: pre-set Items list disappear
I have this problem too. My item sets all just disappeared :|...
: I just lokinged you real fast and looked at your last 10 normal games. The bold is your team, d, p, g, s, b and u is diamond, plat, gold, silver, bronze and unranked. DIdnt look too unfair if you ask me =) **p s s p s** g s s g g **s g s b s** s g g s s **u s s g s** d s s p g **u s g u s** s g s s s **p g p s p** p d d s u **s p s p s** s g g g p **p s p g s** g g d g b **s p s g s** s g u s p **u u s s s** s u s b b **g p s s g** s g s s p
Also, if you do want to bring fair and unfair, here is a recent game, please tell me how are these stats fair for anyone :') ? http://imgur.com/a/YHy3U The Azir and Xayah just laughed and said that they were plat smurfs too... Do you really think it is fair for any lane or anyone to have played that match ? If it doesn't seem *too unfair* how does everyone collectively suffer that hard ? The score was 35 v 6... 3 out of the 6 kills were fountain last hit executes....
: I just lokinged you real fast and looked at your last 10 normal games. The bold is your team, d, p, g, s, b and u is diamond, plat, gold, silver, bronze and unranked. DIdnt look too unfair if you ask me =) **p s s p s** g s s g g **s g s b s** s g g s s **u s s g s** d s s p g **u s g u s** s g s s s **p g p s p** p d d s u **s p s p s** s g g g p **p s p g s** g g d g b **s p s g s** s g u s p **u u s s s** s u s b b **g p s s g** s g s s p
Never once have I mentioned in my post that it was *unfair*. I said it was unfun. Those games where the difference is extremely erratic from the median, They tend to be extremely one sided and very cumbersome to play... bronze 1 to diamond 3 has the difference of 19 leagues. which is *very far* from the median. Take the thresh game for example, I have never played a lot of thresh thresh and wanted to try him out for fun with my Gold 4 friend at adc, a role he isn't proficient at either. We instantly get matched in a game with 3 diamond premades. I blame none of my team mates for that loss because the pressure in that game was brutal. Our jungler just didn't know what to do as he was 3 levels behind the enemy jungler and the game was won in 24 mins because all lanes got out pressured. Again if this was a one off, I'd grin and say "unlucky".... But the consistency at which it is happening, really has matchmaking luck as a very significant factor at the outcome of a game.
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: [CLIENT] Match History Not Showing Up
Can confirm that this is happening to me too on EuW client. In my case the match history screen won't even show up.
: Games arent going into match history
Can confirm that this is happening to me too on EuW client. In my case the match history screen won't even show up.
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: EUW server down
down for me too
Omnus (EUW)
: A Rengar main's opinion on Patch 6.2
My 2 cents... (TLDR below) This has really changed my entire early game mentality. Yes rengar is still viable, but I have to think about the game really differently and it is definitely not for the better. It is down right annoying and feels really retarded. Now E has been nerfed and normal Q has been nerfed with emp Q being buffed lets focus on this. Early game ganks with rengar usually have him lane ganking, (he is a terrible river ganker on the side lanes pre 6 imo) using emp E. 2 things with this... You *can* gltch the system where you hit Q just before you leap and hit E mid air causing it to function like the normal empowered E, but then you are set back an auto attack because you are still casting the damn E 0.1 seconds after you land. Your early game combo has lost A lot of damage since if you go in with empE, you lose sooo much damage, but if you go man mode with 4stack leap E>empQW>aa>Q>aa>click away>aa you do much more damage than pre nerf Rengar... *BUT* it is extremely unreliable. Most enemies just have soo much in their kit to counter Rengar, and if rengo doesn't manage to get the kill, he is now extremely vulnerable to counter ganks. It is awesome if he has team mates with good CC in lanes, but if that isn't there, Jeeze it gets rough. If I do use empE without the ult, I have sacrificed soooo much damage. So my role changes from assassin, to stealth bruiser where I have to focus on chunking down the enemy and hope they stay in the fight while my adc and