Maluber (EUW)
: How many cs did you have? How many cs did he have? CS is more important than KDA. ---------------- Your grade is based on these metrics below (compared to other players playing the same champion in the same role as you); >**KDA** - It has the lowest weight of all the metrics. A good kda alone doesn't mean S/S+. **Kill Participation** - The higher your KP the more of a team player you are. **CS** - Try to aim for over 7cs per minute if a laner. 2-4cs if a support. _CS is the most important metric in grades._ **Objective Damage** - Are you pushing towers and helping with objectives. Getting tags on dragons/ heralds help with grade also. **Warding** - Having a decent vision score will help you win games (if you make use of the minimap) by allowing you to push when its safe and back off when you spot someone roaming to you. **Overall Gold** - Doing all the above well will give you a bigger gold lead than the average player thus ensuring you get your S's fast and easy.
I was support so my cs couldn'tve done anything, I helped with drakes + 2 barons, my ward score was the highest with 37
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: If it was perma for flaming you can never EVER get unbanned. Even if you wait 100 years.
I was hardly flaming, I went afk and yes I got tilted but I said stuff like "eat dat shit" "leave me alone %%%" and "suck my balls" I'm just not so sure why I got banned, that's all
Shiwah (EUW)
: Only if it was unjustified or due to a chargeback.
Not even if I wait for like 10 months?
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: But I don't know you, how can I be assured you aren't toxic in five minutes of chat logs if you don't show them? :o
I've been responding on my iPad, obviously I play on pc
: I know a friend that can make 5 minutes of conversation into a civil war. That one doesn't glue with me
Exactly your friend not me we are two different people you can ask the majority of the people I play with in it even toxic it's how I got to honour five pretty fast I had a bad day and I'm still not sure fully why I got banned
: 20 chats long?! I'd have reported you for spamming holy fk... Just my opinion, did it ever work? Idk
There were reports which is the whole chat dialogue, I literally had 5mins of dialogue
: No one can see he's your premade you're skyping with. Being an asshole isn't acceptable, even if that duo KNOWS its a joke. The rest of us cant confirm any of it.
The hilarious thing was, I wasn't even being an asshole, rofl
garyd2407 (EUW)
: Regarding my ban on my main
Also there was a "%%%" remark to my duo, who I was in Skype with at the time as he stole my farms ans it was as a joke, I was also being constantly flamed by their blitz, their Khan was making stupid remarks.
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Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=garyd2407,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=O9ds2Qxd,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-09-29T17:42:15.631+0000) > > I've always went straight to 20, never had a five minute, never had a ten minute or a warning. That's the only reason I'm complaining Historically you have *never* had any of these punishments, or do you mean recently? If you've already went up the punishment ranks, the 20 minute one will repeat until you show an extended period of not leaving or AFKing, and it reduces your leaverbuster rank. This is based on games played, not time expired - so you could leave for a year and still come back with a 20 minute penalty because you haven't played enough games during that time to "reduce your punishment tier."
Even before when I had 0 leaver busters, I have never received the first 3 punishments
garyd2407 (EUW)
: bullsh** leaverbuster
I've always went straight to 20, never had a five minute, never had a ten minute or a warning. That's the only reason I'm complaining
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