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: Season 9 ruined EUW too
Solution is "Disable all chat" and sometimes mute your team on top of that.
: It's So Hard To Make A Voice Chat?
League has voIP and nobody is using it because there is Discord. Better quality and group management.
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: So you want a 2s targeted stun? That's as long as Morgana's Q (a rooting skillshot), are you mad?
well if you seriously compare Panth to Morg, you should argue for the increase two times more (for the 4 second CC) because Panth's W range is less two times
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Pick Malzahar~ Yasuo places a wind wall Malzahar throw all abilities thro wind wall and then stunlock-drain his face with ultimate (also thro wind wall). Yasuo cry on all chat
Don't pick Malz. Pick Nasus. Yasuo hits Nasus "AHAHA I POKE YOU". Nasus one Q's minion - gets back full HP. After 40 minutes. Yasuo hits Nasus "AHAHA I BUILD DAMAGE". Nasus two Q's Yasuo to death.
: How do I stop getting tilted for playing against Yasou?
Yasuo is only good against teams of noobs. Noob champ pog.
: She ain’t nerfed cause of her slow... she’s nerfed because of her damage and healing is stupid with limited counter play... at least with zilean you can jump on him to kill or force out his ult.
Nobody wants to play support champions, that's why your support sux and enemy Youumi SEEMS to be better. To get good supports, stop nefing support champions blindly. Youumi countered easy. Just buy Soraka its cheapest champ in whole game.
: i can already hear ezreal mains cry
No they can just split spellblade into 2 versions, for melee and range. Ezreals will buy same spellblade they have now. Bruisers will buy better one.
: Pls make IBG ( Iceborn gauntlet) melee only
All spellblade effects should have been made MELEE only YEARS ago, without all those unnecessary nerfs they throw on it. Same as items like Trinity and other stuff, built specially on Corki/TF etc making buffing those items nearly impossible. While I think buffs for Trinity are necessary, it gives only basic AD, so it scales very poorly, only on very few champions that scaling is good. I think if they change damage of Trinity to (200% base_AD+100% additional_AD+100% armor) it would be good buff to brusers/tanks which are suppressed in this meta. But they cannot do that because range champions will buy it instead. Ezreal should be torn off from connection to spellblade effect of bruser items. If you really want to save spellblade Ezreal, just split spellblade effect into 2 versions, better version for melee and worse version for rangers. Same written above goes to Lich Bane and IBG. With Lich Bane the situation is even more complicated, so I think it better be removed from game entirely (in the way of switch to % of other stats, not AP) cause it replicates scaling on abilities. ---------- CONCLUSION AGREE to buff spellblade for melee champions.
Mártir (EUW)
: Yuumi is unplayable
It is funny how Youumi is nerfed mostly because of her slow, while Zilean has same slowing and never nerfed.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: one crazy interesting idea on how to make pantheon viable wait for people to stop using conq and start playing him properly before you overbuff the shit out of him and then we have 10 patches where he gets nerfed in a row the champion is already viable due to his E wait for people to start playing with it like they should instead of trying to use it like old panth E
I'm afraid they will just push numbers, until Panth gets 55% winrate, without that winrate being indicative about anything, because 0.1% will actually play him.
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Rhaykko (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kitty Girl,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=kWdOXuyx,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-08-15T17:26:07.770+0000) > > matchmaking System cant be fixed the matchmaking System works "fine", now the people is diferent, win/loose isn't enought to evaluate a player, > In teory matchmaking is fine, but people don't know how to play the game, they dont play safe, they go 1v5 and blame others, and recently there is a lot of smurfs, matchmaking is hard be diferent, You can't evaluate a player by KDA, you only can evaluate mostly by win/lose ratio, but win/lose ration dont care if player got carried all games, you lost game you lose mmr you win game you wim mmr, no matter if you feed or you win 1v9 you will always get mmr. > There no way to know a diference betwen a good and bad player just by winrate. There's clearly no difference between a 400 game 45% WR Bronze II player and a 400 game 55% WR Diamond II player. You can actually tell if a player is good or bad by winrate,but you need a good amount of games to do so.
can confirm diamond noob came to my division, got in the face and flamed
Jupimm (EUNE)
: Is the Matchmaking ever going to be Fixed?
because rito were told specifically that its broken and they just dont understand they keep doing the same, they even increased number of divisions, there isnt enough players to fill all these golds and plats
: My humble suggestion for improving player experience.
Leavers are totally product of Riot's matchmaking. You are fighting the players in this game, in fact you should feel sorry for them cause they were getting in the games they should not, against opponents who are smurfing, boosting etc. Give me Rekkles in my team so I won't be leaving because enemy team got 100T Bang. Always somebody is boosting and it's not funny. My ADC is trash, enemies are duo challengers. They know matchup, I know matchup, but my ADC does not. He goes to die then AFKs.
: Pointless to main Irelia, is she trash?
Noobs lack knowing their win conditions with her. General playerbase knows well how to counter pick.
