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DarkG0d (EUNE)
: The game is gettign worse by the day
Well I do not really support punishments. But I have another way of handling toxic players. We should just talk back in a civilized way. We should not get on their levels. Just talk back in normal, funny or sarcastic way. Do not let them bring you down. You just have to stay positive!!! They cannot report you for playing bad. I recently posted a thread about [League of Legends players](
: Yes I agree.No one has the right to flame anyone.It is true that there are diffrent meanings to fun,but when you write down something like ". But please. Games are meant to be funny. Where we can play with our friends and have fun. Spend our free time. Meeting other people. Maybe making new friends and so on." you give off the wrong message.What you said basicly applies to normal games,preety much everyone would understand you that way because most people dont associate ranked with having fun,more of being competetive and improving.In theory that is fun for some people(including myself) but it simply gives off the wrong message if you write it that way.
Yeah, you are right. ^^' I hope now it is better.
: It is true that alot of people have a good reason for going afk,i wont lie I went afk a few times aswell(very rare) but that doesn't justify it.By going afk you ruin the game for every player and that deserves a report.And no,you are wrong to an extent.Games are meant to be fun and entertain,but ranked is a place for tryhards and competetive people.If you want to have fun and relax play normals and arams,not ranked.Ranked is a place where you go to improve and show your skill by climbing the ladder,not where you play full ap graves for lolz with your friends.
People who want to try hard and compete with others. They probably think that these things is fun. I did not specify what fun is for people. All have different meaning of fun. But like I said, you should still not be toxic...
Mölang (EUNE)
: As much as I dislike toxic players. I don't think it is a good idea to reinforce punishments to humiliate them. Rather punishments that would make them understand why it is bad and realize their own behavior. (Not that I know how tho.)
I agree. I do not think punishments would work. My way of handling generally people who are talking bad. Just talk back in a civilized way. Just agree with him, be sarcastic, stay positive. Do not let him look down to you and do not get on his level. What can he do? Report you for playing bad? That is not possible...
Bloodfish (EUNE)
: If you read carefully what i wrote, i told clearly, to not mess real toxic players (those who you talk about) with those who just want win and raging on people for their bad play and talking only ingame stuff, not personilizing anything Read first before shit posting
So you say it is okay to be toxic if you want to win? Then I think you are too serious about the game. Only because you are better, you should not look down to other people who are not so good. He may has tried his best. Wanted to help, but was not good enough. Maybe you could try to help him instead of flaming. I never understood why people are flaming. It will not change the game. I thought we were in a society of equality. Where we help each other...
: > Games are meant to be funny. Where we can play with our friends and have fun. i guess its a matter of opinion.. some people find skilled games of competition fun. while others like using teemo and running around the jungle and consider that fun. personally i dont like casual play.. while some of my friends do. humanity was always a cup half full or a cup half empty type of community.
Yeah, I know that there are people who consider competition as fun. But also in competition we have to respect each other. PS: I am rather the teemo type :) {{champion:17}}
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