: we completely agree, ust look at youtube videos and the comments from the reveal page.
also, kind of irrelevant, seems like thunderlord`s decree is going to be a must have on him. 1 shot on random target, remaining 3 shots on enemy =huge damage. dont even want to think about his ult and thunderlords :D
: CHAMPION REVEAL: JHIN, THE VIRTUOSO //// Confirmed images!
there really was a huge hype, but riot didnt manage to deliver, It looks like riot threw {{champion:51}} and {{champion:104}} in a blender, and jhin was the result edit: also a bit of {{champion:21}}
Speavy (EUW)
: They not nerfing thunderlord but instead they buff the others which is good, but here i talked about champs but thanks for sharring what you think because thats why this place is here for, here take a {{summoner:31}} and have a great day.
sorry, i thought it was about overall patch changes, didn`t pay much attention to the title :D, about champions , it seems like Riot wants more people to play with {{champion:17}} Also ty for {{summoner:31}} , as {{champion:201}} main - i am really happy :D
Speavy (EUW)
: Buffing broken, unballanced champs while nerfing kidna strong but only late champs wut? (RIOT WHY?)
Arsene (EUNE)
: I seriously doubt that anyone would choose support as their preference witch will make queues much longer :<
i think riot is planning to introduce some kind of rewards in the future for playing unpopular roles
: So I got told to never play league again
Just ignore it and continue playing. But if you get discouraged by 1 guy telling you "NEVER PLAY AGAIN", it would be better to really stop playing, cause believe me, "NEVER PLAY AGAIN" is nothing compared to what you will hear later on.


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