C4libur (EUNE)
: Randomly while playing the FPS drops to 1 and the CPU sticks to 93% until I restart the PC
: After 2; 3 games always a Problem after champ selet Client doeasnt appear . I quit this game
: Garen vs Urgot - Bugs over Bugs over BUGS :D
Can you just support your word with short video clip? Nobody cares aabout replays, use OBS or any other video rendering to make a clip which normal people like us can watch, don't forget to film with 0.25 speed.
: tahm kench and people killing themself.
Rito games just think that everybody is challenger. Just walk away, nothing really interesting. Their usual practice.
: Played against several pantheons, His damage is not toplane material.
I think this is a good rework. But sadly there is no place on the map for Panty. Reason behind it is that his ult does not deliver. Problem is delay. Remove delay in Pantheon ultimate. Make it smaller radius. But remove delay. Check out Warwick ultimate (still useless but for other reason). No delay. You instantly jump. But easy to miss. Pantheon's ult is both easy to miss and large delay. People still can use protection against Pantheon's ult. Flash out, press barrier etc. Pantheon's ult should be enough threat so people forced to flash it. But they just don't care. Everybody knows where Pantheon is. Where he will jump. It's just same problem with Ekko's W. Useless because of delay, visibility. To get hit by such abilities you gotta be iron-4.
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SuperJunk (EUW)
: every champion which doesn't have ap scaling, can go ap because of lich bane xD (+nashor's tooth for some champs)
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: Dodging
Dodge is a crutch for temporary fix of broken matchmaking.
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SinsanitY (EUW)
: Ranked is a mess, not worth the time, and the current "match maker"... I feel like i'm in a Casino
Somewhere in the early of this season I climbed steady until silver elo. Then suddenly something changed and I got all iron players and people with 30% winrate, which are uncarriable. The system is legit broken. It is mixing new players and old, it is putting 30% people together with 47-52%, it is for some reason putting "duos of trash" in my games. Why the hell they still allow duo to exist in soloQ? I was thinking that part was going into Flex. And it will be right solution to move duos into Flex, where they will have fun fighting against trios and 5-man squads.
SinsanitY (EUW)
: Ranked is a mess, not worth the time, and the current "match maker"... I feel like i'm in a Casino
They need that coinflip mechanichs of MM, so the only choice for you as player would be to buy eloboost. What this system needs is total RESET of all scores and new transparent score system. I want to know how much is difference in the match they offer me. Instead they force me to the use of query sites and dodging. Dodging is not good, and I don't want to do it. But I don't want anti-fun games where I get 30% winrate person.
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ZawardoJJ (EUW)
: Champion that you can hypercarry with? (1v5 the enemy team)
1. Play ranked games. At least 50 games on your champ. 2. Don't look for 1v5 champion. 3. Don't troll and play your role. I see you play TK. You pick support, go support your ADC. Buy support item. Place wards. Trade in lane. Find yourself proper ADC player on voice who can CS (in silver they already not so bad in CSing). 4. Expand the champ pool for your role. 5. Understand how bottom lane works (you are support). PS About 1v5 champs. So you wanna be Yasuo main? Then I don't understand why you still not having like 100 games with 0-10 with Yasuo. You can only become a good Yasuo, if you rise from Iron. Become IRON MAN.
: Fizz is Crazy OP (Delete him of the game)
Well if talking seriously, the problem of assassin like Fizz is that there is no balance between competitive and casual play. What is OP in casual won't be OP in competitive. Thats why they buff Yasuo and Fizz to the point of absurd numbers (Fizz is ridiculous base damage, Yasuo is ridiculous both base and scale), while their actual competitive use equals to zero. Because in competitive, people PLACE WARDS. They do it for real, dud :) Unlike all these diamond trash elos (and everything below, like double trash). About Fizz what was funny for me is that why the hell they make assassin which is actually counterpick to all other assassins? That doesn't make sense. Kind of "king of assassins" :) Fizz is only strong because every tank is nerfed, every sustain pick is nerfed.
: Fizz is Crazy OP (Delete him of the game)
Omega Squad Team is already looking for you on Runeterra
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why is it so frustrating getting a chest?
Because you have the skill on those champions you like, because you played those the most. But if you dislike champion, you won't be good even if it's OP.
: Champions playrates aren't just about balance. Ivern have a very weird and unique playstyle without forgetting that he's a support (what's the least played role that most people get autofilled in? Well, it's support...). So it's very natural that nobody wants to play him. His playstyle also makes him super hard to play since the ivern player needs to be very skilled at him and his team should also know how to play with Ivern (uses his shield and Q dash properly). Those are things not available in lower elos which makes people think he's a troll pick. Btw, as an info, they are working on a mini rework for Ivern that's supposed to hit next season "if the tests go well) that will make him permanently ranged and changes the way his ult works. You can check that [here](
That's the thing I was saying. Nobody plays that champ -> everybody forgets what he does -> people on that champ are screwed even more cause their team sux.
