THR Lešnik (EUNE)
: Shitty client is shitty again
There's no point submitting to them anything , they have proven that they are animals already ! They will never fix the client and they are not caring about it so yeah they can go to hell with their game , I wish players were to agree to never play this game till they fix the client , it will literally get fixed in few hours ! but unfortunately some players doesnt care about self respect , they'd accepte to get losses for free and stuff to not insult Riot animals so they dont get banned if they dont like it ! It's just that animals understand only with animals language , that's how we need to talk to Riot employees to fix the client
Nopenguin (EUNE)
The client is traaash ! Legiiit ! It is total trash I just don't understand ! I just dooon't ! this literally looks like total ignorance for the players ! They did not even try 0.1% to fix it nothing at all they totally ignoring it ! It's literally broken , they are legit animals !
Rioter Comments
One of the reasons the game isn't fun anymore is because if you want to win you need to pick 1 of 3 champions of the meta , which made the game so boring tbh , now it's all about "make cool champion -> buff it for more players -> make skins for them and for the popular champions" All to gain more money , it's not about having fun anymore or even skills at some point it's sometimes about what champion players have picked , and you hear it so much when pro players say "We lost this game in champ select" if it wasn't for content creators this game would barely have any players anymore , because you can't play your favorite champions anymore if it's so weak and expect to win or even be able to play the game when the enemy meta champ force you to hug tower and even dive you sometimes that it feels so unfair and you start playing the same champions aswell , this game is dying slowly and there's a reason why they made many other games XD
Zer0DoT (EUW)
: I quit
Kalista main here , I feel your pain xd Didn't play my champion in so long time pretty much useless I can get fed as much as I want it just doesnt matter against meta champions or tanks , and the game is no fun anymore with the same pics over and over if you want to win it's literally 3 champs to pick from everytime , so yeah I encourage you to quit the game tbh and I'm really gonna quit aswell , it's not about skills or even hardwork at this point , it's about making the most popular champions more op to sell more skins , anyway there's a lot of cool games out there that will make this game look so boring , seriously it's literal trash at this point xD , not to forget that amazing client , trash company.
They said this before in a video , saying that "To make ranked games feel more competitive" Lol xD
: Kalista rework suggestion
She doesn't need a rework , she is so fun to play , I'll give it straight to you , why would Riot kill kalista ? They nerfed her so in pro plays trash regions like NA can have a chance to win the game since they don't know how to deal with her , and since they didn't find a solution to balance her they try to kill her intentionally to the point that no one play her and after have an excuse to give her a rework and hide their trash balance team weakness , and that's got even a bigger proof in the last video when they talked about making skins for champions that didn't have a skin for so long , and imagine she wasn't even included in the list , they said they making these champions skins so their mains get to play them more and enjoy it , and well , since you want to kill a champion , you gotta make sure even their mains don't play them anymore . And to be honest with kalista gone all the fun in this game is gone for me and now I rarely play it anymore , anyway this game is all about making money now with skins of popular champions and stories and characters rather than the gameplay itself. It's every patch "release a skin and buff it's champion".
shatan7 (EUW)
: Clash, wrong team?
I swear this company is full of bullshit ! I bet no one will play or login next time there's a clash ! This is not just ridicilous , it's fking embarrassing
Ashton (EUW)
: Riot games aka dogs
As my old summoner name was : RIOT ARE ANIMALS
Forsan (EUW)
: Thanks rito, your client is bugging and I get timed out ?
That's what happens when you have humans in the company yet you give the important work to animals instead
: its your pc not the client
my pc is working fine with everything its only league who's doing this
Rioter Comments
: I am done
hahaha today got an iron hardstuck midlane vs a diamond midlane xD
Νami (EUW)
: Well, only player support would be able to help with but at the same time, account sharing is against the rules so I don't think they would be able to help you here. You shouldn't share your account details with other people -- it's not a good idea. Edit: After rereading this, you said this is because of the new login system and I suppose you were at a friends house and used the stay signed in option? I would explain to support the situation and see if they can help you. If I understand this correctly, you didn't _account share_ but instead foolishly stayed logged in using the new launcher.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: {{item:2419}} is one of the best items to draw them in and make them waste spells. Defensive items will help in not getting one shot.
this work once , used it ofc but then I had nothing else to help me , it's a reeeaal goddamn fed nocturne
Stalin (EUNE)
: Don't play kalista
JustClone (EUNE)
: You have the wrong mentality that you feel, that you are expected to do something, and I quote you here: >on my own While in fact, you are part of a team, and as you build offense, sacrificing your HP/Armor values, it is understandable, that others will have the task to look after you. More particullary - your support. It is expected that they should provide you with some sort of means to avoid deaths - cc/heal/shield etc... So it is not your fault, that you die to divers... Vi , Noc, etc... If everyone is watching you die to divers. Thou, you will be required to play around them, and not try to split push, or overextend, when the situation does not allow it. Good luck.
