: If you don't enjoy the game any more then quit. Uninstall and don't play the game anymore. It's that easy. I'm so through with people pretending they're "addicted" to the game like it was cocaine. It's like comparing a tiny splinter of wood to a broadsword. Both hurt you in some way, but one is slightly annoying, while the other literally kills you. I play cause I have fun doing so, and when I no longer have fun, then I stop playing. Why is that seemingly such a hard concept to grasp?
yep, I was just curious if somebody shared my experience
AsherUA (EUW)
: As soon as I find mmo that will really get me into it, I'm 100% done with this game. Until then... Please, someone, help me with this addiction!
world of warcraft helps, but just for a couple of months!
Smerk (EUW)
: You need to learn how to lose and enjoy those losses. If you expect to win every game then this game is not for you.
yes that would seem reasonable, except from the fact that it requires amazing self control, I'm not sure but I believe the wide majority of people that play the game do no have that kind of attitude
Little Shaq (EUNE)
: I've played since season 1. I've had long pauses and stuff like that, but yes you get addicted. I cant stop to play it and i think that is is because of the mild amusement you get when you win. Then you want to try again and again until you win again even if you lost before. I've always wondered why i kept coming back to this game... Just doesnt seem to be that easy to stop fully.
exactly, same feeling exactly, although more than the win, I would say that the gameplay itself is addictive. The only problem is that the negative emotions by far surpass the positive ones, at least in my case
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