: Its pretty simple, both champs requiere a Team or better saying teamwork. So thats why they are not picked often in a Game where teamplay or understanding of it is nonexistent.
They are not picked competitive also. Skarner did see some competition only during times of tanking meta. In fact, the higher elo you consider, the less you get those picked. Look challenger stats.
: 0_o Yumi and Ivern are completely different. Only bad Iverns are defined by shield spam, what really makes an impact is Daisy-q-brush usage
They are not different. Both use Athene. Just compare what healing does Yuumi when fed and what shield does Ivern. Ivern just looks useless in comparison.
: Has Ivern Krugs issue been fixed? If not, he will never see much play... jungle is all about fcking Krugs right now
Why? I think Yuumi is just better version of Ivern, so he will never see any play unless they buff him same as her.
Shamose (EUW)
: Ivern sucks ass and skarner is boring af. Skarner is fine balance wise though.
I suspect it's not just about balance with Skarner. Guy barely fits this game at all. He meant to be tanky and close range, and neither of both is true.
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: Trollers-Low Elo
Well. Rito trolls the players too. Only 20 champions viable on solo lanes, from over 100...
: Next time someone claims it's hard to climb on support show them this
Give me duo, I become diamond in a three days. I just don't need this shitty elo number to know I'm good at this god-forgotten game.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: Truth is that they had to reset mmr to 0 from the begin of the season.But they didnt.So they %%%%ed up solo que. S9 is awful.I dont even recommend playng ranked right now.
Well you can play ranked for fun. I stopped caring of my elo, I sit bronze and I'm fine. I don't want to carry every game like 20-0, I play for fun. Ofc I can boost to diamond easily with any proper duo partner, but I don't want to do only gaming every day and doing it like second work.
: So why league does need to refresh its Shit mmr
Broken MMR is profitable. That's why they will never get rid of elo hell. Just had jungle Ekko troll. And such people will never get downgraded into iron or smth. Because Riot gives them help with eloboost. Game where approximately 50% accounts are boosted, and nobody bans boosters. Even worse. Game right now have boosted players in proplay. They all are boosted. Proplayers don't play ranked. They wintrade and boost, they keep book on accounts which are certainly boosted and dodge.
: Games are decided before they even begin and there is no way you will change my mind
Same here dude, same here. Just had a JAyce support, he did not even buy support item. Basically I am unable to win such game, playing solo vs duo. Another time, my support dies every time, there is nothing to do again. Game does not reward good play, only punish for %%%%%%ed. All champions nerfed, I cannot even pick ADC/APC and outplay people. They even nerfed LB and other skill midlaners into 40-45% winrates, so people could not play those champions if they got skill. I can advise to any new player: do not play bottom lane. Play top/mid. Learn matchups. Just don't f&&&in go to botlane to be 0-10 support.
: Fix this whole season (worst meta so far with the worst changes so far)
So you are basically saying that game has different items/champs and having to choose from those in unfair. There should be only one item/champ in this game, right? So it will be perfectly balanced for you. Guess who would want to play game with only 20-30 viable champions, like right now. People are leaving this game because of people like you QQ'ing on everything, asking to "nerf irelia". So this game ends up with 20-30 viable champions and people who mained other 80 champs are basically told to not play. PS. You can always play perfectly balanced game of chess IRL. This game, especially not in so-called "proplay", is just a game, where people get fun from winning. Not rage why their champion was nerfed to trash tier because of some "bjerksen play". PS2. Meta has some problems, but it's not the problems of certain items.
Potats (EUNE)
Tanks are already super-useless because they produce no CC (that was their only worth, to peel for ADC's). Major mobility champs / Phase Rush itself have anti-slow, sources of easy tenacity etc. Assassins have better CC then tanks. Tanks CC is either very high cooldown or very small area. The problem with tanks is that they are only viable low elo. High elo people just ignore tanks and kill ADC/APC. Who wants to play tank, when there is Master Yi which has 100% anti-slow? What tank can actually do if he got no hard CC? Nothing. PS. Aftershock is badly designed also, because many tanks do not even have hard CC to switch it on. Also it benefits more to bruisers.
SE Shyen (EUNE)
You have shit-useless rune, 3 times less minions score on overpowered champion.
: why irelia's extremely unhealthy for the game and what riot should be working on
Irelia is underpowered currently. Most of the games Irelia meets her counterpicks, like heavy juggernauts, Yasuo (straight outscale counterpick), GP ("just eat the orange" counterplay), other alacrity toplaners (Fiora, Camille). Irelia's kit has zero escape built. Only viable option is E, which could be lured. Only viable when teammates do not feed like crazy, which happens very rarely. This is the meta of outscales. Master Yi, Nasus, Azir, Yasuo are top picks. Irelia falls off -- means she needs buffs for late. I would make something for Irelia when she gets to level 17. Like bonus for abilities or ultimate range. But Irelia herself is counterpick to many meta-picks. She screws assassins very good. Reason for you not to pick assassins in the first place, blindly and not thinking how you going to deal with such bad matchups.
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