That only applies when the team knows the value of their carry , well I was into 4 boosted people and against a very fed nocturne , it's just die or die , no other options no one was interested in peeling me , Gold btw ! god knows how they make it there
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Every assassin is gonna kill you on your own unless they're terrible. Stick with your support or another ally who can crowd control. Build items like {{item:3047}}, {{item:3046}}, {{item:3140}}, {{item:3137}}, {{item:3812}}, {{item:3026}} and even {{summoner:1}}, {{item:2423}} if he really bothers you so much. But honestly, sticking with your support should be plenty because it'll incentivise {{champion:56}} to go for another target instead. And if he doesn't, he's dashing into a 1v2 which will not go his way if you're both semi-competent players. In the event that you can pick into Nocturne, just pick an ADC with safety-net abilities: {{champion:18}} can blast him away with her ult once she's proced his shield with a Q, or if she procs it with her ult she can jump to safety over a wall. {{champion:51}} can play defensively by setting traps prior to a gank or putting one right beneath him to proc his shield before again, escaping over a wall. {{champion:498}} gets ult immunity and a root, although this is a bit trickier to pull off unless you're near a turret or support. {{champion:15}} can literally just spell-shield his fear and run the f away with her ult. If you are absolutely adamant about lone-wolfing as an ADC (not recommended), don't fight him til you have lots of lifesteal, damage reduction and ways to mitigate his fear so you outheal his damage (unlikely), kite him if you're speedy (also unlikely) and have some way to cleanse his fear. You'll probably still get wrecked though.
Well in my case my support wasn't interested in being a support for me or even care about protecting me , and that nocturne was fed to the skies , I die with almost 2 autos
Guys thanks for the tips , but, the things is I almost know all of these things as I'm a gold adc playing since 2 years now and...I was definitely around my team everytime he R me , but the problem is , for some reason no one in the team actually cares about peeling me , they just fight randomly any champion they find and Stopwatch and G.A can only save me once , but then the rest of the game it's almost as I'm naked ! And definitely I tried tabi and they were basically useless bcs even though I didn't die to nocturne ganks during laning phase , my team were like dinner for him and when he come at you with all his dmg after that I had no choice but to simply die ! Bcs everyone knows that sometimes you have to 1v9 a game to win , well that's the situation I was in , and I could only accepte defeat !
Rioter Comments
: Ah ye, it's just a 3D model, rigged to bones, and several tens of animations, and particle effects attached, and probably some voiceovers, too. Nothing hard.
Loool , you guys so funny if you think that even making a character 3D model takes more than a day xD that's first ! And here we talking about an already existing 3D character that you just gonna do some bare changes on it then put some new colors ! And BTW ! They have a looot of employees ! Each one can work on specific thing then combine them together ! SO YEAH , I MYSELF CAN DO IT FOR RIOT BEFORE THE END OF THE SEASON ! But I don't have the talent to make splash art! So dont tell me the company itself can't xD Especially that Victorious skins are not a new concept and they don't put on a new theme for the champion It's literally just new colors ! So Don't argue with me in this !
: Victorius Aatrox 2019
Please isn't there some kind of voting we can make to ask them overall to change this ? I really rather have a random legendary skin at least better than having this ! I even would prefer demoting to silver just to not get it xD
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: Petition: Change the Victorious Skin for season 9
Yeah this skin look so bad and in everywhere someone post about literally no one wants it ! Not only the champion is boring and so rarely played but it also looks sooo basic and the same as the old aatrox skin ! So if they wanna finish this year perfectly they gotta change that tbh
: The skin start beeing made on january sry they will not chance
nah , it's just a skin not a new champion ! They can make a new one literally in few days ! It's not really so hard to make a new appearance of an already existing champion
Zuptra (EUW)
: people from fortnite seems to go back to it :D since it came back up today
that would be the happiest news ever for today xD
Zedant (EUW)
: There is no point in winning tft for the first rounds
Dude it doesnt matter in TFT bcs the game will decide who win in the end pretty much xD We barely pick the same shards from the shop similar to what we have , if the shop doesnt give you the champs you own already for at least 20 rounds like it happened to me xD then you will definitely lose
Zuptra (EUW)
: Fornite back up
I knew this would happen , its obvious that kids are coming back now
ImSweeney (EUW)
: too many smurfs lately
Bro at least in your case it's people with new acc , I'm gold and I get a full team of gold/silvers and and get Queued against 4 diamonds xD and I'm expected to carry that on my back , like my team lose the fight even if I outplay all these diamonds xD I was literally 29/8 on pyke but my team gave more deaths than I ever killed the enemy team xD I was 1v9 ! I got to late game and I lost bcs they became tanky and it was just too sad xD
: How to deal with bad teams?
