: ezreal = ranked ban?
the additional restrictions are probaly extended from the first ones(yes this can stil happen after u sit them out) u might have responded to them in game in a negative way(we understand this shoundt be punishable but its an automated system) u didnt get restricted for picking ezreal, if this were the case the champ woundt be available in the game, its impossible to get restricted for picking a champion.
chenjka (EUNE)
: Last time im playing lol lmao
dont come to cs:go, dont need ragers there.
: How much time have you spent on League?
: Anyone else just realised that Brutalizer is 1337 gold which spells "LEET"?
haha been that price for as long as i can remeber :P
: Account stolen then sold
u should get youre account back if u can prove ownership. the hacker wont be banned as he doesnt use his private league account(probaly not even any lol account). the one telling u to give him RP is on youre account so it wil be hard to bann him since banning him at this point would mean bann u. give the support ticket some time it can take a while for riot to process it and they probaly wil ask for information confirming ownership. this to keep in mind are retrieving receipts from rp purchases(if u made any) original registration email etc.
: It happened again..this community is slowly decaying
"but not because of me, we had bad teamfights / no one followed." u are teemo u have nothing to add to a teamfight. no one followed meaning u engaged teamfights as teemo? i can imagine why they think u trolled.
: Nah. She was far far away, so I couldn't have my passive on her. I will record it later but now I'm having some problems and I can't launch the replays. Even though, I don't think it works that way.
i dont know for sure if it counts as a seperate damage source or not but when working on an issue u need to exclude possiblities and find the source of the problem :) but double damage without passive is indeed weird and would make him overpowerd.
: THREE BUGS (Jungling item, Oracle Lens, Varus' Q)
for the varus one, did u have passive up on her? as proccing the passive could be seen as a diferent damage source then the Q meaning u procced the passive on the shield and then the q damage hit sivir after the shield went off.
Hoshik (EUNE)
: Spirit Visage
all heals mean also heals cast by sona or soraka for example, this is what it should be doing currently
: How does reporting for verbal abuse actually work?
normally people are reviewd by other players via the tribunal, however since the tribunal is not operationl there i an automated systerm with a list of words that are deemed toxic or abbusive. if u use the words in that list alot and u get reported for it chances are u wil get punished. if u get reported and u dont use those words then nothing will happen.
Söraka (EUNE)
: Yorick skin
hahaha that is awesome
xCillion (EUW)
: You left champion select based on a champion picked wich you didnt like. "Punishment" deserved. If we can leave just because we dont like a champion picked, or the stats of one of our teammates, without getting punished. Everyone would leave constantly.. No way that should be possible
yup, this used to be the case when all u would get is a time penalty, i remeber that as soon as some1 didnt pick a meta champion some1 would alt f4 on the team.
dzokata (EUNE)
: Free 400 RP ??
it is as much true as forwarding the microsoft email to 10 people and bill gates giving u 1 million euro's
Martex (EUW)
: Million CS in a 20 minute game.
360 no scope across the map
: Just Scrolling Down the Brazilian Forums...
mordekaiser wasnt good enough for them in urf so they didnt want the game mode. huehuehuehue
instinctt (EUNE)
: Delete Katarina
interupt ult, kat is useless in the teamfight.
: I think that's **exactly** what he means. Since "Matchmaking" is used to refer to trying to balance teams. The "Queue" is something that runs parallel, but can exist separately. It could be a good idea, very few people bother with Dominion (myself included), but for the hardcore fans. I wouldn't unlock it at level 30, though. That would make even **LESS** people play it, since low level players would never get to test it, and see whether they like it. I think a better idea, would be to have a "lower priority matchmaking", whereby it only splits people into pre/post 30.
it makes sense and i woundt object to it if it improves que's. personally i dont have that long wait time as i only play dominion every now and then when im with a group of friends of different skill levels. but it would defenitly benefit those who go into dominion alone.
anhad19 (EUW)
: i am a b2 player need some one to help me reach silver cause i am tired of afks and stuff like that
afkers, ragers, feeders etc. all keep on coming on all dificulty tiers.
: Changing Dominion. What is there to lose?
