Trixster (EUNE)
: NB3 received his own 14 days vacation
damn i wish could just argue for Nubrac nightblues argument is so bad, taking farm top is not the same thing as supporting another lane and not taking any farm. He could say that you take xp but at the same time the adc gets double xp and the one mid will get ahed in gold becuase you can deny the enemy mid farm and kill it so it evens out in gold and xp. you also can roam top and bot and to dragon and herald way easier. you can invade the enemy jungler more easy too so i has many benefits too. smh nightblue is a stupid entitled little %%%%% who thinks he can ban whoever he wants on twitch and on lol because he is ''famous'' totally deserved ban good one riot!
: Because of your chat restriction, I think you have to wait till february. But I'm not sure! Maybe send a ticket to support?
i did but they did not respond for 5 days
Shamose (EUW)
: Do you actually get banned for it though? You get a forced change right? Plus Mr Creampie isn't even offensive.
i got a week suspension and after that i will have to change my name so i cant log in to my account
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it is JGLs Fault

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