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: /mute all. That's literally the command that has existed for years and does the same thing. The only difference is that you can still type when you use /mute all but if that is your problem, then you shouldn't enable team chat at all.
Thata not what im asking and why the downvotes, are yall om crack or what¿???????
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9999991 (EUW)
: if i see {{champion:157}} in my team,im ban it.
get trolled then, idk how can you say this having 40% on your most played champ
Atto (EUW)
: Hi Graabbuu, The Windows update wasn't forced, I get mine to manually check for them at periods when i'm quiet so that it doesn't p*** me off when I need the processing speed. It all started after the update though. Just like you, i've also been thrown back to desktop a couple of times in-game of late. I'm inclined to think it's a Windows setting rather an anything League, but can't identify what or why atm.
What i dont get is why it only happens early and 2 times per game. Last game the second time i was lvl 5 tho, a bit later than usual. I also have that manual chechk thingy. I looked into updates and last one was 16/08 if im not wrong now (telling by memory). I havent been playing that much lately, so i dont know if it started after that update or not.
Atto (EUW)
: I've written the same in a post below - it occurred after I did a Windows update. Now every game between 1 and 3 mins in, the game comes out of full screen and takes me to desktop. I can click back into game but there's an idle period of a few seconds where you're vulnerable. All the previous discussions mention the Office settings in task scheduler but I have nothing enabled that would interfere (I've tried all the tips given). Hoping that Windows has another patch, or a setting is identified which causes the whole thing. I've also tried turning off virus protection but it did nothing.
%%%%, same thing happens to me. Usually it takes me out to homescreen 2 times in the same game, it was only one when it started. The first one nearly after spawning and the other one lvl 1-2 or so. It just messes your preasure those first 2 lvls which can be so deciding on what you are playing or who you are if you get taken out and you were in a bad spot its 100% first blood to the enemy. I dont remember a recent update on windows. Can you tell me if it was optional or a must to one? Ive seen your 2 day old post. I dont get why riot doesnt help...
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: Why make supp items more expensive?
: I feel like it needs to be toned down slightly by 15-20% less gold. I think getting 1050 gold for a shutdown is a tad over the top.
yh, idk what ammount should be but a bit of decrease would be on point
: But the results say otherwise... % of close games increased, % of hopeless games decreased, amount of snowball cases lowered, might not seem like it but this change has done exactly what it has set out to do. So it might seem like a double edged sword and it certainly can be if done at the wrong time, but this change has caused much more good than bad so far
where are those stats from? if its doing its job then fine. even tho it should be carefully looked out. because if you get ahead is because you did something good. but yh, the snowball that lately has been going on was too much tho
: The bounty system got increased recently... a lot of people where complaining about snowballing and games being decided too early, as the main anti snowball system shut down gold got increased to combat it...
thats right, but seems more like a double-edged sword than nothing else.
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Inaphyt (EUW)
: Mid is the only role i want to play.
i main mid but holy %%%%. your explanation for every role is just too superficial and inaccurate lmao
Inaphyt (EUW)
: which roles are the most popular?
i queue for mid and top. i hardly ever get top.
Zyzyx (EUW)
: It's possible. Matchmaking only uses MMR, leagues don't matter.
oh ok, since you cant duo plat and silver i thought matchmaking was the same, thanks
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: 14 day suspension after recieving insults and deciding to feed.
hope that after this you start playing draft or ranked. since this started in champ select you could have dodged. either way, well done inting, if they deserve they deserve.
Smerk (EUW)
: It will work even better than you thought next season, you will be given hidden rank after 1 game and you will not fall below it even if you'll lose next 9 games
wow that seems too much presented like this, ill give it a look and see it in detail in case its already shown fully
graabbuu (EUW)
: placements
oh ok, fair enough then, thankx thats not what i mean arnoter, i did 3 placements and won them, the forth game had an elo below the third game. And i thought that unless you lose you will keep playing in the same elo or higher. thanks tho
defarge7 (EUW)
: I agree with you but is it worth 1820 rp now? Compared to some new legendry skins, i think it is sad for vladimir players :( I think they should update the visuals not theme about that skin. That would keep it santimental too.
the magnificient twisted fate is even worse imo...