> [{quoted}](name=The Darkling,realm=EUNE,application-id=mmWRnfcc,discussion-id=xprmk0Z1,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-07-08T10:25:01.910+0000) > > So I have an idea. It has many flaws but right now nobody plays Dominion anyway. So the idea is that to take away match making. How about just throw to play a random 10 players and let them figure it out. no offense but i cant make out what youre idea is. remove matchmaking and just trow 10 players in. how are these players selected without matchmaking? or are u aiming at the first 10 people that que get trown together without regarding skill lvl?
: > [{quoted}](name=Humpelstilzche,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=lrjnEMUr,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-07-08T10:05:41.430+0000) > > As soon as you improved enough. obviously "improving" is kinda hard with a bot deciding if im doing good or not.
i agree thats why i said try to prevent anything that can be seen as toxic or bad behaviour. avoid cursing, raging, saying gg easy, report this and that etc.
: Are you sure you checked after the patch went out? They also didn't quite change the actual devourer, just added an upgrade to it
the change is that it doesnt stack infinitly anymore, base damage increase etc. so deff changes that can be seen from the tooltip.
rubydung (EUW)
: Devourer changes in patch 5.13
the patch isnt live yet. its stil 5.12
: > [{quoted}](name=xCillion,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=lrjnEMUr,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-07-08T08:51:30.914+0000) > > To clarify a few things, your previous CR ran out a month ago? And today you got a new one for 74 games? > > Well, your previous restrictions are a warning. Clearly shows your behaviour wasnt in line with the community standards. > > Since we dont have reform cards for CR yet (please Riot please x.X), it might get a bit difficult to find out why you got them again. > > Have you perhaps said things like "gg easy" or "report player x" etc? (basically things that you might not consider flaming or negative attitude yourself.) Yep, it ran out a month ago and I got a new one today. Well, I sometimes type things in that chat like "you guys make me sad..." when someone makes a totally stupid call and I ping him back 10000000000 times and yet he still goes in and throws the game. But I don't do that very often. I did really ask for a report yesterday, 2 times to clarify. One time our midlaner ragequitted the game cause he was 0-3 after 7 minutes, I asked in the allchat to report him for ragequit. 2nd time I asked in the endgame lobby to report someone for unskilled player (so his account gets checked, I'm like 100% sure this guys account was from ebay or atleast elo boosted), he went like 2-18-6 without intentionally feeding just by making really really really bad decisions. After I checked his match history it shows that this wasn't the only game he fed that super hard. Just wanted to take riot note of that, so I asked to report him for that. But fighting against Elo boosting is a crime? :s WP riot.
that isnt the perspective, since tribunal is down the autamated system checks ur chat history. since u didnt improve u got a new chat restriction. try to refraign from anything that can be perceaved as negative: - dont ask for reports - dont tell people what they did wrong in an angry way, try maybe next time u can do x better. - dont use naughty words, even if the context isnt bad: "i just got fked" it isnt a flame, toxic behavior or w/e but the autamated system sees u used a bad word. try to not use those kind of things during and after the restrictions for a good while and i think u should be in the clear. i could be wrong since we dont know how the automated system works exactly but i think its the best bet. good luck with the restrictions.
ZmajSale (EUNE)
: go put ur head in riot's ass
angry banned kid is angry
ZmajSale (EUNE)
: for riot!
raging cursing and flaming isnt the truth. i gues alot of people would have died irl if everything u said was the truth. and yes it has to be this severe or u woundt get the bann.
: Irelia's Bug
nerf irelia plz
: drophacked game
be sure to blurr the names, naming and shaming is forbidden on the forums. but i do hope they wil investigate after the ticket. gl with the case.
: Just got -3 lp
u wil lose lp based on leaving champ select(not youre fault but the system sees it as que dodging) u will lose more lp if this keeps happening. if u dodge a bunch of times while at 0 lp u can demote. advice: play normals til the servers are working properly again so u dont risk losing lp over dc's.
: Thresh - relic shield
read the tooltip again. relic shields execute only works with melee attacks and tresh has ranged attacks. for this reason alot of thresh players pick up flay as first skill for extra auta attack damage proc.
: I was playing world of warcraft mate for 2 years and a half, not even 1 disconnect issue while everything was live. you get that? No disconnects, what about live customer chat support? Yes you can chat with an employee straight away in 3 minutes, give out your ID and do whatever you want with your account. What about in-game GM chat ? I did report a bug from a quest which noted down in fixed bugs and a GM talked to me while i was playing in game ( a window poped up ), SOOO.. Not all companys are the same... Blizzard respect their customers.
that is the old blizzard. the past 2 years updates have caused huge server issues making playing impossible. customer support used to be 30 min max wait to talk to a gm but they removed that department so all u get now is an in game mail after 3 days. they degraded quite fast in the support section but stil keep up the monthly fee. but i agree in vanilla/tbc time the games support was the best ive ever seen.
