Big Tick (EUW)
: They dind't change the hitbox or anything, they mainly changed the visuals only, I believe.
Trust me dude, wait until you see him in game or play him yourself
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: /Remake doesn't work and it cost me the last game of my series to get gold. Nice bug.
If i was playing League from 8 hours ago i would've gotten Plat, if that had happened like an hour before q's went down i would've felt sorry.. Sucks but you could have climbed back
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Vailikki (EUNE)
: I think Riot is trying to sell me some project skins
I got 30% Hired Gun Lucian 40% Vindicator Vayne 50% Project Zed 60% Pool Party Lee Sin 60% Frosted Ezreal 70% High Noon Jhin i think i win c: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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kiwishrew (EUW)
: Just type "purple led keyboard" into amazon and there will be a bunch of results. These can be purple blue or red, and come with a mouse.
all the one's i found had ugly designs but couldn't find that one, thanks
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House x33 (EUW)
: You can easily earn alot of essence by playing alot.. i had 1k blue essence before i started to buy hextech chests
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: Psychologically this is called "Cognitive Dissonance Theory". Example: I expect to win this game, but i don't. --> What i experience is inconsistent to what i expect. My brain now tries to find a way to explain the situation. To make the inconsistence disappear. Its the nature of "the nature" to look for the path of least resistance. Accepting that it's yourself who is screwing up (getting outfarmed, getting outplayed, don't secure the dragon/baron fight and instead just giving the enemy jung the opportunity to smite) is much more energy intensive as to blame someone else. Because if you blame yourself, you would need to start to work on it to not happen again. Also you would have to say to yourself that you are not the great dude you think you are. That's hard on some peoples mindes. If you can blame it on somebody else, you have only to come up with this explanation why your game is bad. Its very energy efficient. And the inconsistency in my mind is resolved. That's why those people are blaming the jungler. He's the guy who is moving around the map. Ashe can't blame Toplane, because he's on the other side of the map. But the jungler, he should show up of course. Malphite can't blame Botlane, because they are on the other side of the map. But the jungler, he should show up of course. The thinking that the jungler has an aboslute obligation to show up on your lane is part of the dissonance. They *expect* him to show up. (Instead of realizing that his ganks are *the bonus* you get from playing good yourself.)
The best explanation ever{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Banning Jhin every think that way you learn?
Quite ignorant. Have you heard of the term "on paper". Jhin "on paper" is an absolutely justifiable reason to make a ban, it just means the banner doesn't want to deal with Jhin in "application", But... Obviously the determinant of his performance falls upon the player. So when you say "**You have no concept of how strong or weak he is. You can't. Oh yes of course, I forgot...brofresco or some other youtuber gave you a highlight-video**" Noooooo. We know exactly how strong he is as we have access to his kit and can read. Currently, i don't think he's ban worthy though i will say that.
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Fajerk (EUW)
: [Information thread]( I quoted post on EXACTLY SAME THREAD here on EUW that NA has, not to mention the post is exactly same you did quote. Beside NA is developing this new system so I would expect them to have information first hand too. I see no point in what did you say.
Ahhh i see, the thread isn't stickied on here and i wasnt active 3 days ago so i couldn't have seen it. My bad.
Fajerk (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot tmx,realm=EUW,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=10wde8H7,comment-id=0088,timestamp=2016-01-23T08:56:11.200+0000) > > Hey everyone, > > Based on learnings from yesterday’s failed test in Vietnam, we’ve been improving our internal load test. This will allow us to better vet fixes before shipping them to live. We plan on internally testing the queue over the next two days, which unfortunately means you shouldn’t expect Dynamic Ranked or new champ select in Normal Draft this weekend. If tests perform well, we will look to roll out to one affected region (to be decided) on Monday. If that is stable and successful, we will roll out to all affected regions until service is fully restored. What exactly is not updated?
