: > [{quoted}](name=icryeverytiem,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=llAfKyRA,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-08-29T16:12:36.756+0000) > >I can recognize when the players are too good for me No, you clearly can't; surely not now. Doesn't matter your ranking: I saw (ex) challanger players struggle in the same exact way, and totally failing to understand that THEY were to blame for their lack of results (failing to see when they were outplayed, failing to see when they %%%%ed up stuff etc). The reason is simple: no matter how good is someone at the game, if his mindset is not ALWAYS positive ("focus only on yourself, YOU are the only variable you can control yadda yadda yadda") you will eventually get frustrated, angry, you will stop thinking straight and start to blame others more and more and so on. And yeah: a raging, super frustrated (ex) Challanger can totally degrade his mindset to the one of a low elo player (NB3 literally switched from "never flame/blame, focus only on you, you can ALWAYS climb, NEVER use excuses, if you are blaming bad luck you are only deluding yourself" to 24/7 whining, flaming etc, losing TONS of position in the process, playing worse and worse without even realizing it). There is a "weird coincidence" going on: streamers that over the years have become more and more toxic and whiny ("OMG THIS TEAM, WHY ALWAYS IN MY TEAM!1!!") started to suck more and more and more, in an endless cycle. >just that unlucky teammates Yeah bud, just bad luck. You get to d4 and, all of a sudden, you are never able to climb cause u are ALWAYS unlucky, or at least unlucky enough to never being able to. You know what? Quitting the game was actually a good idea after all.
You are clearly not reading the 1st message I wrote. The first message I wrote. I barely talk in my games. I don't play other roles besides bottom lane roles and it is a lot harder to actually do anything when there's a 4 man dive bottom and your mid laner is freezing mid lane. Or your jungler camps top and dies up there. The game is not as slow as it used to be once ,certain champions snowball very hard and once they get started ,you have no way of stopping them. There's no coincidence that in 3 games I had 1 lane that won .I don't think I can explain to you the importance of early game right now ,but you clearly have a very good take on League. It's not like even in most of the regions top 10 challengers are junglers and top laners mostly .I'm not comparing myself to challenger but there's clearly a big difference when it comes to carrying between bottom roles and top and jungle.
: that's probably just his way to self entitle himself and his rank
I believe that anyone that has played this game for at least 2 years ,even less, can get Diamond ,so if that's the case ,what's stopping everyone from doing it ? Maybe you can tell me since you're probably higher.
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: It's fine, it's hard to climb to dia after all but games there are kind of a coin flip since players' skill ranges greatly due to ACTUALLY boosted players. And I don't think mechanics really matter because if someone is already fed, no mechanics can save you from him killing you 1v1. This game requires decent mechanics but overall game knowledge is more important.
It's not hard to climb to diamond ,it's hard to get past dia 5/4 .
Furiranda (EUNE)
: "Im a Diamond, you Golds dont even deserve to look upon me" - Every Diamond or higher player
Yes ,that's how I think when I go on my smurf to play with my friends ,usually works. Gold players are gold for a reason ,a gold player has never heard of the word priority in the bottom lane ,or pressure or any of the things that matter later on. It's very easy for me to take everything from them when they barely know these things exist.
: You just reached your actual limit. Atm your skill must be around d4, hence this "strange coincidence": when u get there you start to have a lot of trouble climbing, cause, on average, you are not better than the other players around you anymore. As for the "I get only baddies in my team when I reach d4" I think you are smart enough to understand that is actually your brain tricking you, giving you easy excuses. Think about it with an open mindset and you will see this is the only logic explanation (no, there isn't a "screw icryeverytiem script V. 2.He.Will.Never.Reach.Diamond.3.Aahahah" in place).
"you just reached your actual limit" lul . I can recognize when the players are too good for me ,they're not ,it's just that unlucky teammates actually matter more in higher elo than lower. And if it's the jungler it's usually your game.
72 VirJhins (EUNE)
: Her weak early was always her biggest weakness, but ever since they buffed crit dmg on rocked she the best hypercarry in mid-late game. And what's Tristana? I haven't seen that champ in months lol. > MF will need a team later on What do you even mean by that? Does team even matter if the champ itself is overpowered, sitting on top with ~52% winrate... And she is going to get even better this patch as lethality on Duskblade got buffed.
Champion is overpowered because of her bully in lane and her ult ,which can not happen later on in the game without people playing around you .And as for Jinx ,it's soloq ,not lcs ,one assassin ,or strong bruiser like jax/camille gets to you ,you will get one shot. Depends where you play ,a low elo rengar might not kill you ,one that's higher will one shot you in less than 1 sec. What elo you play in actually matters .
: That's why I play for fourth year in a row ranked just to get G-V and not a single game on top in SoloQ. Normals are just so chill compared to ranked.
League is a 'competitive' game ,usually you want to climb because at some point you don't get anything out of lower elo games.
72 VirJhins (EUNE)
: > I understand that adc is strong Except that it's not. Jinx and MF are alright but adc is not really in a good position rn.
Jinx is actually not that good and MF will need a team later on . Jinx can easily get bullied out of her lane cause of the lack of mobility so most of the time you surrender your lane when you play her. I'd say trist and kai'sa are really good right now but kaisa has a a pretty weak early aswell but she scales to be a monster.
: Im a G2-G3 Rengar player so using him as an example, having bad teams does not make a difference with the champion you pick. Even if you manage to get a lead on those champs, it won’t make a difference if your team that game gives enemy free gold, at least as far as straight up combat goes. You still can’t assassinate enemies because they are probably as strong as you from all the free gold they were given, and they die first in fights too, leaving little room to cleanup fights which is easier in lower tiers. As a jungler, all I take from the game is that I did my job the best I could, what I didn’t do well I try to change going forward. Warded for lanes, counter ganked when I could, and counter jungled when I could. It sucks to freely lose games but for those free losses, there are free wins too, if you are not too tilted enough to capitalise on those. It’s also harder to see the wood for the trees in terms of your gameplay when you lose alot, I tend to switch to my secondary account that I don’t care about. For some reason us lol players are too attached to accounts and elo when truth be told, nobody gives a shit what your rank is or who you are unless you reach Master/Challenger.
Buddy ,I can carry in gold with any role,people are vegetables there. People don't actually have the mechanics to stop you from snowballing in there ,not gonna talk about how to play their roles. In diamond people are not gods ,you could say some are good ,but they actually know how to do things and their mechanics are not bad. You're talking about another game, sorry.
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: maybe it means you're decaying in another queue? Maybe you're playing SoloQ and are decaying in Flex or 3v3 :)
Didn't think about flex lmao .Thanks.
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