supp continue focus. **Ult range** The ult range indicator is a nerf only to relevant champions imo. Like if it's a no flash {{champion:45}},{{champion:157}} , then the ult is still good for a kill. But say it's a {{champion:35}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:7}} . Forget about the extra seconds they have about getting warned, they have extra time to get their Cooldowns off which against a rengar ult leap (unless in some cases where it's an emp E leap) it is super effective to react... and remember that you land short of a couple of units so kiting them is also a b**** !! If any of those guys main the above champions and have played against a rengar or are of a decent Elo, they can counter him super easy !! Have a look at the latest Shaclone video for an example of this. The rengar makes a mistake of ult warning him for too long and in that time, shaco's cool downs are all off and saved for him to react perfectly against his ult. **Jump short of enemy** Whyyyyy ??????? Everyone hates the channel time of E bola, I hate this one the most !! brush mechanics on Top lane rengar are soooo bad now >.<"... Even if they made this a champions only exclusive condition it'd be fine, but now I am leaping short of minions too !! my enemies need half a second of a right click to dodge my leap>Q>aa and 5 stack Q>aa>Q>aa combos If I chase it's gg minion damage. TLDR The Changes *HAVE NOT* given Rengar more counterplay, they have just made Rengar worse, clunky and unfun to play.
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Soooo much salt about LB and kata x) !!
8GameDos8 (EUW)
: doesnt matter this is a thread made for the purpose of helping people either ask a question or leave donot make fun of the effort he invested to reach dia5
you make it sound rude with that hushing xD !!!
Kageryu (EUW)
: Pff.... Gragas uses Kegs... Try this handy 3 Litre Beer Bottle: http://media.firebox.com/pic/p3809_extra1.jpg
Kageryu (EUW)
: You are aware that treating Riot to a beer includes all employees.... i think you´ll be broke/in debt in a few hours
pshhhh {{champion:79}}
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: Seal Great seal of scaling ability power - +0.1 AP/lvl x9 = **6 lvl - 0.1 x 9x 6 = 5.4** 18 lvl - 0.1 x 9 x 18 = 16.2 Great seal of ability power x9 **any lvl - 0.59 x 9 = 5.31** As u can see scaling runes is better. And on lvl 6 u will arldy get more start than flat runes gives
Am not trying to see which one is better or not.. I know most scaling runes out scale flat runes at lvl 6-7, But theory crafting around it is what I am after.... Especially on junglers. Like on rengar if I am going mobi boot route for early pressure, I theorized, exchanging 3 flat cdr and 1 flat cdr for scaling helps me reach the 40% cdr even if I go mobi boots for a little less cdr early game. Like on vladimir I can skip ionian boots in exchange for a differnt runes and mastery setup. Soo much to theorize but I would love to just have all this information in front of me so i can recognise the spikes as they come and the tradeoffs as they leave.... I can't believe someone hasn't done this yet T_T"...
Vingthór (EUW)
: Creating something like that in excel takes literally less than 20 seconds
Posting that probably took 10^
gaby1best (EUNE)
: But... I don't even know what a fez is!! Oh, cruel world!!! Let me die now, please.{{summoner:3}}
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: Auto atack
on in every lane except bot lane. I don't want to steal my adcs farm as support and then get flamed at... I don't want to suprise push the lane wave if I am tight control freezing the wave.
: Shout Out To All You Support Mains Out There..... WE LOVE YOU
:'( !!! {{champion:63}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:98}} QQ ;c btw {{champion:31}} support OP :D :D
: Yeah, I am not buying it. I watched a few archived videos from Shaclone and others, and I must say...even in the hands of a very good and very specialized player, Shacos performance is not overly impressive, especially not in this meta.
You do realise that shaco's winrate is at 53.18% above platinum elo and is in the top 3 with fiddle and nunu right now ??? he has a better overall k/d/a and win rate than amumu and sejuani and is literally the "The assassin of assassin junglers" and no one can counter jungle as brutally as he does.... He doesn't even farm the jungle.. he farms other champions x) !!
