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: Are missions bugged? Again? ...
First i thought i have the same issue but after a few minutes the icon unlocked itself - if you check it now you probably gonna find it ;-)
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: Were these games vs real players, or maybe vs bots?
Ranked ones... I just played another and now it suddenly counted, but the last games still didn't work with that mission
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: Bans in ARURF
They removed Sona or Ryze from game for obvious reasons, but how the phuck does Fizz not qualify too? He is practically untouchable while dealing tons of damage - impossible to play against. I understand that in URF mode there always will be some op champs - but if they decide to ban some of them due to out-of-balance-opness they should at least remove all of those annoying ones... I mean - if enemy gets Fizz it's practically lost already.
: Quests in League of Legends
That's what I already thought too... If you had quests with some kind of rewards, like for example for ganking or warding or proper last hitting - I think this could make ppl try to play much more effectively
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neviss (EUW)
: Why don't just put both All Random Urf and Normal Urf?
there is generally way too less URF in this game
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Maaki (EUNE)
: Well, trollers, feeders...
... and if the other teammates are bothering you --> just insta mute all from the start --> problem solved
: i don't think i have ever seen one. are they only in very low mmr games?
dunno, I am always somewhere between Silver and Gold tier
: > [{quoted}](name=Dusei Malgusch,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=f6piYGNY,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-12-31T22:21:30.530+0000) > > I just had a 2 vs 4 game filled with useless bots... aram is becoming another coop vs ai more and more atleast the Co-op bots attack and attempt to dodge some skillshots...
One of those bots even dc and reconnected during the game.... Maybe some ping-related realistic_bot.exe mod? XD
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: hm, now you say... i noticed that there are way less bots in the 3vs3 map, they must've migrated now they are taking them on in that mode...
I just had a 2 vs 4 game filled with useless bots... aram is becoming another coop vs ai more and more
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porps (EUW)
: rerolls not reset after queue dodger
+ here too, 3 times already
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