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: :) rly? :) go back bro where u was checking me :D check again cs and income rate ingame :) before u drop any comments :D :D :D :D
???? lmfao 4.3 cs x min as xerath, not even 5 x min...thats SO LOW...bronze 5 style, pathetic
de LAW (EUW)
: When are AFK'ers really getting punished?
we get 20min leavebuster which is annoying if you want to play 1+ games in a row
Snowbrand (EUW)
: What is actually the reason why many don't like the support role and how could it be fixed?
Because when you queueu mid-sup its seems like u queueing sup-mid...2 out of 10 games it could still be ok, 4-5 out of 10 no...
: Kassadin got a huge Item buff this patch, He is one of the god-assassins without doubt this patch.
i mean yh items give lots of mana but i dont really know how things are yet. But he already talking about 2+ items with "lots of mana" when he can ez dominate his early with ez, passive plus electrocute procs lvl 2-3 and so on
TTalonn (EUW)
: Why does riot hate assassins? especially full AD ones.
xd kassadin lots of mana? u can preassure him early so much??
: I don't know dude, it interrupts but not silences, my point was just to rename it to "interrupt". Nothing more, please catch the point. ^^ Because there was times when I didn't press flash or something else thinking I'm silenced when I'm just under interruption, that could have ended in me surviving a gank or igniting at the last second.
Oh the way i started it was bad. Its a silence on hit, that interrupts channeing abilities. When it hits, above enemy champs appears silence with a bar that is its timer but its so short. If it happens that u timed ur ability or summoner on that moment u wont be able to cast it. But if u spammed the button of that ability/summoner just near immediately u would get ur abilty/summoner off
: Kassadin's Q Null Sphere Silence?
Well it interrupts channeling abilities but everything has a duration, takes some time else it wouldnt exist. And in that exact moment when his q hits you u wont me able to use an ability but its window is so short, rarely happens...playing kassa against a kata once happened she couldnt q cuz she timed it when my q hit thats it, seemed like she canceled q but it just didnt went off, guess she spammed so her q was just delayed so little it almost was unnoticeable
Arzzo (EUW)
: If he was in zhonyas Electrocute wouldn't have popped, no, no zhonyas
lol? dont say, i know he might need some help. But e double q aa plus electrocute chunks some nice damage even without auto, plus being 2 lvls ahead means u prob have more items than him. At least 50% u took from ryze plus duskblade proc...dont over react it like this tho.
Arzzo (EUW)
: Tbh I don't get why so many people are whining about zed so much atm, he's in one of his weakest states he has ever been. For his 27 sec ult, he needs exactly those runes, lvl 16, needs to have done all the stacks on ultimate hat and additionally needs 3 - 4 items for the CDR, so yeah, considering he is trash in lategame anyway doesn't impact it too much of him having those things with the new patch. I mean just looking at the sheer facts, I experienced a game where I had 2 - 3 Items and did a full combo on a ryze, who had no armor at all. hit my E, double Q and an AA with duskblade prock and obviously Electrocute went off. I did like what, 2% of his healthbar? Considering I was even 2 lvl's higher than that ryze and he was 0/3 statwise while I was 5/1, seems pretty fair to me
> [{quoted}](name=Arzzo,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ePoLenXY,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-02-22T10:52:23.926+0000) > I mean just looking at the sheer facts, I experienced a game where I had 2 - 3 Items and did a full combo on a ryze, who had no armor at all. hit my E, double Q and an AA with duskblade prock and obviously Electrocute went off. I did like what, 2% of his healthbar? Considering I was even 2 lvl's higher than that ryze and he was 0/3 statwise while I was 5/1, seems pretty fair to me ????????????????????????????? was he in zhonyas when u "hit" that? cuz else this is might be bs
: You don't seem to understand what low priority queue is. It's only purpose is to incentivize you to not abandon games and it does exactly that and nothing more. There is no way for Riot to reliably tell why somebody quits a game and that's why the system is as strict and uncompromising as you experienced it. It's nothing personal. You can't really get mad over a system that obviously can't make compromises and clearly wasn't designed to make compromises. So all you need to do is not abandon games, or deal with the leaver buster.
