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: open command prompt and check your ping to server /ping What internet package are you using? Your monthly download limit? download/upload speed? Is it wired connection? If your connection also supports wifi, make sure you set bandwidth to other ip's, also check settings for Windows update that the updates are off when you are playing league. Ping is caused by bad connection, there's nothing wrong with laptop.
Ok thanks that makes me feel better knowing it is a bad connection and not my laptop haha. I am with Sky and always have been even when my games used to run smoothly.. we have been having a lot of internet issues with sky so we complained and got upgraded to fibre, we were hitting 34mg and now it has dropped again down to 4mg..... But my friends laptop next me was connecting fine and my boyfriend was on his xbox with no issues.. the first half of the game goes fine, then the second half i get 2000-9000 ping :S it isnt a wired connection, I use wifi. I will try turning my windows updates off.. I dont know my download limit.
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