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: she wanted to be part of the legue of legends. she died. her father was sad. he made robot and named it after his daughter. he gave her a ball so he could protect her from danger so she wouldnt die again. she could now join the league and fullfill her dreams. i cry ever time
I know right, it's so sad :c
: Is {{champion:61}} really a woman? It's a robot, no?
Technically yes but if you read her lore you see that she is "based" off of a girl/woman (I think I'm not 100% sure, it's been a very long time since I read her lore) therefore she is a woman
: You sound like a wonderful individual! <3 Just because I have it tough, doesn't mean that your situation isn't that bad. No need to compare as my life is different than yours. A tough situation is tough no matter what! Stay strong and keep fighting! the light will always shine in the end <3
Well it is true I have had it worse than most... but that's one of the reasons I always want to help whoever with almost whatever because I hate to see people suffer as I had suffered therefore I must help them :P
: Thank you for the kind words <3 I can feel that what you wrote came straight from the heart so thank you for taking the time to write it and for caring about me. it means a lot <3 I can't wait to play with you ;) <3
Yes hopefully we can play sometime. Also it really is nothing I've just gone though horrible things myself (although not as bad as you I think) and I just can't stand seeing someone suffer for any reason at all really and I always want to help in any way I can, especially with people that have had worse times than me, so I'm here for anything if you just need to talk or whatever ^^
: A message to Riot..
I actually almost cried a little when reading this... that's amazing... because I for some reason cannot cry... ever... as horrible as I might feel I just can't cry... and this just made a tear almost come out... it's so amazing how this game helps you and it's helped me quite a bit as well although I don't have the same problems as you but this just goes to show how and what videogames can do to people with serious conditions... I really do hope you keep playing and keep getting better and hopefully some day you wont have those thoughts.... I have had lots of suicide thoughts as well but always know that it really never is worth it... I'm sure that you at least have family to give you a reason to not do so and if unfortunately you don't... make the reasons you want to be your motivation to keep going and never give up, if this game helps you and has helped you this much you should totally play more and I really do hope you never get those thoughts again... I know life can be very horrible and unforgiving and just shitt but that should be your motivation to keep going as this is the only time we have... and well life is short... and life is hard, but also the best thing ever... I hope you get better with time...
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Noezholio (EUW)
: First of all: you got the wrong concept of muscle memory just tog et this clear but well. Secondly: I'm sad to inform you that there are tryhards in this game. You are right that its not those people who try their best in a game to win, thats normal, thats what you should do. Winning is why you lay the game. The tryhards are those guys who are willing to sacrifice their own fun and the fun of their teammates just in order to win. If you are flaming your teammates for their picks just because you think another comp would be better, mention your suggestion okay but flaming? If you rage in chat just because your team fell a little bit behind, if you are not able to accept a loss from time to time, i'm sad to inform you you are one of those tryhards.
SKT Apathy (EUNE)
: Tryhard Does not exist, Not in Ranked, Not in Normal... It just doesnt exist.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sssk,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=68yGjAiv,comment-id=000400000001,timestamp=2015-09-15T19:26:58.605+0000) > > Why not a celestial spirit like Bard? > One: Lamb doesn't seem creepy or menancing enough to match with the shadow isles' theme. And while wolf does fullfil that criteria, their ultimate is far too benign to be from the shadow isles. Before anyone mentions maokai and his ult, remember that he saps energy from ENEMY spells only, while lamb's respite keeps both enemies and alllies alike alive. > Two: While we are on the subject of skillsets, look at Bard's ult: Affects allies and enemies the same way. (I just though this was a cool observation ^^) > Three: He looks spirit-ish to me (ying-yang, punishment...) > Final point: You see in his ult video, that he protects bard. There are always lore interactions in those videos, same with kalista who is also a spirit, even though she was initialy a human. Maybe they have something to do with GP? I dunno. People thought this champion was about death, that ultimate makes me think twice :/
Wolf destroyes life, lamb preserves it.... seems kind of "ying-yang-ish" to me :P(also what some people thought)
CLNinja (EUW)
: The kindred seems like it took a lot of effort to come together, but its kit looks like a combination of the best aspects of certain champs. * 1 Ahri Ult dash * Yorick ghoul * Point and click Braum Slow * Group Tryndamere Ult + a heal * Rengar damage scaling * Stronger Vayne E passive Plus a passive on the W that gives you a flat heal than you can easily out sustain the enemy adc. Unless Kindred gets a range of only 500, this champ will be far past broken.
It's range IS in fact only 500, I believe it's what I says on the pbe
: Riot is really into kinda mythological champions now. {{champion:432}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:429}} Maybe it would be time for some more worldly character like somebody from Demacia, Noxus, Bilgewater.


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