*Doesn't read entire thread* *Doesn't realise thread on NA isn't on EUW boards* The part you've quoted is a rhetorical, it's obvious they're testing/fixing My point about us not being updated is the only piece of information we've been given is the service update saying dynamics gone offline, we didn't get given a thread about it explaining things and the fact they're showing favouritism by most likely having dynamic go live again on NA before EUW even gets a taste of it
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: a few words for those who have problem with their new rank...
MadClown (EUNE)
: Where did you end up during preseason?
pre season i was in Gold 4 promos
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: Lets Talk Rengar
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ClickShot (EUW)
: Major in-game lag - ping fine and FPS fine. Affecting all players in game
I'm experiencing the same thing, i made a thread about it and i get downvoted just for trying to figure out whats going, this community is retarded. It's most likely your ISP, who are you with? Im with Virgin Media and im having these problems
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Knawed (EUW)
: "Main mastery" in loading screen
Why is that necessary when you could just wait about 30 seconds in loading screen and press tab to see what they're using.
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: Can u take a pic of ur desktop then show me? Maybe then I can help u better Was a computer technician assistant for about 5 or so years but I do have a lot of experience in fixing computer hardware and software
Rolled back When rolled back this occupies my GPU driver installed Monitor name changes to CVTE from default monitor Dont know if you'll be able to see a difference
: I really see no difference try to snip shot the desktop instead Im sure if you search in your search bar "snipping tool" you will find it This is better than the camera coz it provides the image as it is
ok but you'll have to wait. I'll need to roll back the drivers and then install again and im currently in a game. Is this ok
: Can u take a pic of ur desktop then show me? Maybe then I can help u better Was a computer technician assistant for about 5 or so years but I do have a lot of experience in fixing computer hardware and software
If i roll back the driver = i cant play league because i lack the driver BUT my display will look beautiful if i keep the driver = i can play league perfect but everytime i log in to my PC i have to look at the disappointing and ugly display
meowsuo (EUW)
: I can recommend the program NVIDIA GeForce Experience. Makes keeping your GPU driver up to date easier but also adds some stuff you might not be totally interested in like streaming stuff and such. But it's not like your new PC shouldn't be able to take it, right :D. Your Desktop looks awful but League in-game it's totally fine? Sounds weird. Maybe the graphics driver installation got f*ed up. Try to reinstall them if it's really odd like you say it is. I feel like i just can give you these kinda standard solutions right now. Don't really know about some other things you can try, except maybe checking the graphics settings of your Desktop. Well, i tried to help you as good as possible and i hope you find the right solution or find someone who can help you better than i did. {{champion:157}} meow
I have GeForce but the problem still remains, i've dowloaded this driver 4 times i just cant stand looking at this ugly display, thanks anyway
: Can u take a pic of ur desktop then show me? Maybe then I can help u better Was a computer technician assistant for about 5 or so years but I do have a lot of experience in fixing computer hardware and software This is before the driver update. I know it doesn't look that clear but trust me it's clear as day in person. AFTER driver update, fuzzy, off screen just ugly and annoying to look at. There isn't much of a difference because my camera cant focus on a screen that well.
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: Champion Select in a Nutshell
That was fucking brilliant
Agidyne (EUW)
: P.L.A.T.I.N.U.M
romeowth (EUW)
: UK - Good laptop for league?
If you're going to spend that much you may as well build your own PC, with good specs for much cheaper.
iFroHawk (EUW)
: Riot worrying me with the season rewards :c
I only made a post as i've seen people with new borders, although i've come to realise that these borders are last seasons rewards but just visually updated for preseason
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Sayainji (EUW)
: What if.. division skin
Love it, remove silver and bronze, agreed with Slade Ninja.
: i just got bullied for playing badly
Oh dear... Someone bad mouthed you on a video game and it made you upset.. really, grow up dude. And to the people saying report for flame; what's holding the other team to report this guy for feeding etc. No one gets anywhere. Accept you had a bad game/apologise/mute and move on. I find being flamed funny tbh
Nukeman20 (EUW)
: Can Sion be buffed?
His carry potential is in his plays and when his ult has a 40 second cooldown there's a lot you can do with the champion.
TTD Sivir (EUW)
: garen op
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