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: Use the logging for the NA account and it should automatically log you into NA. That's why names had to be changed a while back
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: thats why u play ranked and only train champions in draft
lol some people are already done with ranked because theres no point in going further. Also I don't want to spend every game getting 5 man invaded at level 1 from duo'd tryhards.
: Well i am a support main, for a reason. I can avoid having to learn to farm and more which would move me significantly down the ranks if i had to do(last time i checked i can do 60-70cs/10min). - Ever since i started playing the game i never learned to last hit, even when playing with friends and bots i always took fast aoe clear champs . As a support I always get my role and it's VERY simple. Help adc survive, VISION CONTROL. <- That's the key reason I'm D4: VISION CONTROL. If you look at my games you can easily see how 90% of my games I have top vision. - I never needed to learn anything else as i was climbing, but after some time I hit the impregnable D5(old ranked). Immediately after hitting it i went on a 12 game losing streak back to plat 2(old ranked). Which i must say was still quite the achievement going from high silver all the way to D4 in merely 3 months was quite satisfying. Despite having to stick to my self-imposed 10games/day grind. Now i'm back after a 6 month break to playing the game and i 'm quite rusty and doing a lot of mistakes, but am comfortably staying between d4 15-50lp(higher before break and having more fun playing . And i've been frequienting the forums reading stuff, i must say they and the community are more helpful then I anticipated. ::) - I hope this answers your question, why I'm d4 with subpar teamfight knowledge. :) -
dam maybe i should become a sup main. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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: Udyr is a old champion, the game evolved, spirit guard udyr is decent But there is alot of champions, that are here since the early stages of the games, and they need at least a visual update and new splash arts With so much to manage, they won't do that soon, but some champions been updated already
lol all the old champs that looked bad (morde, kayle, ww, irelia) have all been prettied up. Udyr takes the cake for the worst looking champ in the game.
XMiró (EUW)
: Thank you so much for your reply, do you eventually have any tips on how to farm? I mean I am trying to just focus on the minions in the early game as good as possible
if ya really want to get good you can enter a practice tool game, choose your main, lock the xp, get your starting items, and farm for 10 mins. I think there are around 120ish minions that spawn during 10 mins. a really good last hitter will get around 100 in that time. Just being able to do this in an actual game should carry you to at the very least silver. the reason you pick your main is to get used to their aa animations and stuff. The reason you lock xp is so you stay at level 1 where last hitting is the hardest. To increase difficulty you could add a bot and put off xp lock. Still try to focus on getting minions while not getting destroyed. Some tips on last hitting: the first wave of minions will probs lower hp by the same amount so if you dont feel that comfortable just auto them a couple times. Also under turret the melee minions take 2 turret shots and 1 (non buffed non ad added)auto to kill. the ranged minions take 1 turret shot and 2 autos to kill(without ad ofc). So while the turret takes 2 shots to kill the frontline minions you can take that time to hit the backline once. You just kinda need to eyeball the canon minions tho.
Sie7Benn (EUW)
: Ok ty I'm already feeling how to you ahri a bit on my 4th game, which was actually better, I loosed here too and I was in a team with really good players, against really good players, and also we were 4 against 5 but we got more kills than them and manage to do ncie thing I enjoyed a lot more this game I even got to level 18 about 20 minutes before the end of the game , I got stolen about 7 kills? But for real this game was why I installed this game, that's what I was earching for !
don't let him tell you what champs to play. Just play whatever you think looks cool :P. I'd only recommend staying away from difficult/hard farm champs like kass or riven.
: Uninstall the game before you get addicted like me and it ruins your life as did with mine.Just delete it and never think of it again...{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Sad,but its everyday bro...
it really do be like that all the time.
XMiró (EUW)
: New Player looking for help/advice
you can play whoever you want really as long as they're not super hard champs like riven or zed or kassadin. just focus on learning how to farm. If you really want to improve asap you can stick to a core of 3-1 champs.
: If somebody would wanted to get out of Iron4 he would've got out of there the very same day. It's really the rating for those who don't care the slightest. P.S. you may stumble across a few trolls with fake accounts though :^)
: How do you force Team Fight's and Objectives?
how on earth did you get to d4 without understanding teamfights? I am quite frankly baffled I guess you should only force a team fight in mid or late game if you stand to gain an objective from it. Getting vision is also pretty crucial(especially to avoid getting flanked or for taking objectives). If the enemy is turtling you can just wander around with your team for a bit looking to catch someone out. Also some comps don't really need to or want to team fight. For instance with a fed split pusher you may just want to wait around till he either split wins the game or their team runs off and you can take a free drag/baron/tower.
