: Mission rewards
Same. Missions are not working.
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Viavarian (EUW)
: And Leaverbuster does not negotiate with afkers. Simple.
True. No problem. I understand now. I have to troll aswell so i don't get leaverbuster.
: These core-or-feed guys are disappointing. Just pick a mage support if you have to. Brand, Zyra, Malz (obvious), Xerath, Annie (less obvious)
I do not negotiate with trolls. Simple.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > I went base and sometimes i moved until they finish so i didn't get the leaverbuster. The thing is, i got leaverbuster anyway. LeaverBuster is designed to catch behaviour like this. You can throw out wards if you like, and you'll still be caught. If you're not actively participating in the game, you're essentially AFK. There's no difference here. If one player decides to break the rules, it doesn't give you the all clear to break the rules either. That one player you're talking about was disrupting the game for up to 9 other people, but you made sure that you helped him disrupt the game for the 8 other people as well.
I'll keep that in mind. Next time i will simply go mid aswell and suicide because that guy didn't receive neither leaverbuster or ban. Again, troll pays off. Always learning. Thanks man. Wait for me boys, +1 troll.
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: Slumber Party Points
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Dzyrt (EUNE)
: new season will be so bad again
**Stop crying. ** Give it some time so people realise they have to learn all roles. The problem is riot gave role selection on season 6 and now all kids think they don't have to play the roles they don't like. * Before season 6 it was chaos but i think people forgot. * Then in season 6 they made role selection available and actually it's pretty cool. Altough, due to all people want to be Faker mid queues took so long. * Now they have autofill activated and queues have never been better. I get Top 80% of the time, in season 6 even without autofill i only got top 60% of the time and jungle 40%. Queues are fast. In 100 games: 7 support 2 adc 2 mid ~10% of the games i get autofilled. By the way I don't leave when I get autofilled. Autofill is not the problem, crying kids are. **Stop crying.**
Helsmurf (EUW)
: Pantheon Rework
http://imgur.com/0KczL3Z _**Bakers from all over the world are with you.**_
: [Volunteer Christmas] Skin Raffle ! [CLOSED]
_Santa is Red Anivia is Blue I love Snowdown And I hope you love too._
: Sound is messed up
I have a Toshiba and it started happening too in the last couple of days. The Mac is not the problem.
LanguSAY3 (EUW)
: Need Help With A Build To Jayce
**Runes:** - 9x Attack Damage (Marks) - 9x Magic Resist (Glyphs) / 9x Cooldown Reduction (Depends on enemy team) - 9x Armor (Seals) - 3x Attack Damage **Masteries:** https://champion.gg/champion/Jayce Those are good. After master the champion you can change 4th Ferocity to Bountyhunter. **Spell Order:** https://champion.gg/champion/Jayce That one is good. You'll use it 95% of the time. If you want to take the tower faster go for w first but always alternate between Q and W. **Items:** _1._ {{item:3142}} and {{item:3071}} (Start 80% of the time with this) [Change only with Anti-AP Class] _2._ {{item:3072}} (For sustain) {{item:3147}} (For roaming/ you'll need it when you have bountyhunter) {{item:3036}} or {{item:3033}} (Facing enemy tanks and healers) {{item:3814}} or {{item:3156}} (AP damage based enemy team) (Anti-AP class) _3._ {{item:3026}} (Do it only as 4th, 5th or 6th Item/ Always good) These are the items you'll use mainly. Choose from the topic 2 as you wish. _Boots. _ {{item:3158}} (If you're using Magic Resist Glyphs) - You can almost use every kind of boots, depends on enemy team. Altough, i never used {{item:3117}}, but i see potential. - Usually your 2nd Item. May be 3rd if you're just farming in lane. _Alternative Items._ {{item:3042}} (Some people like to spam Q) [Great to poke] {{item:3053}} (If you need more tankyness) [Good against a team with an AD assassin that is fed and one shots you] {{champion:107}} {{item:3812}} (Better than {{item:3072}} for Jayce imo) [When you use MR glyphs and different boots from {{item:3158}} but you still want 40% CDR] _Example of a Standard Build Path._ {{item:3142}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3026}} {{item:2140}}
: Yes I will ban Camille in ranked. Every game. Stop raging.
If you're top laner like me don't ban her. No one on earth mastered her yet. Just wait, if they pick her go {{champion:122}} or {{champion:24}} or {{champion:114}} . Free LP.
: Itemsets?
http://www.reactiongifs.com/r/msty.gif We need it RIOT.
: This is what is ruining League of Legends...
I op.gg your name and you're not the best player. I think you shouldn't be playing ranked games in the first place you still have 0 experience. I bet you reached level 30 and almost right away went to try ranked games. (Most common mistake in league) Of course you're losing more than you're winning. You are playing against people better than you. I checked you again and you have 233 hours on league. Pretty low. **Also:** Where there's competitive play involved there's always rage, tilt, cursing............ We're humans. There will be good games and there will be bad games, both on your team and on the opposite team, but if you're better than your current elo your win percentage will be higher. You can't control what others do but you can change what you do. Focus on improving your gameplay and care less about what others are doing. In resume **JUST STOP CRYING**{{item:2050}} {{item:3070}} Here's a cookie. {{item:2052}}
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: Ranked is broken at lower elo's
**If you are not climbing tiers and divisions is your own fault.** **Don't blame the others.** _Started this season at B5(for some time i also tought the same way you do) climbed to S3. During the last 48h got back to S5 (my own fault), ofc my teams were NOT good, but i don't think anymore about why is this guy on my team and i think more about what can i do something to help him. After have 6 LP at S5 started climbing again (currently on promotion for S4)._ **In the end if you deserve it, you'll get it.** PS: I have more games than you and the times you get afk and troll are the same number as other teams get.
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: New team recruiting (bronze,silver) with coach. All roles are available
Age: 19 Country: Portugal Role: Top Rank: S3 Numbers of Champions: 53
: Illaoi E 3 tricky questions
Normal Ally Armor counts on vessel
: What happened to the spectator in the client
Asked the same thing yesterday. http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/cHT1kdrQ-spectator-mode
: Download baron replays and enjoy the games offered by the aplication. Riot doesn't seem to care about it anymore.
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