: Shaco. Really? aka. the binary champion, who either gets fed or goes home.
he has more global pressure than evelynn trust me xD !!! In the first 5 mins of the game... shaco can do anything !! Unless everyone on the team knows what to do, how to ward where to position, shaco will assassinate everybody and everything. At shaclone's level, people have come across soo many shacos that they know how to play around the champion... and he still manages to pull of the early game cheese !!! At bronze to plat... he is basically a demon god since if even 1 team mate is clueless, he just punishes them multiple times !!! And I don't buy those people who say that late game shaco does no damge... I crit for 1500 AD ffs xD !! if you think that's balanced and not OP then gg you are a much better player than me x) !!
FeralBunny (EUNE)
: The most OP jungler?
{{champion:35}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:421}} Can't consider anyone else to be OP tbh so no 5th :c
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: Reconnecting and then rejoining the game usually fixes this problem. If not, relaunch your client or restart your computer. That usually fixes it.
yep did that... But my client takes a while to reboot. I don't want leaver buster flags just cause I needed to do a client re-boot :c !!
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Depict (EUW)
: Live chat in Support Centre.
: Leaving comment here so u can remind me when it's over :p
: How do I report a scammer ? (Warning to all those who might also fall for this)
I wouldn't bother usually, But it's not a lvl 1 bot, it's a human on the other end who is trying to entice me x)....
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Blodwenn (EUW)
: What's the experiment trying to prove?
I promise it isn't a blatant "omg this community is toxic look at my proof" It's just a look at the numbers from an anecdotal point of view :) The statistics I provide are gonna be really in depth and honestly there isn't a point. It's just for the curious :) or those who are bored and want to read something hilarious (or depressing)...
GarikZ14 (EUW)
: I really need help choosing a mid ! I can't figure who to choose big confusion almost 1 month
dude chogath or annie mid. Ryze, lux, morgana are too situational Katarina will be getting nerfed Orianna needs a ton of practice to play right ._."...
Sffc (EUW)
: Happens sometimes. I had a friend doing a piece of code that instead of looping once and stopping/repeating depending on a condition it would loop forever. When he went to the bathroom I added a text trigger on that loop to read "I'm retarded". He came back to see 1k+ instances of that xD Oh well, nerd times
I used to create bat files that did that and rename that too "sexy lady videos" :D :D !! Then the words "I am sexy" would spam in a thousand instances freezing the computer x)... casually put a floppy drive with that in front of my teachers table x)...
Sffc (EUW)
: Context aswell. Someone : "Do you really think it's a good idea to build armor against a full AP team?" - : But of course my lordship I study computer engineering. One thing that I learned in my first semester is that: If it's abuseble in any way, even if by stupidity, it will be abused. One semester we had to do a code to simulate some crap. A guy I know didn't create any failsafe, just assumed that no one would stress the program. The chief engineer saw his code on his computer. Asked why he didn't provide any failsafe and then proceeded to insert a number with a crapton of digits. His computer crashed. Same thing here, creating a program that filters x and y and is triggered by anyone who may be butthurt can, and will fail eventually. It has.
> Asked why he didn't provide any failsafe and then proceeded to insert a number with a crapton of digits. His computer crashed. dude that's just mean :c
Viktorous (EUNE)
: Oh lord you are so cute... (Boo Hoo) I checked various websites and they gave me different numbers of win rates (all ranks or Platinum + ranks), ranging from 51-53%. I like how you think showing me win rates of one website, that has no credibility or whatsoever, is going to prove anything. None of the websites out there are accurate regarding win rates. The thing about Katarina is, she is like most assassins (like Fiora), who have no cc and rely heavily on team composition and heavy cc tanks to actually function. Katarina is actually a very versatile champion and can fail a lot when facing against heavy cc tanks, especially in this tank meta where tanks can deal more damage than assassins (LOL). Also, the screenshots we have show that some champions have even more win rates than her (cough cough Amumu, Sejuani, Annie, etc...). I guess in your "logical" sense, Win rate>50% = over-powered. Then these champions should be nerfed too. Have I mentioned the "facts" that Annie's stun has zero counterplay, and that Annie basically can insta-burst people down with her stun and combos? She is basically another version of Katarina with hard cc and low mobility. Yet you never actually complain about her. Win rates doesn't mean shit either because win rates depend on many things: players' skills, team coordination, team composition, players' concentration in the game, warding, and many other aspects. Using win rates to justify your arguments is lame, and actually does nothing other than showing how ignorant you are. I agree she needs a rework, but her damage, when she is not snowballing and when she just reaches level 6 with rank 1 ult, is definitely not broken. A tank with hard cc can easily destroy her. Even if you are a mage mid laner, she can't insta-burst you at level 6 as long as you keep your distance and burst her down with your longer-range combos. Did you forget that warding and pinging your teammates can actually help lower the effectiveness of Katarina, if she decides to roam? Face it, you just hate the fact that when she snowballs she is unstoppable. Doesn't every other champions and assassins do that when they snowball? A snowballing Malzahar is way scarier than a snowballing Katarina.
