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Eambo (EUW)
: It sounds like this is working as designed. As mentioned in the [/Remake FAQ]( > CAN MULTIPLE PLAYERS BE PUNISHED IN A SINGLE GAME, EVEN WHEN NOT PREMADE? > Yes - if there are more than one inactive players (premade or not) they will all receive the penalties for /remake. This includes players who decided to AFK while waiting for /remake to appear - it's highly advised you remain active even if you know or think a player is not going to connect, or you risk receiving the penalties also! As mentioned above you should remain active regardless of the situation - assuming a player won't return and AFKing results in the system seeing you, too, as an AFK (which you technically are if you are not playing). You should continue playing safely to the best of your ability until /remake triggers to avoid such punishments.
i can understand the system cant know if i was the real afk or i was just waiting for the remake, but you can, you can read the chat and see that khazix disconnected after he said he had a problem, i want the 5 games 20 min queue to be removed, i dont deserve it
Doomley (EUW)
: because you were afk. The system doesn't care about your reasons and why should it? afk is an afk.
So why my teammates didnt get punished?
Doomley (EUW)
: system notices that you are afking in the base. Is it really that hard to walk to your lane and last hit minions for 1 minute? You were afk in the base so ofc you get punished. Your case is somewhat understandable but there is another point of view, Imagine someone not connecting to the game at start so your team just all decide to afk in base, then suddenly that one guy reconnects after a while and you cant remake anymore but you were afk in the base and now your whole team is behind. AFK is never an allowed thing. What if taht guy in your game would have come back after 89 seconds of dc? you would all be punished except him.
Khazix said us that he was not coming back and we ALL 4 remained in base for 3 minutes. Why should i get punished?
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: No i do everyone wants URF back for a time and if you like the mode then sure ask for it..... But would u rather a mode that is fun and free of bugs or a Mode that is fun but so full of bugs riot disable it after a few hours
ok u absolutely didnt read the post XD
: lel All these URF posts you do relise since the last URF there has been at least 3 new champs, the Mastery system has been fully reworked and there are new items in game so riot probs dont want to have URF till they make sure its working (dont want thunderlords on a 1 sec cd)
i think u didnt get the post
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Derifrest (EUNE)
: You can earn 1 chest only after 7 days and 1 champion - 1 chest per season. However you can always use RP to buy them.
: a friendly reminder: you can earn 1 chest per week and 1 chest per champion
a friendly reminder : i got 3 chests this week. seems like u are wrong. and keys are earned more often when you play with premades, before talk be sure to know a bit of the stuff
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Skere (EUW)
: LF plat+ players to farm hextech
me2 mate {{champion:432}}
: Searching for DUOQ Support! (Platinum 3+)(Adc main)

hi i am umu

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