what about they give u a week or whatever to burn those 5 games from leavebuster and you can choose when to be in low priority queue. And if you just dont play those 5 games as low priority queue u get 14 day ban if that repeats for a couple of times or whatever you get perma or whatever, superior punishment.
: Euw Silver going be a Gold looks for Premades ( Positive players ) :D
You gotta work on that average cs below 5xmin tho
carcaroff (EUW)
: Look at my last game: in this case, i have to lose full LPs?
They gonna tell you "just report them". You even "shamed" them so it might cost a warning before banning you from here...This is no place for jokes they strike you back whenever theres a minimal sign of just care
: Oh I don't disagree with you on the fact that if you get caught you lose a lot in the late game. What I mainly disagree with is that if one person dies with just how much you can lose. I've seen games 30 minutes in where one person gets caught and as a result the enemy team goes from a T1 to the Nexus. There is where I have the problem. It has been leaning towards that for a while but at some point last season it became an inevitability that that is how you will lose your game, not a decent team fight
Then i dont get what your problem is? I think its a fact and it is not bad that getting one team member caught late game has to be meaningful. In early game its so big too, just that you dont see it in the map as a couple of towers but you get that extra damage to solo kill laner or dominate them to keep getting a lead on cs/xp and extend that lead to other lanes but its still a huge impact in the game. Since there are all towers tho and map isnt open, you cant end game else you would. But as you make it seem, min 30 mark getting one member caught shouldnt be for any reason t1 to nexus without baron, not even inhib...You wave clear them and if they keep tanking towers that i dont think so, you can engage 4v5 on them. But if you team has wave clear smart thing to do would be push other towers or baron. Thus, get back to the game, a lil closer than before or even comeback with baron push after. I mean i just started playing one year ago and for me it has been always the same (last comment, was referring to every season tho). But how you expect the game to be? perma vision so ppl dont get caught and u can tf 5v5? i dont get it What do you thing the reason for this is? What kind of solution would you implement to change this?? Tell me cuz else i dont understand. And ofc i have lost / won games because ppl got caught and it can be frustring and at the same time kinda satisfaying to finally end that game. **uuh too much text**
SuppeLars (EUW)
: Iam not talking aboyt top lanes...i talk about top lane in general. Top lane is the most underperformng role atm and have least game impact Its not about the champs, its about thismeta..and top lane is the least played role atm and the role that have almost no impact in the game. Unsealed spellbook only works for some champs like riven and snowbally champs..
lol...a kled just did 1v9 in one of my games, he, ironically, was unstoppable. Me as twisted fate could do nothing against him, hes got a dash, tankiness and so much damage. He wasnt even that fed and i was like him in xp/gold terms. My team was useless and he deleted me faster than an assasin... tHIS IS A MESS, NOT JUST TOPLANE IS BAD...
SuppeLars (EUW)
: Funny how bronze players come here comment, that have no knowledge about the game and think everything its fine
lmfao you are silver, its the same
: Feelings on the current game state
BS, always been the same, you better not get caught late game or you gonna get demolished. When you are young pneumonia wont kill you but when you get old things are more impactful, lethal...even that you might die from it....things affectt different depending on the moment they happen, plus things change themselfs
: I have 20 wins over loses and yet i am still getting under par teams in my promo games. Its a %%%%ing joke.
