: How not to get banned from LoL: Stop playing.
its almost true, but that game has always been fun for me, no matter what happened. i would just like to play games. where you can lose or win. idc i just wanna get fun in games, ofcorse i will tryhard but i cannot win everything
: and what about the 5 players in the other team? their game was ruined as well due to you and your teams actions. deleted message further down was the same. just wrong reply. sorry for that.
i don't think there game was ruined XD, they had a fun game. would say they played well like a real team, there rotating was great, you see those things only in a game where you all have fun and try hard
: But that's the thing. If you report them and move on, typically they will get punished for breaking the rules... The same way you did when you broke the rules. Again, it doesn't matter who started it. There is more than just you and the person you're arguing with in the game. You forfeit the right to complain about someone ruining your game the minute you start to ruin it for everyone else out of spite, sorry.
but i wanna say it there, it was not just 1 guy that ruined my game, it was literally the whole team that was flaming me for nothing, they all ruined my game why am i not allowed to do the same, it's almost like if you're going to play Yasuo you will get banned.
: Then at that point you're on your last warning. It says this on your 14-day ban notification. Breaking the rules past that point, even mild toxicity, (including AFKing) can trigger a perma-ban.
but can riot show me a list that are words that are not allowed, cause afk can mean many things and saying the word (AFK) shouldn't be punishable its a word that says away from keyboard its not like you're flaming you're team. i'm sorry if im wrong here but i just wanna know what the reason is that 1 word that is not a toxic word gets a punishment
: Because what about the other peoples games you're now ruining? An eye for an eye is not an effective justice system - hence why that sort of punishment system stopped a long time ago.
idk i would say punish the people who trigger those things, not the fictems that just dont wanna play a game thats where they get flamed in
: Help me understand exactly what you think AFKing or being toxic back to anyone you come across in-game that displays toxicity is helping the problem? Your logic here is extremely counter productive. Again, it's also ruining the game for EVERYONE else involved. Not just their team. I don' particularly enjoy playing games that are 5v4 or where someone is refusing to play, regardless of which side of it I'm on. >I still don't like that. A person can have 4000 good game and be positive as %%%%, but when he snaps a few times, he gets permabanned. It is counterproductive to permaban somebody, who already spent a huge amount of time and money on this game and this account and not even give him a chance to defend his case. Except that's not how it works at all. You need to snap more than a "few times" unless you're using EXTREME toxicity or homophobia/racism/etc. Infact, the IFS even gives people who play honourably regularly a few "freebies", provided the offence isn't severe, because it's not common enough behaviour that it's a problem for it. Otherwise you get 3 chances before a perma. And you can even reset your punishment scale back to zero if you keep behaving honourably. It's not as simple to get a perma ban as you're indicating, unless you ignore your warnings and continue to behave poorly.
if i may answer, the game should be fun for everyone? but if the people that ruin my game, why am i not allowed to ruin there game? but it's not that i did something against them. i just I'm going afk just to let the people know i won't play anymore cause my team is flaming me.
: Could you clarify if you've had chat restrictions in the past? If so, then this is the next step after those. Anyway, you received a punishment for what you said back to these people. It doesn't matter who started it, you still got involved and participated. On top of threatening to leave the game - which is not fair. This ruins the game experience for EVERYONE - not just the person you're trying to spite here. ------ It doesn't matter if someone is flaming you, or not playing well or whatever. It doesn't give you the go ahead to act in the same way. It just adds one more person flaming to the situation and doesn't help anyone. In future it's better to mute and report these people and move on. That way, you don't break the rules, and if it's a common behaviour they're displaying, the IFS will catch up with them soon :).
yes i had a chatrestriction even a 14 days ban
: >Sorry, but we are going a little too far here. He clearly didn't deserve it from this chat log. I would like to point out that neither of us has the full information here, hence why I requested more. If this player has received chat restrictions, and a 14-day ban already within a recent enough time period, the above logs is plenty to escalate to a perma. > Also would you like to play with 4 other people that are constantly flaming you? Because neither of us actually know if it's all 4 players. Only Riot and the people involved know. The rest is hearsay, which is why when we go through these posts we disregard what other people have said. Because their behaviour is their behaviour and your own is your own. >I would go afk as well. It isn't worth to sit there and listen to people that A) Don't deserve to win. B) Are toxic. C) Hate you. D) Don't care about winning. And if that's how you choose to approach that situation, I can't stop you. However, you can't actively pursue that solution knowing it's against the rules, and then complain when you get punished for doing it/using it as a threat.
defiantly, I had all the 3 warnings before. that's why I didn't wanna get toxic. from that moment I said to the enemy team, that I would go afk cause my team is flaming me, and maybe should not have said it but I just hoped the enemy team would understand it.
: Also it says Game1 so i assume there is a 2nd log that's worse but you don't want to show it?
im srry this is the only log, i can send a screenshot if you wanna see it
: It's more because of the "I'm afk" part.
i thought the same, but what else. i have tried to mute them once they go and ping me all the time. and then i mute there pings, they will go and troll me in a a way so i die and they will dance
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