iDunk (EUW)
: 69 hehe. Maybe they were just bad players? xD I dunno if I believe in bots in ARAM, purely cause I've never come across anything fishy myself, but this, this is something else xD Ghost Yasuo, barrier heal Elise xD And the rest of their summoners is some shit even bronze 5 players don't do xD
> [{quoted}](name=Jãck,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=4HYoHq4B,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-02-19T04:48:18.023+0000) > > 69 hehe. Maybe they were just bad players? xD I dunno if I believe in bots in ARAM, purely cause I've never come across anything fishy myself, but this, this is something else xD Ghost Yasuo, barrier heal Elise xD And the rest of their summoners is some shit even bronze 5 players don't do xD Nah, they were legit bots. All ran into their tower while AAing without minions around, and never did anything good throughout the game. + they had no runes or masteries, or if they did they had 11/11/0 masteries only. There was however a Bronze V player on the enemy team, but I doubt he was a bot cause bots are usually sold unranked, so it's highly likely he was just a really bad player. Overall, that's what happens when you put your time and effort into learning League through ARAMs! ^^ You get a bad W/L ratio in ARAM and you play with bots :/
: Warwick W Effect
It's a gameplay element. You can't remove it. That's like saying "Can I disable the burning effect on my champion because it just ruined the swag on my Pink Taric cause I am literally being burnt alive?" Heal back up to over 50% HP and it removes itself if you are globally detected or just run to your nearest turret as if you are Blood Scented when you are >50% HP then WW is coming for you.
SinliLoc (EUW)
: Warwick worthy of high elo???
I find him useful in pick comps (Lissandra, Ahri, Zyra catches and you ult into them) but I feel like in a tank shredding teamcomp (Irelia, Vayne, any lethality 'carry) you become useless as your E or R is blocked by EoN and you die unless you can sustain yourself in fights.
Korios (EUNE)
: Hunter's Potion
It's not forgotten. It's picked up on junglers who get invaded early and are in a gold defecit so they can sustain in the jungle for longer and/or on junglers with low sustain or bad clear speeds.
: Ivern - Never judge a book by its cover.
> Never judge a book by its cover Proceed to flame a late-game scaling botlane for going 0/8 combined KDA @ 10 minutes. I love this game.
ST Paws (EUNE)
: 1 Month, 7 Chests, 7 Champions. Am i bugged?
Nah, It's RNG and/or scripted. When you buy 10 hextech chests as a bundle and then open them all using the "open 10" button, it will give you 3 champion skins or ward skins and 7 champions. It's rigged man.
: Add Panth's E a mark
Yes, good QoL change. I like it. Make it a massive spear, similar to Garen's Villain icon
: ınput not support ?? 19.02.2017
Doesn't Turkey have their own boards?
iDunk (EUW)
: We Got 103 Kills on ARAM All bots on my team. The other 3 that are crossed out were real players.
: Is it just me or are cheaters becoming more and more common?
Yes, I do believe scripting activity has increased in the past. Mainly because of how the meta shifts. When Vayne was a meta-slave pick, I would see a Vayne scripter every 10th game in ranked everytime she was picked. Or when Graves/Riven are meta now because of lethality, I would see Riven scripts that auto dash or auto block everything with their E and have perfect Q-AA logic and with Graves where he would have perfect AA-E resets and/or combos with his Q and R. Only thing you can do yourself is to report them in-game and send tickets to Riot, because they recently said that they are working on taking in reports from the in-game report system and then using them to identify scripting activity, as currently the only way to expose a scripter is to manually send Riot a ticket.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
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: Input lag or something?
It's usually packet loss or just lag before the ping even changes. Occurs to me aswell. The only way I think you can fix it is by going into your CMD prompt, typing in ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /renew to restart your internet connection. This also temporarily fixes high ping.
: Because Support is not my best role? And not playing my best role in ranked = getting flamed by teammates? I mean, there's something called common sense. If I queue for Top/Jungle and get autofilled when it says "Autofill protected", is it my fault? No, it's Riot's stupid matchmaking system that puts Autofill in a 2 minute queue.
> [{quoted}](name=im actually bad,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GgeHqkET,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-01-07T11:06:58.273+0000) > > Because Support is not my best role? And not playing my best role in ranked = getting flamed by teammates?
Gojiraw (EUW)
: Maybe you switched with someone the game before and you didn't realize afterward? Happened to me yesterday, queued up as jungle, my main jungler was banned, so I asked the support if he would like to jungle, and we did that. Next game was very confused when I got auto-filled support, as I played support last game, but then realized that I actually switched on that one.
I assume from switching you mean role swapping, which was not the reason for my case. I just queued up for a game, the client said I'm autofilled protected, and I got autofilled for no reason. It was the first game of the day, and I don't remember swapping with anyone the night before. It's just a really stupid system that Riot does not want to fix because they are busy making doing other stupid, time-wasting things like answering Ask Riot questions with a "meme" New Year's Resolution post.