: Lost my gold 4 thanks Roit
pro tip: dont play ranked during server problems.
: Seriously this "company" leaves you in the dark about everything.
> [{quoted}](name=Twizzle Kicks,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=LMM7ERAq,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-07-07T08:18:16.289+0000) > > . AND LET US KNOW IF IT'S BROKEN BEFOREHAND. they are busy working on a time machine to fulfill this demand so they dont have time for the servers.
boycott i heard this before. u wil probaly boycott while the servers are down and come crawling back when they are back up like 90% of the people complaigning on the forums atm.
: Support Ticket didn't helpd anything.....
u cannot fix this. u have been found guilty of using scripts, hacks, exploits or unauthorized third-party programs in League of Legends. these are all bannable offenses and are not reversable.
Ebola san (EUNE)
: How much do you pay to play WoW? 30 euros?? 40? How much? More? How many riot points did you purchace last time? 10 euros? 15? Don't compare a game with 40 euro monthly subscription for EVERY PLAYER to a company that offers a free to play game. Stop whining.
40 euro's a month they must have quadrupled the price since i quit then. and Wow has plenty of issues, especially during expansions or big contend updates when servers get flooded, they become unplayable for 1-2 weeks. so WoW servers are defenitly not better then riots dispite having to pay for them. in season 1-2 i remeber alot of issues with riots server as players base was growing at a rapid pace. past 2 years i havent had alot of issues only happend to me 2-3 times past year that games crashed.
Derifrest (EUNE)
: I just wonder who gives bans and sees progress if tribunal not working?
from what i read there is an autamated system running wich analises chat logs. if alot of offensive words are used punushment wil be given. if no offensive words are used the person wil be pardoned. this is only what i heard from other forum users though i dont have an riot statement confirming this.
Derifrest (EUNE)
: Oh wow then
ignore those kind and people, just press that mute button when they start flaming and the games become alot more fun.
PivotMan (EUNE)
: Bug Report with Rek'Sai
good find. situational but can be very anoying when it occurs.
: > [{quoted}](name=holydinges,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=A0OyE43m,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2015-06-30T08:07:51.691+0000) > > pick order is just something invented by the people who cant play multiple lanes. im first so im better and thus take this lane. > while if u get a proper game people call there preffered lanes out and u try to put most people in those lanes for the best results. > i dont mind passing mid lane for some1 in last pick if it helps the team and improves the chances of winning. > i do hate it when a guy doesnt communicate in champ select, then picks a lane that was called becouse he was above him in pick order, possibly dropping the guy he took the lane from into something he cant play well, when it could have been prevented. > > example: > > 1st pick calls top/jungle. > 2nd pick calls mid > 3rd calls adc > 4th doesnt say anythng > 5th calls top/support. and is a bad jungler > > 1st guy picks top > 2nd takes mid > 3rd takes adc > 4rd picks support. > 5th is fked as he coudve gone top but now is stuck in a lane that he cant play. > if 4rth pick communicated 1st coudve picked jungle and 5th coudve gone top. > this woudve resulted in every1 getting a lane they like. however becouse of the whole ermagawd i am above u in pick order the jungle gets messed up and then the 5th pick gets flmaed becouse thats how this game works. > > the whole pick order mentality is just a bronze/silver thing. > stop complaigning about pickorders and communicate with youre team. > u dont need to master all lanes, u need to have a little diversity 2, pref 3 lanes and then the odds of actually not getting one of the lanes u can play when people are communacative are small. you do realise that pick order is something riot made right? frankly your opinion of this (and i call it that because its wrong) is beyond flawed. im going to start with the lack of communication aspect of your rant. ranked is a place that is perfect for communication. remaining silent in ranked is bad. realizing you're not first pick and afking while 1st picks make bans is a bad idea! if you need to do something you have to duck out of pick/ban phase and come back for your own pick then you shouldn't have queued! communicate more! co-operation is key in a competitive environment and aggravating your team mates will only stop you from succeeding. Respect the the pick order. if two people want mid, it goes to the highest pick. the pick order is randomly determined. through communication you should be able to easily sort out lanes for everyone to be happy. that said afking because youre last pick, insta locking and adc champ when youre fill role is supposed to be jungle doesnt help anyone! cut it out. ive found more people whine about pick order who cannot play anymore than one role. the way you moan and condescendingly decided that pick order shouldnt apply to you, im guessing youre one of those people who gets last pick frequently and whines because he cant mid, top or adc. here is my advice. MAN UP AND DEAL WITH IT. ive played ranked games whereby i couldnt get the role i wanted, but i picked the role that was needed, play my part and did my best. we all have played roles we didnt want to whilst playing ranked. why should you or anyone else who hates pick order be any different from the other numerous players who abide the pick order? stop being a child and follow the rules like everyone else. you want to call mid because you got the chance to before everyone else? go play normal blind pick and stop wasting everyones time.
