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Infernape (EUW)
: Nope. You don't.
Just a guess or it was said by riot or something (if so link please) but ty for reacting
: Just a idea which will help the team gameplay with target screen
That's a good idea but we already have the R timers (the green circles) and maybe its just me but isn't it better for the team if you just ask the guy with a good skill (blitz/thresh etc.) what his cdr is so you can keep count. And you still have the ping cd if needed. anyways a good idea but don't know if they use it because its good but not something we miss. (still upvoted for you <3)
: cheats? bug abuse? or what the hell???
Every second Gangplank gets his coins, so he could have 0 minions and still has all ult upgrades on 25 minute mark. so 19 minutes is really slow for gp on a non SR-map ;P
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