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: I need help
play shaco or pyke. You are the carry now.
Sie7Benn (EUW)
: Talking about my first game (need advice/help)
That's the culture in the starting levels. It's just a bunch of people with smurf accounts or perma banned people coming back. As for trying to fight smurfs the only real advice is to get better :P. If they're toxic I suppose you could mute them. As for wether to build ap or ad the game gives you recommended items which should help you out. On specific champions AP increases the damage their spells do. AD increases your auto attack damage and on some champs it also increases spell damage. You can go here: []( to see the best builds for a certain champ atm. for advanced tips and stuff i highly recommend "lone coyote"'s guide videos (not the latest ones). They can be hard to understand if you're new but once you get the core rules it was super helpful. As for how to get better I'd say just read up on what champs do if you want and experience them by facing them once you've learned what they do. If you want maximum getting good the fastest i guess you could only play one or two champs but that might be kinda boring. PS. if you do good on a champ you get a loot box which can give you (kinda) free skins. unfortunately this can only be done once per season on a specific champ.
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ADC Yuumi (EUW)
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} **_Nom nom nom_** {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} **BLUEH.** "Who over salted the popcorn? Oh, wait. That's KairemCarry's salt!" {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} "Guess I'll enjoy their tears along with my popcorn!" {{item:3070}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} {{item:3070}}
xD I guess you've acknowledged I'm right?
: Except that is completely true... the entirely of his kit is basically jump on someone and auto until someone dies... there was no skill involved, only one somewhat difficult thing to hit and frankly even that didn’t really matter at times. It’s really evident that he is stat checky due to how volitile he was to changes... he goes from a joke to overpowered with very small tweaks to him or his items. > His early game is garbage since he's an as based champ and he has to be considerably good to survive it. Did you never bother doing the level 2 cheese... Q into blood price for a guaranteed won trade, after level 3 you can build up the blood well by poking with E then go in for not only a won trade but potentially a kill. His early game was for a very long time the only thing going for him. And even if he didn’t have this cheese saying that his early game was challenging or required skill is just a lie... he had good wave clear, enough sustain to invalidate anything anyone did, and amazing power spikes... he couldn’t be dove, he couldn’t be poked out, he couldn’t be ganked with his Q... he had everything he needed to never have a difficult early game cause even if you don’t bother to use his cheese strats you can just sustain through the entire lane without much threat... and the few champions who could be a threat you could out scale with ease. > You also say that a lot of people liked it. Well isn't what the community wanted the point of games? If so many people liked it, why does it need to go? I never said that a lot of people liked him... in fact with one of the lowest play rates in the game the opposite was true, he was not liked at all. And the health of the game is more important than a small subsection of the player base, what’s more it’s important for the people manning aatrox in the long run, because the alternative is worse. Aatrox is an unhealthy champion, he suddenly just became pick or ban and was considered the strongest top laner in the game... what do you think riot will do to an unhealthy champion who is causing issues... if this rework didn’t hit you could be dam well sure riot where gonna hit aatrox with some heavy nerfs in 8.13... having aatrox be reworked and able to become a balanced and healthy member of the roster is much better than us having to watch aatrox die without any form of compensation.