Yh they low-key want to make you rank up slower...i was doing good with decent win rate and like magic suddently worst teams ive ever seen. I never complain about my teams but god damn this time it tilted me since was the same straight on for several games to lower my winrate and make me climb slower....ima climb anyway but this is just a pain in the ass they should remove. PLus the secondary role/autofill just in cmon lmfao, i dont even play my secondary role cuz i never get it but in promos every time...lmfao and ppl will call this "coincidence", "random" etc xd... bs
: Just be clear riot have been rigging promo's for a very long time. See if you rig promo's then people need to play more games to climb. So it just by magic I only ever get afk's in promo's.
same i never get second role nor autofill but when in promos i get second role/autofill at least once. Also an afk or troll and feeder in both promo games luckily still managed to get it
Shukr4n (EUW)
: i dont ban i neither downvoted you why pointing finger to me? hint: open your window or study books.
i wasnt refering to you but wasnt pointing my pinger to anyone?? lol dude i dont come to forum to attack people haha why would i do that hint: lol?? what response is that if its one
: I'm not gonna rely on myself to tell you this since I'm just not good enough but on dopa For the build he always take RoA first and go for zhonya/lichbane core items (his game go very rarely past the 3 items.) As for his gameplay he plays very safe in lane (almost no trades) and play very safe mid and late with a tendancy to split. I gave up on twisted fate to be honest but if you like him you should watch Dopa's stream (first link) and NEACE ( a master ranked player) has done 2 very good analyse of dopa :
Yh i watch dopa vods, if translated better. And i go his build and try to emulate how he plays. I focus on cs, not dying, objectives etc but the lvl of gameplay they have is so different here where we trash play thats why i posted this. Didnt know about neace tho, gonna look it up and luckly its not a review from the same vod midbeast has reviewed. Thank you
Shukr4n (EUW)
: better be pedantic to eventually be allowed to post a opinion instead of being temp banned from bvoard or thread removed due to boards RULES. eh? funny
Dunno why you banned me from forum again i wasnt insulting anyone here lol... eh? funny? lol... Because they are RULES it means they are right? Hint: Slavery
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Mada (EUW)
: I think what's most annoying about yasuo is that it doesn't really matter if he's good or not. Sure, a good yasuo can get some early kills at 10 minutes and win the game solo by 15 minutes. But a bad yasuo can just wait for passive gold for 20 minutes and win the game solo by 25 minutes.
> [{quoted}](name=Mada,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ZaAjK8z4,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-01-17T09:24:27.512+0000) > > I think what's most annoying about yasuo is that it doesn't really matter if he's good or not. > Sure, a good yasuo can get some early kills at 10 minutes and win the game solo by 15 minutes. > But a bad yasuo can just wait for passive gold for 20 minutes and win the game solo by 25 minutes. lmao when that happens is because uve been araming since early stages of the game so gold and xp is divided by 4-5 and uve gotten mid tower and drake but he has been in a side line pushing getting all the xp and gold for him, so then he is 2 levels above with 1 more item and you complain about his damage...
: Spells (most of them) have a windup time. Kata E has stated thing and will not be canceled if taunted in that windup time. So you probably got hit while in that phase and still e'ed
oh didn't know ty. so this is just normal and can happen then
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GLurch (EUW)
: Here is what they did: **Sub**consciously ruining the game Here is what you did: **Consciously** ruining the game See the difference?
Whilst i see your point, i've said to them in champ select (and i think it's pretty obvious too) that a lee sin sup is not really a thing. same as a leblanc with no thunderlord and gunblade, i think everyone knows that atm with no those she lacks dmg. so it is not that subconsciously.
: So, how does 6 times Tear of the Goddes on a support Lee Sin fit? Cause that's what OP is claiming his new build to try was.
wasnt on this acc the other one is banned from chat till tomorrow night i think. that build was on my fiora i think its quite good tho u can spam the shit outta abilities to poke and push. but hey was just a test since the team was kinda doing so, within 5 min after buying those the game ended
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