: I can't belive it.
Feels good ha! I got somebody a perma ban because he told me to kill myself and hang myself ;-; I was pretty pissed. But when I got a msg similar to yours I felt so happy xD
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: How to find a main champion?
Maining a champion is kinda hard. Not in anyway is it hard to play one champion, but to actually just fully have focus on one champion! I play a variety of champions, but if you want to main one to play them in ranked I would recommend to choose three of the champions you mostly enjoy, and then take one who you enjoy the most out of them. If the champion is banned, taken or you get another lane just take one of the other two! Yes it may be boring to play three champions, but you could change that roaster every day or week! You decide :D Anyways I know I have posted this 12 months after it was posted and I hope that I kinda did help :3 Good luck & Have fun! ^^
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