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rbkostas01 (EUNE)
: problems with my lp
ur MMR is prob a lil lower then the normal MMR in ur division.
: First, the fun for the players is subjective. I love and only play funneling meta. Second, if they flame they should be punished because it is not tolerated. Whether they are playing funnel or not is independent of their behaviour.
yeah ni champ select i was like. ok lets give it a chance and it worked out well first 5 minutes. slowly i was losing bot cause jax his ganks pressured me back a lil. i friendly aksed a gank and they refused it. so i was like ok lets just play but when i went 0/4 i am flamed for feeding so yeah sad
Sotaro (EUW)
: NEXUS BLITZ - Looking for Team / Players
i am. i enjoy playing that game mode to bad im low elo and just started playing rankeds few days ago so i prob am to low or to bad i dont know
BleupizZ (EUW)
: League of Reports "What a beautiful community"
i know right. my draven adc went afk cause ùy ward was down and zac ganked. he insta ragequited lel :p
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N o (EUW)
: Saying "easy" should be punished way harder
i can't agree more. just now i had a game with an afk. we lost the nexus blitz within 10 minutes even we tried our best in a 4v5. yet the poppy had to say EZ and bark over it in afther game. how low can u even fall man i mean

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