Myster10 (EUNE)
: So why don't you just play support if you are not gonna get the role that you can play anyway?? Gosh, this stupid attitude of all of you players. I have played like 120 games this season, i got autofilled like 9-10?? So you can't just suck it up and autofill once per 10 games??
Because Support is not my best role? And not playing my best role in ranked = getting flamed by teammates? I mean, there's something called common sense. If I queue for Top/Jungle and get autofilled when it says "Autofill protected", is it my fault? No, it's Riot's stupid matchmaking system that puts Autofill in a 2 minute queue.
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dissnutz (EUW)
: I think i know what you are talking about. I know the feel! I recently like 2 hours ago attempted to transition myself from support main to learn something more mechanical and rewarding, something that could possibly help me improve at the game and be consitent and carry everytime i could. On my other account of course i got to a Gold level support and as soon as i tried to play a Fiora or Irelia top lane, I got completly smashed like no words i Lost to a Nasus as Irelia! And i got Smashed that nasus was fed as hell and feeling so unnable to do anything, so powerless to come back to the game. As usual competitive games generate alot of stress and if you not help others win their games you will get flammed it's the cycle of League of Legends Solo Q. It all came from the point of wanting to improve my gameplay and understand better how it works. I guess I will be using my skills in the Support way, after all League is a Mathematical and Strategic game more than an Action one. I can carry as support and not as top lane as sad as that can sound, I did learn some stuff by losing, I have also learned when and how to Roam to the Top lane as a support and what to do if my Top Lanner falls behind. I have also learned when enemy top lane is fed and what do to. There are times when we are going to tilt and hate this game more than anything in life and hate ourselves but try to get out of the negative habbits of punishing yourself. You should play ranked because you love the feeling of competing with others and the competition should make you proud. 1. **When you start tilting I sugest you to try to:** 2. Go wash your face, drink some water, rest your eyes for like 15 minutes, go listen to some calm relaxing music or even motivational speeches ( for me i love listening to 1 Hour rain drops :) ), and think that, people in this world will make you angry, we live in bad community and respect and honor doesn't exist anymore. 3. Go watch replays and try to understand what's going on and where did you do mistakes and what could you do to avoid them! I know this tip is very underrated because i also did ignore this one like "No thanks, I don't need to watch replay that won't help me defeat enemy laners". Wrong! As soon as i started to watch them i started to see so many things that i did wrong and didn't realize. It's a very diferent point of view trust me. 4. Go play some normals. If you lose in normals that's ok! you won't lose Ranked Points and you can learn others styles and roles for example if you main Pantheon or Jax your entire life and have experience on playing a Fighter but not a tank go pick Maokai or Sion in top lane and see how it goes, What can go wrong? You lose a game that's ok. 5. Read forums, Reddit, PBE News, Youtube videos and see how the meta is working and how to play effectively and try to reduce your Champion Pool to a Small variety of Sturdy Gameplay but try not to play something with High Contrast like Yasuo and then play something like Malphite or Ryze or Aatrox. 6. Attempt to figure out what your strengths are and make them your friends and don't punish yourself never. People are Toxic deal with it. Mute people the button is there for something. Everyone throws and don't give up. Don't feel like an idiot for losing or retarded just because someone says it. 7. Remember this African Proverb: _If there's no enemy within the enemy outside can do us no harm._ Whatever your ranked might be you will not be there forever if you put your mind to it and have Faith and keep working to Improve in a long term goal, you will get there, Just like anything in life. _I wish you the best of luck and have a Happy new Year. This year is the year of conquer!_ {{champion:44}} "I Climbed mount Targon. You did not."
Very motivational, thank you. I see that you are learning top lane. If I can trade the favour with you, just message me on the client and we can have a chat.
Tarolock (EUW)
: how to stop tilt? thats easy: alt+f4, if you are doing nothing in the game but get tilted even more just stop for a while, do something else
But I don't want to get leaverbustered.
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TTekkers (EUW)
: I don't know, but I'd assume it's because your W will block the initial spell but not the passive proc that causes the stun.
This might be the cause but it's an unhealthy way to put it in the game like that. If the Kennen tries to Q you to trigger the 3rd mark, it should block the Q damage and the passive proc stun that it's going to apply if it wasn't blocked in the first place.
: I bet you just timed it wrong and now you are butthurt or something like every Fiora 'Main' nowadays Edit : nvm, sorry for wrong accusion
Doomley (EUW)
: Well for me it has always worked but it has been some time since i last played fiora against kennen.
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Smerk (EUW)
: It is completely random, that's why I reroll only 750 and cheaper skins and disenchant more expensive ones
Should of known that as an FYI before I rerolled. Ty, now I know.
Infernape (EUW)
: Neither do I. It gives you a random skin when you reroll and it just happened to be Earthrune Skarner when I rerolled. I QQ'ed so hard that day.
