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Arachnes (EUW)
: Wukong does not need a rework at all. He is pretty damn viable and your changes make him OP as hell. That means he needs a lot of tweaking to actually be balanced with the stuff you are giving him. Especially the %hp on Q. He is already quite good at handling tanks and that would make him a tank and carry burster. fun af (not)
I see you know what you are talking about. Why do you assume this new Version would take the same numbers as the old Wukong ?
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: Well it was more just me compiling everything that riot has told us so far as info for the diver update has been turning up for a while now. Like I said I have no connection to riot nor do I pretend to, this is just everything we've been told which might be out dated now.
Kkk, i called out Meddler on the OG Thread I posted 2 Months ago, hopefully he will get us some Intel .
: So what we know... Divers are the next highest priority for updates tied with vanguards so either one of them will be the one that will be done for the mid season 7 slot. As for why they are so high it's the same as adc and assassins, a lot of the divers are very similar in what they do (jump in, kill something, try not to die, either die anyway or everyone else dies)... not to mention they don't have much of an itemization unique to them so they end up using tank or juggernaut items which can cause some issues. As for who will be update we don't really know... aatrox is a definite as riot have said that aatrox is a perfect target for that size of update. Besides that maybe irelia depending on if riot decide to do that or go bigger, xin and jax have popped up a couple of times as well but unsure on them. And as with all of the updates, the itemization will be touched, as will most of the champions in the class As for the potentials, this was the last list of diving fighters we received, might be out dated now but still a good reference point Vi Xin Zhao Nocturne Pantheon Jarvan Wukong Warwick Renekton Elise Hecarim Lee Sin Irelia Aatrox Evelynn Diana... I think eve got moved to the assassins but the rest seem accurate. This was everything we know, of course some might be outdated and its not as in depth as you where hoping for but it's a start at least.
You are not Red, but I guess you work at Riot since you say " what **we** know " amiright ? :D So far thanks for the Information so far. Will Champions like Renekton or Jarvan reworked to like a Tank kind of Champion or will they stay with their diving Style of Gameplay, since they were like a Tank Rip-Off
: vlad is drowning in a pool of blood xD
> [{quoted}](name=StalinAttack,realm=EUNE,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=ROdxc69f,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-09-20T17:17:38.197+0000) > > vlad is drowning in a pool of blood xD Bloodlord Vladimir is badass af.
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Inertià (EUW)
: it's litearlly easier to win 4v5 than 5v5 and with a guy that feeds on purpose, she didint want to be usefull and she wasnt just unskilled, she was blatantly trolling and feeding on purpose you cannot win with that, it was a matter of time before she went and fed the others on the enemy team and at 0-6 the enemy syndra let anivia kill her just to reset her bounty and karthus had roa at like min 8 or so.
Inertià (EUW)
: anivia god
Did you surr ? If yes shame on you. Only one guy was extremly fed while the Rest was garbage. Karthus scales really slow lol he only hit his 2 Items Spike right there. Your Team got such a good Lategame even as 0/20 Anivia she can somehow be usefull. Maybe you just lose because your Attitude keeps being whiny for every single Mistake :^)
Goofle (EUW)
: It's the only reason you can get perma'd for. You can buy accounts, eloboost, hack, script, etc. and never receive a single warning. At least that's Riot's definition of "justice". So yeah, just don't use chat and you're fine. But now that you received the ban you have hopefully realized how bad this game is and will never bother with it again :D
Let's ban those ppl who creates Toxicity through Chat because Players seems to be too dumb to use the Mute Button. Riot Logic.
: Oh well. Another person who can't abide by the rules and thus gets punished. Thank you Riot for "taking out the trash" {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Jeah better be a passive aggressive *** like you are :)
RoC Hulse (EUW)
: Permantly banned for chat abuse?
You were toxic yes but not permaban worthy. Riot did a Banwave last week where they manually checked Reports and Insta permabanned Accounts. Good thing they dont give a shit about Scripter and Hacker and prefer banning ppl you can just mute and you are good to go :) Or just give them a long ass Chatban. Currently ~25% of Korean Player were scripting last Month and they still do play to this day. There was even a guy who spotted and took Foto of high Diamond Players with Scripts open in Internet Caffees but Riot " couldn't " ban them cause the Pictures weren't " trustworthy " and could be manipulated. :)
Allisrem2 (EUW)
: U mean u stole the idea from TF2, it's like 20 years old. (At least it feels that old). But never seen in any moba, so ... Why not, new things are good things.
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Rytlσck (EUNE)
: Any good summoner names for support main?
thedaki1 (EUW)
: Siguran sam da ce biti animacije , ali jos je rano radititi na sitnim detaljima :D
: Would be nice if he got changed to either a figjhter, tank or assassin as he seems to be a mix of all 3 atm. The kit feels very sluggish and outdated so i hope he can get reworked eventually.
doesnt make this Nocturne to such a cool Champion since he is able to go so many viable Builds :) ?
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: I did report, but he added me 30 mins later gloating about the fact he hadn't been banned yet. But I hope it checks post lobby also ^^
toxic behavior wont result into instant ban. But he is closer to a chat restriction that you might think
: That if he doesn't get banned just because it wasn't in-game then the system is a joke.
you can still report him the system also checks post lobby afaik
: Just another day of ranked
so what you wanna showcase ? That there is one idiot Flamer in League. Knock knock, got News for you. He isnt the only one.
: Can we have ONE hot new female champ? Please?
How about you just get out of puberty and stop annoying us with those pointless requests ?
dZilla7 (EUW)
: 235k damage in 32 mins game!
its because when your ult dies it deals like 10k or even more true damage to itself.
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MonstaX (EUNE)
: -.- i kinda need a link since i am on my phone, i guess you dont need a signature :P
MonstaX (EUNE)
: Where can i find where they mention which immobile mages will get a rework?
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: What Support Is Mostly Worth Buying?

haha weed lol xd

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