: Unban me please
Tyler1 didn't got his old ACCs back, so don't justify using Tyler1's case.
: Yes they are, those are some of the most OP champs + some of them more than LB, they all got nerfed at the beggining of season 7 but LB got even more later which was not worthy
I'm a Zed OTP and I'm quite sure Zed is balanced and Riot didn't touch him since season 6. The most OP champs atm are Cho'Gath, Draven, Caitlyn, Lulu, Orianna and many others. Not a single of those champions you listed are overpowered atm. You may tell me that the items, on other hand, are overtuned. For example, Duskblade sinergizes extremly well with Zed, but it doesn't mean it's Zed's problem. It's itemazation problem, because atm everything that is AD works well with Duskblade. You're just a OTP LB that don't want to see your champ in a bad spot. You have to just admit that your champion out of those you listened can be the most cancerous and with the less counterplay. LB after rework would Q->W or W->Q or just land E and would take off almost half of your HP, wich is absurd. As a Zed, I would have to land my full combo on the enemy without my Q's go throught on minions to do the same amount. I agree with you that LB does need some work on her kit, because atm, late game she does nothing. But on other hand, her laning phase is beyong %%%%%%ed. There's no counterplay to your combo besides staying away and lose some CS.
: Why nerf only LB?
Not a single one of those champions are a problem. LB on other hand was a toxic champion and deserved to be nerfed, but I agree she's garbage on late game now.
Ellen Allie (EUNE)
: Suggestions for cheap and versatile champions in mid and top as secondary picks
Ahri. -Even tough has Skillshots, if you %%%% up you can always get out easy with your ultimate. -She has a nice laning phase and team fight presence too. -Riot refuse to nerf her, and atm has one of the best Win rate and highest pick rates. There's not a downside in playing that champion.
: These items are not too overpowered, its more the fact that the flat pen can help keep pace with the slow armour gains on character level, coupled with pen runes, high damage ults dont fall off, but actually scale hard. Duskblade isnt a huge problem, its just good (high AD and pen to keep up) once you are already winning with ghostblade. problem is ghost blade has a huge damage spike with the decent AD, but the Pen stats actually makes the spike more like 80 AD on auto attacks, but even more so on high base damage abilities. Optional rework for ghostblade; remove the caulfields and replace with recurve, adjust stats/price acordingly, reduce to 10pen, change active so its less of a boost to attack speed and gives a little AD to compensate. This way the item will be more effective for a general AD item for good all round stats for lane farming and trading, but the active will be more utilized by traditional ADC rather than the Caster ADC just using the base AD and Pen stats. Regarding Maw (not mentioned by iDarkWind, but still int he group), this is such a good value item for the AD vs AP scenario AD assassins or AD carries have this to proactive fight vs AP; AP champs get zhonyas, blow your cooldowns then stasis and hope team wins, though is not too much of a problem as less relative AD and Pen power spike. Though I think the real problem with the Korean meta is this: Black Cleaver multiple armour shred proc with Lucian/MF ults Ghost blade - great scaling with the pen on low ratio high base skills, lucians culling prime example as its so easy to use. Armour Pen stacking - once you go down this route and are ahead, it scales too well for low risk high reward skills vs squishies, namely ults vs the opposition mage supports and adcs. It turns the lane phase post 6 into a "we're winning the mid game phase because by the time you are back in lane, you might only get to farm one wave (if lucky) before we have ult back up".
Don't know man. You've to think that if you're going to nerf Youmuu's, you're going to nerf the AD Assasins wich I don't like too much. It may be because I'm sorta of Assasin Main champions, but I really don't want to see them getting nerfed because of ADC's abusing their items. And yeah basicly the GhostBlade + BC is quite strong on Lucian and MF because they can stack BC quite easy. MF Only with her ultimate can stack it easy and will do a insane amount of damage. Lucian can do the same with his ultimate, but the thing is he doesn't actually need. Q + AA is already 3 stacks because of his passive. Meanwhile Jhin, he builds ArmorPen, stilll get a insane amount of AD thanks to his passive in his late game, and his damage on his abilities will be ridiculous against Squishy Target. I remenber one game where I was so ahead, that basicly I took half of enemy Kayle HP just by using my W. It was disgusting.
: Nerf the "korean" AD items, and buff the standard ADC items.
Duskblade and GhostBlade Meele only. Done.
: Karma nerfs???
She isn't undersplayed. In fact, she was just too strong with her AoE Shield. If you had ever faced a Karma mid / support with some AP you would notice that. And she isn't a support. She is also played at mid lane with good sucess.
sandyxwg (EUW)
: Love the new Ranked restriction
What the hell did I just read.
