Shiwah (EUW)
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Agreed, but sometimes you actually get hacked and weren't the one behind the actions. Like i said i visited the wrong website and lost acces to my computer and thereby to my account. Mail, Facebook, LoL all were compromised. On facebook there was a message that someone tried to enter my account from pakistan, so that security system works but on my mail and LoL account no messages was shown, in fact riot claims there was no shift in ip adress
Terravir (EUW)
: People could claim someone else hacked their account and flamed to get out of a permanent ban. To be fair i am not overly impressed with Riots account security. I was visiting another country during the summer. During which i logged into my league account on the pc of my girlfriends stepdad and played a few fast bot games a couple of time to get that first win-bonus. Not so much as an alert was send to my email going like "hey summoner, someone just accesed your account from an entirely different nation. Thought you'd like to know, just in case" Some games even require you to verify a new IP before you can log in. Where a log in attempt prompts a verification send to your email before you can actually log in, to proof you are the account owner. So yeah, none of that. Seems a bit odd, if you're going to hand out such severe punishments these kind of fairly basic security tools should at least be offered to people.
Agreed you could just claim someone hacked your account and flamed, and i understand riot asumes this is the normal situation. But as I know for myself that it wasn't mean, so.... I get your point but some people actually get hacked
Sètsuna (EUW)
: You are mistaken, riot could proove it wasn't you since you even had your acc recovered by riot acc support. The hacker didn't log in from you local ip thats probably also 1 thing you had to fill in to have your acc recovered. By doing that they could easily check where the games in question were played. And since you had your acc recovered by riot they 100% know you didnt have access at the time in question.
Well even though my computer got hacked aside with my account, they claim the IP adress didn't shift. Now this is possible if the hacker actually played through my computer or had acces to my Internet. Now i know this may look back for me since the IP didn't change, but you will have to trust me that it wasn't me
Ymir (EUW)
: Upcoming Upgrades to Chat Restrictions
> [{quoted}] > One last note: because of the scope of these changes, all chat and ranked restrictions will be reset and past restrictions won’t count against you in the new system. Everyone’s slate is wiped clean (for these restrictions), so this is a great time to turn over a new leaf. Just recently my account received a perma ban on a game i didn't play (i got hacked and lost acces to the account and computer). Then after regaining my account i log in to see that i am permanently banned of a game with a chat log, Now the chat was incredibly toxic and ridiculusly ammount of messages, but if everyone gets a new leaf and the chat restrictions are lifted (this last explains how the person who played that game could send so many messages), then how does 1 game lead to a permanent ban? Of course i realise that in the time that i didn't have acces to my account (about a month cause i had to reboot my computer) it is possible that more actions occured. Could you tell me what you think of this situation and when this patch got released? I have already submitted a request at the support but they said "Your account, Your responsibility" The game that lead to the permanent ban occured on 2015-09-16 as i was told by the player support.
: Keep making your case to support, I think you may have a good chance - assuming you had a clean record before you got hacked.
Well no i did not have a clean record before i got hacked, i've had many suspension and bans in the past. and those even though i don't agree with all of them were cause of the actions i performed, this one however i agree with but wasn't performed by my actions. It took me some time to understand what the community thought flaming was, cause quite frankly i think different about it, but since my last ban i learned that basicly anything you say can be seen as flame so i decided to only type the necessary, then i get hacked and get perma banned. Now as you might think "haha this guy must be stupid to get hacked", but i didn't fall for any lame tricks i lost acces to my computer for visiting the wrong kind of sites
: Greetings. Due to the amount of support requests the team receives, they send out template messages that help the vast majority of players. But they are obviously not always correct. If you really are innocent, you should reply to the support and try to explain that those actions were not performed by you. _ (Though technically, you are still the one that's responsible for all the actions taken on your account)_ Being polite but persistent is the key here. Good luck.
I have already submitted a support and they said pretty much the same as you: "all actions on your account are your responsibility, if it was by you or by someone else doesn't matter"
Zerelous (EUW)
: It was your mistake that lead to your account being hacked, riot can not prove who was using your account at that time and for all anyone knows that could of been you and you could be lying about the hack. There is no way to prove it with out a doubt. Your account is responsibility, you made a mistake which you admit and now you are facing the consequences, don't make the same mistake in the future, good luck with your new account.
Agreed i made a mistake by allowing my computer to get hacked, but can you understand were i am coming from? i didn't do it and i know i didn't do it, i understand Riot can't prove that it wasn't me but from my point of view i am getting backstabbed
: If the actions that got you banned were indeed performed solely by a hacker on your account and there is evidence supporting that, then I think you definitely deserve to get your account back. I don't know what Riot's policy on this is though.
Riot's policy on this is: "Your account, Your responsibility". Hacked or not doesn't matter, it happens on your account so you are responsible for it
ForDemGainz (EUNE)
: go write ticket, if they don't give it back, spam them with 5600 tickets (Kappa)
I wrote a ticket and they won't give it back, now i didn't think about spamming tickets to get my way cause i think that doesn't really help your case. I hope Riot finds its morals and unabns my account
: Your account and _**all**_ actions taken on it are your responsibility. Tough luck, you probably got phished with one of those "FR33 RP ON L0L" links. That said, I think permabans are being given out like candy on halloween eve while they should be a last resort. Nothing's stopping Riot from banning toxic players for longer than 2 weeks at a time, 2 month bans would be very effective if you ask me. I was banned for 2 weeks once and I had time to regain my resistance against the sheer amounts of autism you're faced with on a game-to-game basis in LoL. Never got banned again, because I learned sometimes taking a few days break can help tremendously.
First of all, No i did not get phished by one of the "FR33 RP ON LOL" links, i visited the wrong site and got betrayed by a friend. And yeah riot gives out permanent bans like candys, however the actions in my account were so severe that i actually agree with the permanent ban they gave, but as i am saying, it wasn't performed by me so it shouldn't be held against me
: So someone hacked your account , and your account then got banned? Write to the pope, not to rito. Pope is the one who believes in stupid shit. Btw, do you know what "permanent" means?
permanent means forever, and just cause something is stupid doesn't mean it isn't true.
Shiwah (EUW)
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Well i started this poll after riot already gave their opinion. They said "Your account, Your responsibility", in other words: even if you get hacked you are responsible for what that hacker does. So the result of the request was that they will not reverse the permanent ban. I hope that if enough people vote on this matter riot will get a picture of what the community thinks, but maybe i set the poll question a bit to case bonded.
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: Game never ends !!!
> [{quoted}](name=NoFeelinGuy,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=w713EAFl,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-06-26T17:27:09.880+0000) > > Hi guys So I started a game but I didn't even get to the loading screen It said unable to connect to the server so I tried to restart my pc and try to reconnect again but It said the same and It has been like couple of hours and it still asks me to reconnect !!! any help would be appreciated same thing here, you were in the same game as me, remember your name from champ select


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