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Potterr (EUW)
: Building 5v5 Team [English]
Had a few adds but we're still looking for people. Feel free to message me.
: Gold+ Team looking for Mid, Jungle and Top to Form a New Team READ CAREFULLY :)
Summoner Name: IreliaCarriesYou Role: Mid/jungle Rank: Currently gold 1, peaked at dia 3 in season 3, dia 4 in season 5 and was plat last season. Oh and I'm british.
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: 5v5s Team LF Mid + Support [Plat 2+] [Serious]
IGN: iCReeZi - Charlie (I'm jon's housemate, taught him everything he knows) - 22 years old Current Elo: Diamond V Role: Mid Champion pool: Ahri, Azir, Twisted Fate, Orianna, Viktor Prior team experience: Previously been in 3 plat and 1 diamond team. Reason for joining team: Fun and Enjoyment ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IGN: Potterr (real name is Harry Potter) - 18 years old Current Elo: Diamond IV Role: Support Champion pool: Thresh, Alistar, Janna, Braum Prior team experience: Been in plat teams before. Reason for joining team: Looking for a challenge greater than solo queue. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Me and Harry have played together for quite some time now over multiple teams and we duo together all the time. We're both from the UK and want to commit to a serious and organised team.
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Mistrôy (EUW)
: Creating a dedicated 5V5 Ranked team.
Game name:The Plànk Real First name: Charlie Age: 22 Country: UK Your desired position: Adc Current Solo Q League: Plat 21 Previous Solo Q League(Optional): Peaked dia 3 in season 3 A bit about yourself and your reason in joining the team: I'm looking for a serious ranked 5s team who are pretty vocal and are happy to discuss and review games2
iCReeZi (EUW)
: UK Adc Main - Peaked Dia 3 - LF Team
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: SKP, Serious UK Team Looking For Jungler.
IGN: SUPA HOT FIYA Age: 22 Champions for jungle: Gragas, Jarvan, Lee, Vi, Sejuani Playstyle: I prefer to farm and countergank, aiming to have a bigger impact later in the game(similar playstyle to meteos). Strengths and Weaknesses: Mechanically sound, confident with a positive mentality. Can get carried away sometimes and make mistakes. Why do you want to join the team?: I'm looking for a serious UK team to play with and you guys seem to be what i'm looking for. Can you play at the aforementioned times?: Yes, get home at 6.30pm each day and stay on till 1-2am. Any additional Information?: Currently Plat 3, peaked at diamond promos this season and my peak elo is diamond 3 in season 3.
: LF Players for a new team (silver)
IGN: SUPA HOT FIYA Role(s): Mid s5 Rank: peaked at plat 1 - currently plat 3, was diamond 3 in S3. Preferred champions: Jayce, Zed, Orianna, Ahri, Urgot. Can you use Skype?: Yes(I have a ts3 server though). Preferred Playtime: 6.30pm - 2am UK TIME(GMT +1). My friend also wants to trial: IGN: alexthelion Role(s): Jungle s5 Rank: Silver 3 Preferred champions: Gragas, Nidalee, Vi. Can you use Skype?: Yes but we've got a ts Preferred Playtime: 7pm - Midnight.
: High Plat/Diamond team looking for a mid laner [UK]
First Name:Charlie Age: 22 Location: UK, Exeter Previous Team Experience: Plat 1 in ranked 5s playing mid lane. Main Champions (5) : Ahri, Ziggs, Cho'gath, Orianna, Twisted Fate Why should I be chosen? I beleive I fit your support/utility mid lane role, I've got a lot of ranked 5s experience under my belt. I peaked at diamond 3 in season 3 Plat 2 at the moment.
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Sabba C (EUW)
: Fresh Competitive Team Looking for Top Jungle Middle and ADC - High plat Must play everyday[REPOST]
I'm 22 years old from the UK, looking for something more strategic than solo queue. IGN: SUPA HOT FIYA OP.GG profile link: Current rank: Plat 4 - on a loss spree was plat 1 on thursday. Peaked at diamond 3 in season 3 Main role:Adc Champion pool: Lucian, Graves, Corki, Cait, Kalista, Ezreal Hours available to play each day: 4-5 on weekdays, all day on weekends
: LF Player for 5v5 ranked Team (Plat + )


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