: A similar thing happened to me before: account was secured as best it could be but someone still got in and got me banned lol. It was easy enough to tell it wasn't me as the person responsible bought varus and played him twice under a rune page that was named something weird like 'varus60%WR4%PR'. I sent a ticket to support and they agreed it was obviously not me so they just asked me to do a virus scan just in case (so this might be worth doing in case they ask you the same), and then they gave me my account back. The process took a couple of days but the guys at support were actually really cool about it; it can just take them a while to get back to you. Hopefully your issue is resolved and they can give you your account back.
Hello Squaresoul123, I appreciate the feedback, I've already started a Malwarebytes scan and antivirus scan! Not going to lie, I'll be pretty sad if my account is gone forever as I've invested so much time and effort into it.
BesniStakor (EUNE)
: You failed to keep your account safe, which is outlined in the ToU. Also it doesn't matter if the hacker cheated and not you. It's not you getting banned, the account is. It was compromised. No one hacked you. If you really had a strong password, you probably fell for a phishing scam. That's the most common way of obtaining account details.
Okay, I'll leave this to Riot support, however, I haven't "fell for any phishing scams" thank you for making that assumption though :)
BesniStakor (EUNE)
: Cypherous is mostly right. You are responsible for keeping your account safe. Whatever bans the account gets, it stays. Even if it wasn't you. ToU was broken by both the cheater and you.
Hello ImainLilSatan, My account was as safe as humanly possible, I used a strong password. I refuse to believe that we live in a world where if you're hacked whilst being as secure as possible that the fault is with the end user.. It's like saying if you created a password that's 24 letters long with multiple numbers and you still get hacked, then it's your fault for not having a secure account? And anybody is susceptible to being hacked. Not only was my account hacked and the hacker played like maybe 3-4 games on my account, I instantly secured the account and created a support ticket, which Riot would be able to verify. I was then banned the next day for cheating. I honestly don't know how I can be more secure then the actions I've already taken. :/
: Be sure to check incase this person also refunded any of your skins in order to use the refunded rp to send a gift to themselves or friends you can also check your gifting history to see who you recently sent gifts to. I'm really sorry about your account! I hope Riot is able to help, I believe they will ages ago I lost my rockstar account email and password changed by the thief who also got it reset and banned as they probably used it to spawn money in or something, I sent all the emails and proof I had several times to rock star they never replied to any of my emails except with the same generic message that literally had no meaning in it, thankfully I didn't really care about my rockstar account as I only invested time into it never money, but it got me scared for my other account in case they were able to hack into those or something so I contacted riot and they kindly gave me tips on keeping the account secure, I've contacted their support team many times and even if its a tiny thing or even rather unrelated to the game like when I got scared of my riot account being stolen they have always been very kind and helpful, sending them any screenshots you can get to prove things should help you a lot, it might take a day or two for them to get back to you because good service takes a bit longer :) but they will get back to you and I'm sure help as best they can!
Hello, I appreciate the kind words and I've done everything I can from my end. All I can do is wait for Riot to reply to me, I'm imagining as it's the weekend that I won't get a response anytime soon.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Problem is you are responsible for securing your account by making sure you're not re-using any login details from other sites, you're also responsible for any actions taken by the account you're using, so riot is unlikely to do anything
Hello Cypherous, The password I used for League was unique to League, also my email password is completely different. So whoever hacked me, couldn't take my account completely because the password was unique and a rather complicated password. :/
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