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TTekkers (EUW)
: My winrate over more than 1000 games is about 55% in normals. But I wouldn't look at anything less than last 100 for a winrate stat - I would also normalise for what champs I play ...
I play normals since I need more champions to play ranked.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: You won't win every game. You'll have winning streaks, and you'll have losing streaks. It's all normal. --- > You cannot win. In every game, 50% of the players win. It's quite possible, it just won't always be you.
Yes I know, but most people have a 50% + winrate.
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: I have 0 chests and 30 unused complete (not fragments) keys... I wish i could trade those.
Lol thats what happened to me on my main.
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: {{champion:60}} she actually started scaling pretty well with runes reforged. Problem is, you have to decice, whether you want weak early for stupid high turret pushing power late, or you want her to be midgame powerhouse. On top of that, mess a combo and bb. {{champion:103}} super easy to pick up. Mastering is a whole different thing, as she has so many playstyles. Fighter, assasin, kitemage, dps, tank buster, aoe teamfighter. {{champion:131}} when to pace out your skills and when to combo all for outright burst. Bruiser, assasin, dps, tank. {{champion:76}} Now this has gone under the radar for a while. She is capable of playing EVERY POSITION, but relies largely on her abilities to enchance those positions. {{champion:102}} You don't win against rene or dariuss now, do you? Exept, YOU DO!!! BUT YOU NEED TO consider your whole god damn game in champ select. What runes, what summoners, what playstyle. Snowball shyvana is surprise to low elo, but once you meet people who can kite properly, you're in a world of pain. Not to mention, she is a jungler and very underrated toplaner. {{champion:39}} The better nerf irelia meme. Every season she gets a change. Every season she either stomps in 3 roles(top,mid,jungle) or is bound to only one lane. {{champion:134}} designed as a mage that can solo fend off 5 man towerdive. Now, I've only seen one guy do it and he is ex anivia main.
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WolfChases (EUNE)
: Crappy 450-1350 BE champions? Lol? Warwick, Annie, Sivir, Zilean, Urgot, Xin Zhao are crap?
I'm saying the champions I like playing are not cheap.
: Nerf Nasus after 15 -20 min he is unbeatable and unkillable
When you see him, just re-think why you downloaded league of legends, why you didn't dodge, and re-think why riot created the Egyptian God of Dead...
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