: Fizz is op as hell..
Everything is overpowered when played wisely.
NieQuel (EUW)
: He is a great jungler as an objective controller, who can solo baron and take drags easily (dragons are very important now, right?). Good skillkit for stealing baron/drag and survive after that. Pretty decent ganks if he is good at landing his Q and E. While gank he can dive and tank the tower due to his passive. He can also counter some champons on top. Goog hybrid damage if you max E to poke. Awesome sustain due to W. This champion is a very good in good hands. One day I met aartrox-mainer in the game in our side, he just wrecked everything, ganked non-stop and snowballed very hard.
Give me a reason to Aaatrox and not Xin Zhao when jungling. Xin Zhao may not have a "wall jump" and his passive, but is way better at getting his targets and burst them. And also he has a quite good sustain. The ganks will be also better since he has a slow and a knock up that are all target. Wich means once the target is in range, unless he has a dash, he won't get off so easly. The damage of his E, ok it's fine, but has a long cooldown if I remenber correctly. The thing is: you saw in one game a Aatrox wrecking everything. It's a argument, but not very solid. But if that was the case, I would like to know his build.
accpromo (EUNE)
: Aatrox
I feel the same about Aatrox. He is nothing. If goes Tanky makes no damage. If he build damage is one shotted. If he builds both, he is weaker compared to other tanks that build only tanky items and still perform better. I just can't find a situation where picking Aatrox is viable.
Frostmane (EUW)
: Simple Equation: Power (Damage) should come at the COST of Mobility
What? That's the most deadbrain theory I've seen in the last few days. At least you made me laugh. Thanks.
: What is Zed's counterplay?
Play around his W. Without his W he won't have a gap closer. That's where you and your jungler should punish him. In terms of strenght of the champion, I would say he's one of the best 1vs1. Wich is obvious. Saying this, isn't that easy to play against him, unless you outplay him, wich can happen very often if the Zed is not experience. You can also pick counterpicks wich also works a lot. For example, Kayle or Lulu are a pain in the ass for the enemy Zed.
Almighty (EUNE)
IˆwˆI (EUW)
: A Zed mains view on the Quicksilver Sash/Mercurial changes as of patch 6.9.
You got it. It was already part of Zed in the late game be countered by those items, can't understand why they would change that. But that's not only what I'm afraid of. The problem will be nerfs. If they make Zed more reliable on ultimate, he still have counters, Zhonya's still exist and he'll be crap. In other way, if they don't, AD Carries are so done, unless they make a strong defensive build around him, wich will what they will probably do. I don't think they should have changed QSS. Now it's just to hard to make Zed viable and balance. He was ok before this patch, but now I feel he'll be so strong against ADC.
: Favourite Streamer ?
Nightblue3 and imaqtpie. I also liked to watch Gross_Gore ... feels bad man.
TimPrior (EUNE)
: YI
Just because you want it right? Funny.
Evoattack (EUW)
: Unable to participate in chest loot.
You flame, you break the laws, you get nothing. Simple as that. Your incentive? Stop flame and follow the rules and be eligible for the next rewards.
Adama (EUW)
: What did you get in your free hextech chest?
Guardian Of The Sands Kha'Zix BattleCast Ward
Agidyne (EUW)
: When some random guy trash talks your AD Azir build.
kauketsu (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=iDarkWind,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Jv5lHABN,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-02-17T19:35:23.521+0000) > > I think he's in good spot right now ... that would basicly "kill him". Just my opinion. > I don't think he is broken at all on this season. Still being a good pick but ... Yeah good spot that very mobile, very big burst and sustained dmg and yeah untargetable... which means no exhaust, hit R on carry = quaranteed kill
Yes it looks easy. If wasn't the fact that his ultimate is a skillshot that can be blocked by other champions. On paper sounds pretty OP but I would like to see you do that easy against a good ADC that actually knows how to position. I didn't say he isn't any of those things. What did you expected from an Assasin? At the same time he is pretty squishy.
: Fizz should still be hit by damage coming his way if they were targetted on him previous to E'ing
I think he's in good spot right now ... that would basicly "kill him". Just my opinion. I don't think he is broken at all on this season. Still being a good pick but ...
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: Talon already does that, before the item can even activate. So, there's not much gain for him, unless behind.
That's why I think it will be broken. He doesn't need that item to kill the enemy ADC, wich means he will be able to kill someone else. Imagine the situation where he kills the enemy ADC without nightfall, then he see the enemy mid laner and he will be able to kill him too. That's the point I trying to explain.
