on the mid lane, so either you didn't care and gave up, because I see a lot of kills from Rengar and since he got that many kills on you in mid lane, you clearly played very poorly, or you trolled. You probably got banned for griefing or giving up, since you clearly never played safe or didn't care if you get killed over and over so a program did detect a behavior in your game and thus the ban. If you know that you didn't int, then by all means contact support.
bruv i just got camped by rengar and nothing karthus can do to prevent yasuo to jump on you, fact here is why i got banned after i got this bad game, even tho i did the most damage in my team etc, and jax who can clearly played worse than me got nothing? this is just pathetic. The system is made so badly that if you have more than 15 deaths you're automatically banned. AND I AM OKAY WITH THIS but why not ban the jax either? thats no sense
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