i am astonished when u said i was ranting, then proceded to take assumpions about my opinion told me to go back to normals and called me a kid. when did i say i dont ajust myself to anything? when did i say i only play a few roles? u got me just laughing behind my screen here at how u just trow ur own assumptions and take them as facts. if u read my post and ur own first few allinea's they say the exact same thing, funny how u get mad at me then say the same thing. secondly u say if 2 people call the same lane pickorder is a thing. again if u read my post u would have seen i disagreed as if people know more then 1 lane and communicate every1 should get a lane based on what they are good at and not what order they are randomly trown in. this requires communication and diversity(the 2 things u preach) yet u complaign. but hey stay ignorant and rage on.
: Didnt get my mystery champion?
they are still giving out the skinns/champions it wil come in due time.
: What mystery skin did you get?
nice! always love getting a legendary from mystery. i got leopard nidalee wich isnt bad but i dont think il ever use it.
Ravnir (EUNE)
: To tank or not to tank...
full tank/cdr teemo and spam mushrooms. evil itself
Stell (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=holydinges,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=szfE1gW9,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-07-03T08:29:00.033+0000) > > people who constandly report incorrectly(reported player is found innocent) will have there report not weighted as much. > lets say i report 3 people every game becouse im a rager and always blame others. > my reports are injust and the reported people wont get punished becouse they did nothing wrong. > next time i report some1 the system wil practicly ignore my report as i make alot of false reports. > > dont worry about the angry reporters as they dont get weighted heavily. > keep on smiling and keep on going :) I'm not scared of the reports and i've never even got a warning, that wasn't the point. I know how it works. What sickens me is the way some people think that reporting is a valid option to direct their anger, as if it helps somehow.
people will rage over things even less significant then a game or even get physical over small things. nothing u can change there. like i said keep smiling and just ignore the kids, dont let them drag u down with them.
Stell (EUNE)
: Always report at least one of your teammates
people who constandly report incorrectly(reported player is found innocent) will have there report not weighted as much. lets say i report 3 people every game becouse im a rager and always blame others. my reports are injust and the reported people wont get punished becouse they did nothing wrong. next time i report some1 the system wil practicly ignore my report as i make alot of false reports. dont worry about the angry reporters as they dont get weighted heavily. keep on smiling and keep on going :)
: Mystery Skin/Champ/Ward/Icon
with mystery champion if u need less then 10 u cannot do it. same applies to skinns and wards(maybe a different number but it still applies) u shoudnt be able to buy or get gifted a mystery ward. The player receiving a Mystery gift must have at least 10 eligible content options (doesn’t apply to icons and ward skins) source: http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/store/store-update/were-relaxing-gifting-restrictions
: it say that its not work
hampstar (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=holydinges,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=7EqEP62B,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-07-03T07:36:14.343+0000) > > as soon as u play a ranked game. else the -lp wil keep getting bigger. I don't think this is true because I left a game, played two games and then left again in queue and received -10 + the 30 mins cooldown
hmm they must have changed it then(i havent dodged in a few years)
hampstar (EUW)
: When does the ranked leave timer reset?
as soon as u play a ranked game. else the -lp wil keep getting bigger.
Erionnii (EUNE)
: [Closed] Champion 1july
did u link facebook to youre account atleast 24 hours before the 1st of july? if u did, have patience it wil come. if u didnt u wont get anything.
: Remove all sexualised skins
dam they are onto my strats for using pixelated boobies to win games.
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