: I am genuinely worried about the new Assassin item
I don't like it. And I'm a Zed main. Most of you think about Zed when talking about this new item, but I'm thinking about how Talon will be. Talon has a huge burst already, even if your sweet ADC build QSS it won't save him from being one-shotted, meanwhile that QSS will remove the passive of the new item and also the Zed Ultimate. Imagine what will happen. Talon will be able to one shot the enemy AD carry and kill someone else because I'm sure he won't even need the mark to pop-up to one shot a squishy target.
Charibasa (EUW)
: Why can we cleanse Vlad's ult but not zed's?
Yes. If Zhonya's and QSS wouldn't be good enough, now people even want a summoner Spell to take out his ultimate! Brilliant idea! So amazing! Let's make him the most useless Assasin in the game! Yeah! /Ironic
: Why does Riot seem to prefer AD over AP
Oh yes. You want to mages be able to 1vs1 with Assasins, is that you're saying? I kinda agree with the fact that AD items are much better now, but if a god danm Assasin can't even 1vs1 a squishy target, what the heck is he supposed to do?
: Why do people like Zed so much?
It's fun to play? I dunno, but I really enjoy playing with him.
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: Which champion has highest skill cap? [POLL (with only 10 choices tho)]
I voted on Zed but I changed my mind, and it's obviously Azir at least for me. Now talking about some opinions, calling Zed Broken or something. He has an exelent laning phase, before the late game and if he is ahead he can do so much, but then what? If the enemy team get a Zhonya's or QSS? That's where you see how much skill Zed actually require. It's the different between good Zeds and not so good Zeds. I just wanted to say this. The same goes in my opinion for every single champion on this pool, but ok, community likes to think they're invencible and broken isntead of improve their gameplay and counterplay against them. But again, just my opinion.
Merry Christmas dudes. I will be spending my time with my family and have fun, by enjoying every litlle thing. In the next year ... I'll be focus on my studies. I really need to improve my grades in order to join the university I want (will be hard, but as always, never surrander). Merry christmas and happy new year for you. (I hope I didn't make any gross mistake, since english isn't my native language)
: If you could have one ability from League Of Legends...
{{champion:105}} E to avoid real life problems.
: Energy and cooldown reduction a painful combination.
Don't get me wrong, but as Zed Main I can say it shouldn't be changed. It's fine in my opinion, I love Zed, but I don't want him to become such OverPowered champion, he is fine in the way he is now. Energy Bar is fine. Know when you should go all in without running out of energy is also, in my opinion, skill of the player behind the champion. Obvious I'm not talking only about Zed, but also about other "Energy Bar Champions". I'm sorry about my english btw, I'm not a fluent speaker, but I hope you got what I'm trying to say: Using well your skills without spamming and ran out of energy it's also skill. I would love to say in other words, but my lack of english ... danm.
: because I honestly think he doesnt deserve the fame, you can clearly tell he does it for money, the guy has no charisma for this situation to be honest with you,idk i dont really see him liking what he does and he over-reacts on purpose but we know its cringey
That's how you see him, I can accept that, I just didn't understand why made a topic about him. Isn't that too much? I'm not against what you say, it's your opinion like I said before.
: Anyone here think the youtuber "brofresco" is cringe?
I'm not trying to be rude or fan-boy. I like him, but I don't follow him at all, since my favourite youtuber is Redmercy, but what I'm going to ask is: Why you just don't close the web page and let him do what he likes? I mean seriously, I don't know what you really have against him at the point you made a topic about it in LoL's Forum. If you don't like him, just don't watch. That's all. And once again, I say that I'm not trying to be rude, but that's my opinion.
BANGshott (EUW)
: That would be cool if riot names these 3 reworks The Unforgiven
But isn't Yasuo already the Unforgiven?
: Family always watching videos
If I'm not in mistake, I think there are some programms that allow you to choose "how much internet" you want to let "other people" use. I've never use such programm, but I really think it exists. Search a bit and try that.
: The behavioural magic of Riven
Just don't. Be Riven main doesn't make you a toxic player. I'll never in my life hate people that play with Riven just because I hate that champion, never ever. And also I'll never say "Such Riven main" when I see a Riven flamming. Champions don't make people became assholes. That's all. And I must apolagize if there's any kind of grammer mistake, since I'm not very good in writting in english.
: Zed's Mechanics Nerf
You really got some good points. I agreed in everything. I'm not complaining with the fact they retire the Q + W "new technique" but with the fact that Riven can have the Animation cancel and other things while Zed can't have a new mechanic. That isn't fair at all, since the Q + W wasn't even that OP compared to Riven's Animation cancel.
