: > Where did i flame? Where did you display **toxic behaviour**? > still beter winrate than u though no ganks then i will give her kills no problme cait im gonna int bvot cait u talk 1 moire time i will run it down mid if u guys gonna report me no need for me to try right? still better winrate then u broi still ur hardstuck or u are %%%%%%ed shyv why u talk u hardstuck gold 5 +many other things that were obviously aggressive and provocative. Hope this helps! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
so they flame me and im suppose to just take it in the ass? ok nice company
: Hope you bought loads of skins and you never see you money again :)
actually did, but well i got more accounts with loads of skins thx for the concern!
: Blaming jungler... classic
No i actually wasnt, i fed my laner i and jungler was disrespecting me, i just said if u didnt try to help me u cant flame me and blame....
Magneset (EUW)
: Before i even bother. Why did you leave out Game 2? Also game 1 and 3 is in the wrong order. Dont edit your logs its very obvious.
i flamed on game not gonna lie... but these 2 games they were trying to tilt me, i dont think these are reasons to ban ...
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