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Smerk (EUW)
: Stuffed bear is container, when Annie uses ultimate she releases Tibbers from it, so it is logical that she keeps it while Tibbers runs free
A doll container that unleashes a gigantic doll patched up Tibbers.... uh... Why do you think Tibbers has patches in the first place? It's like when Hulk transforms, or werewolves, or anything else that grows inhumanly big within a few seconds. Annie is a mage therefore she uses magic to turn her toy into a monster. The Tibbers doll and Tibbers are usually seen together in the splash arts so that we can see how the doll and Tibbers will look in-game. Now THIS is logical.
: Annie ultimate (R) thematic change
I'm an Annie main so hear me out. Her ult is pretty much unexpected because Tibbers has no proper entrance. You're going up against Annie and then POOF he's there. Works well with her stun when saving allies. They could at least have made Tibbers go on all fours when E is used. Would bring more depth to her. Apparently in the next Annie rework Tibbers can breath fire. Sounds legit. If you are worried about this slight "error" then you should really check the surr@20 pbe to see her upcoming splash reworks. Looks like Annie is no more "The Dark Child" but rather "The Normal Child".{{summoner:3}}
Ăhri (EUNE)
: he said he won 35-40
such a short description so how was this info missed... {{summoner:13}} xD
SerpentHole (EUNE)
: I wanted to show off my tatto;
Bad symmetry and a big mistake once you get tired of him or find a new champ you like. But it looks legit tho. Nice way to Riot xD
Almighty (EUNE)
Goth Annie was perfect. I honestly don't mind the creepy smile but wtf happened to her sorrowing mascara ?? When I heard the goth annie splash was being renewed I expected Tibbers (the big version with the button eyes and teeth and stuffs) to be in it. I laughed at this splash because I thought it was pretty well done for a summoner trolling splash arts on photoshop. I still believe its just a joke. As for frostfire Annie.... The colors are vibrant and her smile is actually cute considering that event made all champs look happy (correct me if i'm wrong) BUT WHY MAKE HER LOOK SO FAKE!! I've seen better Frostfire Annie art than this. I'm not a fan of the Frostfire Annie splash however I love the in-game look. The change is a really sweet wallpaper for her but not for a splash. They should focus on the Prom Queen and Annie in Wonderland and Red Riding Annie splash. The Sweetheart Annie splash has the correct colors but it's not.. Annie. The smile can stay considering its a Valentines day skin but her hair and her strange sudden growth is disturbing. As for the Xin splash you posted... {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Strigina (EUNE)
: I wouldn't compare it to the restaurant, since you already have the permanent skin and now are stuck with something, you don't want anymore. In restaurant, you got what you wanted with your money. It's more like buying a season ticket to your favourite theater and then, they would suddenly change program to something completely different. It's natural that people would feel tricked and would rise their voices.
The correct version would be that you order a juicy burger because of how delicious it looks and instead they give you a dried-out tasteless burger. These splash arts would be the restaurants problem due to false advertisement, therefore leading to customers getting upset. Paying for something you wouldn't have bought if you had seen the final product first.
: And nobody complained when you missed all your grabs {{champion:53}}
We used to laugh when an ally misses their hook and had fun. Now if a hook is missed, the team blames you and you are reported. So unfair towards supp champs. The junglers have it worse unfortunately. Playing mid lane is also difficult like when you're alone mid and the enemy team pushes mid and they kill you and then the team flames and doesnt help and then mid lane is gone and well... REPORTED -_- luckily Riot has a system that bans accounts that report for minor things <3 {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Remian (EUNE)
: Ah, my first 15 levels. Multiple boots (not trolling, no), friendly people, duo top. Everything seems so unreal now.
i remember stacking my boots too xD I made a smurf acc to relive those days but i was constantly matched up with people flaming and everyone typing "top or feed" or "ks" or "noob team" uhgg but its a memory we can't forget. Everyone played for fun and made friends and now everyone plays serious and reports for childish reasons -_-
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: But remember, the most important tool, is respect... AH, GAYYY {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Respect shows maturity and understanding. You however, are the opposite. wp {{summoner:14}}
YourSh4dow (EUNE)
: Wait 10-12 days till Aurelion Sol releases then buy Darius since his price will go down :D :D
: Both are fun. If you go with Graves and get fed, you'll destroy their HP with 1-2 autos alongside his combo. If you go Malphite, you can do something ridiculous like TP to lane early and start spamming his sapplings into a bush to bait the enemy. Malphite is sometimes fun because of that. Not to mention that both work in the jungle. Graves even has some sweet clears.
You mean Maokai, right? Please use the pole so I can figure my choice out faster xD ty {{summoner:7}}
TTekkers (EUW)
: {{champion:59}} If you're after a jungler, this guy is solid, relatively straightforward and recently got a nice buff to his ulti. Maokai is a better top laner IMO but is also solid, safe & easy. I dunno about Graves to be honest, I haven't played him since rework.
For me it's all about the looks... thats my weakness. If my champ looks good, I play good. I don't like playing humans except for Annie Tryndamere and Graves. Annie (all skins) Tryndamere (Nightmare skin) and Graves (in general he looks awesome). It's stupid I know but I've always been this way {{summoner:3}}
: {{champion:57}} is being buffed to help a little the sales of his new skin. Whetever this will eventually leads to more nerfs in a month or so (that's the usual drill with maokai), is yet to be determined. Buy at your own risk.
The meowkai skin is what attracted my attention and the Meowkai icon. I enjoy champs that have an icon to match up to their look {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} (OCD)
szaic (EUW)
: The "I agree" prompt not to leave games is incredibly condescending after a game crash.
I usually play twist if my connection is 'okay'. I play rift when my connection is great. First create a custom and check your ping and fps before entering a pvp {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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Kalypsö (EUW)
: What's your main champion win ratio?
{{champion:1}} 82.1% with my Sweetheart Annie <3
Jooloow (EUNE)
: Is Mordekaiser Bot still good?
A friend of mine decided to play Mordy and the enemy team laughed at him and our team flamed him. He carried the match. We won. (Kuiwii is his name)
: Last thing Riven needs is a nerf tho.
: its funny how all these champs ''need a nerf'''
{{champion:1}} Since I'm an Annie main I agree with the damn Zed nerf -_- {{champion:238}} Lux ult and Ashe q too {{champion:99}} {{champion:22}} (Just my opinion ofc)
: Thank you Riot for letting me realise I'm an complete asshole
{{champion:1}} I used to have about **17 outta 20** games won in my match history and then flamed in a match and since then my ego dropped rapidly when it became about **9 outta 20**{{summoner:11}} . Had my comeback though{{summoner:4}} . Put a lil something in my chats and now its about a **12 outta 20** <3 I've stopped reporting noobs for feeding for I now have sympathy towards them{{summoner:21}} . I don't help them though... They either don't listen or they don't know how to type back xD Riot this is a gg system if it is what we think you're doing to us. If Riot isn't involved in this then................. Awkward.{{summoner:2}}


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