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Ökami (EUNE)
: Tomorrow.
Aah ty! im looking forward to it! lets play some urf {{champion:222}}
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: i actually have no idea, but its on PBE right now. if you're level 3 honor or above, you can get your PBE account in an instant, but you still have to download the PBE client :P
I just lost my whole honor level xd. But ty for the information and hopefully it is here this weekend!
: no, actually. nexus blitz is coming for a second round with even more events and more rewards! one of the events being literally urf with 95% cooldown reduction. basically a battle royale of squads, but each member has 3 lives.
Wow that sounds friggin awesome! do you think the gamemode starts at 1 december? {{champion:222}}
: Is URF comming in December 2018
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gta v beasts

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