I feel like you remember the old Aatrox and completely overlook the Aatrox after his first rework. Saying that Aatrox had no skill involved is just untrue. Aatrox had 2 abilities that were extremely hard to hit. He also had a meter mechanic similar to gnar. Aatrox needed to stay in combat while not going too wild to completely deplete it. As for the level 2 cheese you have to actually hit q to make it work. That leaves a bunch of couterplay! If Aatrox goes in with q he has either 3 or 4 stacks of passive meaning that if Aatrox misses he is stuck with no more meter and can be promptly destroyed when he backs off. The level 3 thing is also dumb. An enemy has to be extremely dumb to die to Aatrox pre 6. He has no way to stack meter during an actual fight so if you trade Aatrox while he has 0 or 1 meter he loses automatically. That is not only good counterplay but an Aatrox has to be good to not waste his meter. "he had good wave clear" Yes well welcome to league, a lot of characters have waveclear. Also it was only after he got tiamat that his waveclear is good. Especially early game since he cant just kill the backline with 1 e. "enough sustain to invalidate anything anyone did" Not true. It takes a while for Aatrox to go from a horribly lost trade to full. And even then the enemy has to let him walk up to minions and hit them. "he couldn’t be dove" Anivia, Tryndamere, Kayle, Zac, Zilean, Jax against aa, and current Aatrox. In fact he was more skill oriented than all of these since he needed meter to get his ga. "he couldn’t be poked out" This is redundant but he could be poked out. The entire problem with being poked out is that you can't get near minions if you are. Therefore if Aatrox is poked out he can't sustain. GP can't be poked out because he doesnt need to get near minions to heal. Aatrox can be poked out. "he couldn’t be ganked with his Q" Just not true. Sneaking up behind him and some thinking makes a gank impossible to escape from even with q. Sion has a big escape but he can still get ganked. That's not even considering an Aatrox that goes in with q only to get ganked. "was considered the strongest top laner in the game" Aatrox had the strongest items that synergized with him in the game. Titanic hydra and guinsoos. Aatrox himself wasn't strong. When those items got nerfed like they did, Aatrox would fall back into his balanced state again.
: He had a really unhealthy kit that relied entirely on stat checking... no matter how many people liked it it had to go, simple as that
To say that he's a stat checking champ is just untrue. All adcs are more stat check champs than Aatrox. Aatrox had a lot of ways to show your champion knowledge. He was melee for one which meant if he got kited/missed his q he would be screwed. His early game is garbage since he's an as based champ and he has to be considerably good to survive it. You also say that a lot of people liked it. Well isn't what the community wanted the point of games? If so many people liked it, why does it need to go?
Leyruh (EUW)
: Old Aatrox's design really needed an update. The new Splash Art and in Game Model both look amazing to me. However, Reworked {{champion:266}} has issues. Perhaps Riot can look into it and make a few changes ( however little they would be ) to make it a little better. But then again, did Riot, once they released a finished Champion/Rework, change anything according to the Community's wishes? That I do not know. Perhaps we'll all get used to it. Perhaps they'll change something. No one can say what will be the future of Darkin Boi {{champion:266}} .
I do agree that his new model and splash look great. I kinda dislike his voice but the rest of the superficial stuff is looking good. But his gameplay man. He's just cancerous to everyone in the game. The reason I made this post is that maybe people that agree with me can share it around and if that happens enough maybe Riot will think about it.
ADC Yuumi (EUW)
: The new Aatrox is less... uh... one-sided. Before he used to be an almost unkillable Master Yi with nothing but lifesteal to keep him alive. The new rework, he can't start carrying the whole game after 3 kills. The new Aatrox is 100% late game destroyer. You basically have to pull a Nasus on him. Farm minions, farm towers, farm people but never leave top. I want to say, if you've played Rhaast; you know how to play Aatrox. He was made to be a fighter now, and not a Master Yi mixed with Ornn. So sadly, I must admit; **you need skill to play Aatrox.** Which hurts all other Aatrox mains' hearts. {{sticker:sg-soraka}} {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} {{sticker:sg-janna}} So, don't give up on that guy yet. I'm sure some off-meta mains like me would love to help you find a way to play him full auto-attack again, because it's not like they made him not able to be like he was before unlike Evelynn who can't be played AD anymore; RIOT. {{champion:28}} But with his set having three knock-ups and still rapid reviving; you can totally go on-hit, on-crit, full lifesteal, you name it. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I'm not sure if you've played new Aatrox. The build wasn't even part of the discussion. Just to adress the build though, you can't build him full dmg. He's much too clunky and slow for it. It's a lot like building juggernauts full ad. Sure they deal a bunch of dmg but they got no range and pop like a balloon. And again, he's much too clunky to be any good late game. Your idea that he is like Nasus 2.0 is completely misguided. I kinda noticed you've never played Aatrox. His early is stupid strong. He falls off late. I think you should do your homework before saying something like that.
: They aren't going to revert it. Partially because of the amount of work that went into it, partially because because the new Aatrox is much better for game health than the old one.
You're telling me that a champ that has a better and more annoying early than panth, and one of the worst lates I've ever seen is not cancerous to the game?
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
yes and that's my point. He was good. Rito changed him for no reason. If enough people tell them to change it rito might consider.
: Aatrox revert plz
faccing revert aatrox
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its money time

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