: like you already.
Look I recommend you start playing tans like sejuany,mundo,zac... Tanks that can clear jungel camp fast so you can move on with farming. If you like assasins than I recommen Kayn, Khazix but only when you have masterd them you can destroy the enemy team. You have to keep an eye on the map for the enemy jungler and for helpong your team when you wonna gank allways tell your laner that you wonna gank that he lets the enemy push in tell him just to lasthit minions and than come from behinde if you get the enemy flash dont think you faild cone back to that same lane when hes back and over extended. Allways kepp an eye on the drake as well Infernal draje is very iportant if you have a mundo are nasus on your team if you get a chance take a ocean drake allways ping to other lanes when you see the enemy champion are jungler so they know dont pick dumb fights with the enemy jungler try and farm up get your jungel item befor the enemy and and gank lanes as much as possible if yoi are playing an assasin than you can solo the dragon. Allways try and take objectives. I recommen also that you main 2 to 3 junglers so if 1 are 2 of your mains are band you still have a last chance. I hope this is gonna help you Im a jungel main so dont get it wrong I just wont to help you. Have funn mainning jungel. :)

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