I know how you feel xD a game earlier I was playing on smurf acc silver 3 and they put me in a team of full silver against 3 diamonds and 2 gold and they actually expect me to win (it was normal though) XDD
: Same here,I thought my mouse %%%ed up or smt but turns out Im not alone,also wtf RIOT
happened to me aswell ! And for that it made me more proud of my IGN XD
Zedant (EUW)
: When you want to play sorceror but League has other plans
And it's funny that they call it "Teamfight *TACTICS*" , when the shop is always the one who decide who wins xD
Anoligarh (EUW)
: People who were bronze/silver for a long time, what changed and how did you climb?
If I'm to give a quick tip is , start to play more agressive in lane because it's just silver and bronze and most important is to stop playing in auto-pilot mode ! It's like you just play in the game without focusing really on what you doing or not planning to anything , you just play semi-auto , if a fight start you use what you have to try to win it other than that it's lost , No , you definitely need to start thinking of what you should do and what you shouldn't do and make better decisions , but yeah just make sure to stop playing safe in that elo and master playing agressive , like the biggest mistake I saw in this elo is that for example people run away from fighting against brand in botlane because he pokes them to death , well brand is so easy to smash you literally just have to fight him hard rather than evade him , stuff like that and ofc always pay attention to the map and who's missing and learn the best places to put wards in . And Good Luck ^^
Kashukah (EUW)
: Rito Plz Star Guardian Skins
After all these bugs recently who really still believe what this shitty company says ! They probably releasing them tomorrow
Bulduk (EUW)
: How to unlock the new star guardian skins?
Its so hard for riot to add two pictures in a page it needs to much time ! Why they just don't write "soon" instead of giving a date so we don't end up waiting like this for nothing !
Rioter Comments
: Please make a Project: Kalista skin :)
I wish they would even just give her a normal skin :( it doesnt have to be something epic ! Just give her some love ❤
Rioter Comments
Can someone hell %%%ing remind me why there's PBE in first place ? -_- ommmg a whole week and the game is barely working correctly !
: It depends on the team let's say a team with Morgana and Lux on same lane is titlind af - perma stuns
meanwhile Yasuo Q cooldown is 4 sec in URF XD , logics !
: LoL client
I got the same problem too ! :3 some people are actually good at their job :3
: Being polite doesn’t cost anything you know
my dude , i am the most polite person u could ever know :) but imagine holding urself from inters, bugs , afks , for whole two years since i started the game being nice and no matter how it's crazy I just keep my mouth closed for the sake of people :D now I had enough , I wanna explode in their faces and be the most disrespectful person I could possibly be ! I'm done being nice ^^
Maxıme (EUW)
: Chat is completly bugged, FIX YOUR CLIENT !
Rioter Comments
: it's not his pc or his network , everyone having the problem and Hextech repair tool won't solve it no matter what ! Bcs there's a problem with the update that just show up , it's a loop that can't be canceled , it's as if the update doesn't exist but the client received order to make an update , so he can't let you play unless you download the update , whatever you do doesn't matter.
looks like it's solved . The update works now
SeekerK (EUNE)
: When using Hextech repair tool last time, did you also disable your antivirus? If you didn't, try my way.
it's not his pc or his network , everyone having the problem and Hextech repair tool won't solve it no matter what ! Bcs there's a problem with the update that just show up , it's a loop that can't be canceled , it's as if the update doesn't exist but the client received order to make an update , so he can't let you play unless you download the update , whatever you do doesn't matter.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=hi im kr4sh,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=NNiqKwIL,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-04-26T20:32:15.411+0000) > > nah , he probably didn't lvl his W at all and Q was lvl3 with a long sword and Conqueror giving him 20% true dmg and the bonus attack damage it happened ! I wouldn't have came here and write this if I saw it before , I'm playing adc for a long time , i know draven , that dmg never existed , and that hit was totally "ridiculous" I checked it myself . It doesnt give him 20% true damage. It only converts 20% of his damage into true damage. That hit was impossible and im sure you are lying.
whatever u think I saw the numbers with my own eyes
OBS Okami (EUNE)
: That's all my health bar as Soraka.
My thresh was killed within 3 hits xd
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Exaggerating a bit?
nah , he probably didn't lvl his W at all and Q was lvl3 with a long sword and Conqueror giving him 20% true dmg and the bonus attack damage it happened ! I wouldn't have came here and write this if I saw it before , I'm playing adc for a long time , i know draven , that dmg never existed , and that hit was totally "ridiculous" I checked it myself .
Exhibit B (EUNE)
: Not possible.
But it did happen
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