Aciada (EUW)
: Iv'e actually been somewhat concerned about reports recently. I've also found reason in the vast majority of my games to report at least one person per game due to their behavior, and despite the validity of my reports (naturally i'm biased but i truly believe that i am only reporting where it is actually necessary, i don't report for lack of skill or not ganking etc), i worry that the sheer number of reports i make is negativly affecting my "report weight", i.e how effective my reports are. I'm concerned that by reporting so many toxic players that my rpeorts are completely inconcequential. However assuming that its quality over quantity that matters, i'd say do continue reporting people that you find to be toxic, otherwise they'll just fall through the cracks. Unless of course a riot member can comment to alleviate my concerns, but i assume they are proprietary and they cant release the details i need for closure, due to abuse concerns.
I feel the same way tbh :) I feel that I have reported soo much that my reports are probably meaningless now no matter how genuine they are.
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Viktorous (EUNE)
: _cough_ Use a single normal game to imply that a champion is OP, when you realise normal games are full of people who try out champions they are not familiar with, and full of people who are practising certain champions they are not good at, and also people who are not even serious when playing normal games. You are whining about how OP Katarina is, yet you give no proof other than a "normal game". It basically shows how you are so unfamiliar with Katarina, and team coordination in general. You just hate that Katarina could be snowballing so hard and completely destroying everybody. This applies to every assassin. And hypocritically, you never whines about Zed when Zed basically does the same thing (ulting in, dealing damage, and then escaping by swapping with his shadows). TL;DR I destroyed a lot of Katarinas myself and with my teammates coordinating because we actually know how to work against Katarina and it's so easy to exploit her weakness early game, especially when you are a mage with hard cc. And then she becomes utterly useless late game, even if she channels her ultimate because the one second she does she is a dead "girl".
: Strongest early game and worst early game champion(s)?
{{champion:1}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:114}} Early game Gods {{champion:268}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:77}} Late game/Need Feed Gods.
: Any weblink where I can purchase one online for EUW ?
Oh wow... actually nvm. This helps a lot x) ty !!
: AP Nunu has found the joys of communism. http://imgur.com/SWF4nUk
Communism ??? Sounds like he just came back from a DoTA match x)...
: You can buy Riot Points via Paysafecard and no one will know.
Any weblink where I can purchase one online for EUW ?
MySpyOo (EUW)
: all you need to do is before joining lobby you can select position u want to play. lets say I chose mid so system will find for me 2 bot jungler and top... It would completely eliminate pick trolls...
Hazzathor (EUW)
: Tips and tricks?
Added, It'll be easier for me to show you the tricks in game x)
: AP Nunu is sad... again
What are you talking about ? AP nunu is doing just fine
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: Wanna buy a champ that has high dmg output but in a bruiser style...
I agree with everyone saying {{champion:122}} and {{champion:31}}. {{champion:62}} {{champion:92}} are ok at best unless you put a lot of time learning them. In that much time you would already be a pro with darius and cho x) They are easy and viable pickups. With wu and riven, you need to have a perfect early game otheriwise you're slaughtered ._.'..
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