jacktjong (EUW)
: You should open a support ticket and check on a site like OP.GG if any games were played during the time you say you didn't play. There might be something to give away it wasn't you (like swapped summs).
I already checked everything bro, the ticket is already send. and you are right, i remember my last game and wich champ, after that game there have been played 3 more games by someone else.. and in that mean time i got the permaban as far as i know.. But Riot can see this right? like i always log in on this IP address and so if there is a other IP address. The problem should be easy to solve.. or am i mistaken now ?
Terra (EUNE)
: you know you can't fool Riot's here for saying here that. and if you do say true wich is less likely then you should contact support to get some help or information regarding the ban. And yes. third party programs are prohibited to use.
I genuinely have nothing to do with it, so it's not about fooling. i feel like i have been fooled
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