Infernape (EUW)
: Lol this happened to me. I rerolled Elderwood LeBlanc, a Nunu skin and Assassin Master Yi into Earthrune Skarner... Needless to say the what-the-fuckometer went haywire.
The worst part is that I don't even own Skarner on this account...
Just Cat (EUW)
: what did you expect?!
Something that is not worth 975RP when you reroll** THREE **1350RP SKINS!!! WTH RITO?
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: It can still be used in the Rift, it's just that no one has any uses for it.
That's the thing, you can't! Try going into a custom game on the Rift and you'll see it's not there anymore.
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xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings. That depends on when your last ban was :) IF you have been absolutely clean for atleast 3 Months before the Season End Date, you may be eligible. However, this only applies to toxic behaviour Bans, afaik, bans for elo boosting and other ToU violations are not included in this exeption ruling.
I was last banned on the 11th of September, and I know season ends around mid november. This probably means I won't get season awards since it's only been 2 months and not 3. So really all I can do is just climb higher so I can compete with other high elo players and learn for the upcoming season. I won't be getting awards to show my effort despite being toxic throughout the end of the season :(. Thank you for the information.
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: Increased latency during evening hours
1) UK/London 2) SKT Krisko (EUNE) 3) Virgin Media 4) Tracert in attachments
LordTay (EUW)
: Once again you spoke wisely my fellow summoner Skylinez33 xD
But this is something. It might not be alot but it's beneficial for the player. An IP boost is pretty handy if you are low on IP and need to upgrade your rune pages or save up IP for the new champion that's coming out. Then again, I see your point. Why even bother making a thing that's not gonna be advertised on their game? It's more of a easter egg than a reward in this case. But my reasoning for that was if it was publicized, it could easily be exploited, unless Riot thinks of something that would counter that.
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Kydon (EUW)
: What do we count as flaming?
Usually direct toxicity towards a teammate or enemy player. Sometimes over adhesive mocking can be called flame aswell. I recently got banned for making ironic and sarcastic jokes, and also abit of raging and blaming, but I wouldn't call that flame unless there's strong evidence to support it.
: Greetings. The behavior that your chatlogs show are is acceptable. You only create a negative atmosphere with the things you said. It seems like you love to command people rather than help them and when things don't go your way, you start **blaming/ raging.** Helping people is fine, just do it in form of constructive criticism! --- Things like... >if i go mid my team feeds if i go any other role than mid the mid feeds wtf Classical team blaming - not a healthy attitude. >best tibbers most likely a sarcastic comment on the Annie that you decided to hate. >reported and muted This is where it gets really f*cked up... >and afk bye You threaten to go afk... >wtf worst supp euwest Now you decide to attack your Support. >*Insert moaning and whining about the team here* ... >i have to play carry champs and note to myself never let anyone go mid if you are higher pick remember that noob And finally **THIS**, are the reason you got banned. Please note that the context does not matter! Just because your team is flaming/raging/blaming, doesn't mean you can do so too. That's even said in the reform card you've received. >As a community, we also don't believe that retaliation is an appropriate response, so in cases where there is retaliation, both players receive penalties This ban was justified.
Hi, thanks for your comment. I think you misunderstood about some parts in the chat logs, since they only show messages from me and not the rest of the game (like in /all chat or from the team) So the first part which was the "reported and muted" and AFK was not towards annie. It was a joke that morgana made and I responded to sarcastically, with me saying I will report her, mute and afk. I then disconnected and reconnected 30 seconds later with a comment "sorry cat on keyboard" just for comedical purpose. No one in this moment was offended. Second, the support (who was Morgana) was the main reason I was trying to be comedical in the first place. If you read the chat log correctly, it says "where is the lantern renek wtf worst supp euwest" as a joke (I was trying to make it funny because Renekton was running away from the support (Morgana) and as you know, Thresh, the chain warden, has a lantern ability which he throws at his allies to grab for and end up in a quick escape.) and you clearly misunderstood me there, as all I wanted to say was that Renekton didnt try to CC or do something to help the Morgana from being chased (thats where the lantern joke comes in) Third, the part where I said I never let anyone mid because I'm higher pick was just me talking to myself in chat. I really hate the fact that Riot only puts the chat log for myself and not the rest of the messages sent from my team or the enemy team. That way if you can see what's going on during the chat, you would understand why I made some of those jokes. Those sentences weren't targetted towards anyone on the team, I was generally speaking to myself by typing it in, with a comedical purpose, of course. Finally, I hope you understand what I am trying to write up here. This entire ban is speculated on the fact that certain comments I made are suppose to be targeted at my teammates or the enemy team which is probably the reason why I received an automated 14 days suspension. I do wish Riot could review this case faster so I can go back to playing ranked, and if they ever do throw out another chat restriction with a note saying "Don't type ironic or sarcastic jokes in chat just cause you think you're funny" then that would be the last of my so called "toxicity".
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