Tenra (EUW)
: The "noobchamp" paradox
You know, there must be some "especial" reason for you be better than them. Instead of saying: "You're better than me", they love to blame the champion (because they're not Diamonds always because of their teams right?). That's all. And calling Yasuo noob champ, oh well. I would like to see these guys play with him. Yasuo has so many counters, and in my opinion only a feed Yasuo can be annoying.
Zorsus (EUNE)
: The Academy Of Jarvan
That ending ... wasn't expecting hmm ...... Darius became father with 1 year or 2 years old? Danm. Only master Darius could do that.
And also make them learn to use their Flash, lol. Or atleast don't take it.
: Riven is okay to me. She looks OP, but she's just a little glass cannon. Zed however? Never liked bursty midlaners that rely on flash spam. Must be why I despise Ezreal mid mains so much after this update. All bursty and cheap, not bringing in any effort to be original.
If you're saying that Zed is Broken and Riven is balanced ... Well, I can't help you.
: It's not primarily aimed to piss zed mains off. You're just seeing it that way and immediately calling it toxic. There's a ton of useless QQ and _real_ toxic threads made on a regular basis that don't even deserve to be a thread in the first place. From the looks of it, you're trying to turn this one like those as well since OP just replied to you and you're shrugging it off. OP opened this thread in a way that doesn't trashtalk Zed players, and genuinely said that he's having fun. This thread at least serves a purpose other than QQ general. Just don't get tumblr triggered just because of a post; Zed will be back soon.
It depends how do you understand what he is saying. For you is that, for me is like more: I'm happy that they disabled your main champ that is so OP and annoying as hell. Hope they disable forever. That's what I see. Can be wrong, but also can be right. And don't say that this isn't a pointless thread, just don't. He couldn't have intencion to be offensive to Zed Players, altought this thread is pretty pointless. In fact, I can't see another reason than piss Zed mains off with this Thread. It's your opinion, alright nothing against you, but I felt a lot of irony / offensive comments from this thread.
: > [{quoted}](name=iDarkWind,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JNMWaYUm,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2015-07-15T12:46:48.028+0000) > > And then, people say that the Zed mains are the toxic players, while people like you start disccusions like this. > Kinda sad, I have to say. Oh wow, so toxic thread indeed. Maybe i should have opened instead a thread whining about Sated Devourer or Riven or Tanks or whoever other things we got already threads in spades about it, or maybe a nice thread where i call RioT greedy @astards cause i was restricted but obviously i'm not a flamer or because the price of RP was raised or because the matchmaking does not match me with enemies who goes AFK or whetever other "important" topic. Those are the REAL threads everyone wanna read, obviously.
I didn't even understand what you were trying to say, but I can tell you why this is sad: You made a useless thread only for piss the zed mains off. Not for improvement or anything else. That's all. There's no justification for what you did here.
: Zed still disabled! This is just...
And then, people say that the Zed mains are the toxic players, while people like you start disccusions like this. Kinda sad, I have to say.
: nice that it's getting fixed, i just hope they fix the fucking W+Q bug already.
Yeah. That bug is so annoying. Imagine if you're about to kill someone and that happens ...
: Could we keep Zed disabled... forever?
For who don't know why he was disabled: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jQ8luiX7Ow By the way, I hope you're joking. Since the nerf of one second on his ulti, he no longer can use his ultimate and immediatly back to the R shadow. There are champions that are way stronger than him. And I don't understand why some guys complain so much about him when Zhonya's and QSS praticly cancel his ultimate. Sorry for my bad english, I had to say this as a Zed Main. He is strong, yes, but also has a lot of weak points and can be beat. And also he has a Energy Bar, wich means if he use his full Combo, he won't be able for do something for the next 5 seconds maybe or a bit less. PS: It's just my opinion guys. And I don't say this because he is my main, attention ...
DusanN00 (EUNE)
: What champion you got on mistery
{{champion:41}} I'm so bad with him o_o
: what champions are youre parents
{{champion:238}} and {{champion:67}} Vayne - The night hunter ... My mother is never in home at night. :(
: just repaired and it didnt help so idk i think its on new patch hope they fix it soon cause rankeds are unplayable atm. There is full forum with posts on this issue hope some1 will do something about it and wont let it stay like this till next patch.
Well, thanks for the information. Must be a bug from the new patch, so all we can do is wait until they fix this. I hope they do it soon as possible.
Natromitus (EUNE)
: Zed spells = FPS drops?
I have the same problem ... maybe it's a bug of the new patch? I'll try to repair the client and see if that works.


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