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Rarpt (EUW)
: Looking For Bronze/Silver Support for duo
Podemos fazer duo bot se quiseres, tambem ando a procura de um bom ADC, Bronze ou Silver.
Zeb2707 (EUW)
: Drop chance of the rare skins in honor capsules ?
I got 1 key frag, a champ, and SKT1 Alistar, dunno if its rare but, i guess its a matter of luck really.
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: I am sorry for everything that i have done and goodbye!
Ouch! So, you use a friends account to try a skin and see if its worth buying on your personal account? Well, you knew this was a bad move indeed from the start, plus there are tons of channel on Youtube spotlighting skin, such as SkinSpotlights. Maybe Riot can still unban your account if you open a ticket explaining and apologizing, because i've seen the worst player in League history, from toxic ones to boosters getting their accounts back so, i think opening a ticket is atleast a must try, so you dont regret not having done it.
Phorce (EUW)
: Players with "Lag"
The new Client is also at fault. Some people have been complaining (me included), that this new client lags people like crazy, due to all this animations and especial effects on the client. Its happening alot now, because Riot keeps implementing all kinds of especial effect to the client. If you take a look at **TASK MANAGER** on your PC Desktop, you'll notice that the Client alone slows your computer like crazy. Reason why Riot inserted the Low Spec option, but that solves nothings. But that alone doesn't cause the lag, as it gets worse if you're playing on the wrong region too, or your internet is ultra bad like mine during the day. During the day i get like 1000 to 2000 ping, during the night it goes down to 64 and 34, but good thing i work during the day.
Pháté (EUW)
: Someone added me post game, entirely just to apologise for very minimal flame.
It takes balls of wisdom to recognize your bad behavior, but it takes balls of steel to apologize. Its good to see people actually apologizing for once, and yes, we've all been there, but not many of us do apologize. GG my good man GG (Good Goin) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Did you buy the Riven **and** the Yasuo legendary? If you bought only one you can unlock it for free by doing their quest-line. I am pretty sure you get those 280 token during the event. If you want both borders you definetly have to buy one of the passes - because of different tokens and because there are not enough tokens included for sure (you can get lucky and get the missing ones from an orb) you probably have to buy both. This is actually really bad. I liked the project: first strike way better where early buyers got those borders. But with project: disruption they introduced this crafting system where you could unlock only one border for free so f*ck those borders. they started as a reward for early supporters and now they have an additional cost so who cares about them. edit: you will (probably) get enough with one pass for both. If not you could also buy 140 token for 295 RP. But you definitely have to pay if you want both.
I liked project too, but i also wanted to add this one to my collection, i kinda wasted my RPs tho, my fault on that too. Ty for explain tho.
Declined (EUNE)
: Greetings itsNinjaToast, While I agree it's poorly explained, this is still an event with free stuff, so even if you don't get the border it isn't the end of the world, it'll expire at some point anyway.
True, sorry about the hot mess, i know you guys give us alot of free stuff, but some people really love League like myself and spend digital benjamins (_100 dolars, dont tell my family please_) on it,i was so hyped for this, that the dissapointment turned me into a keyboard warrior. Appreciate that you guys are here atleast to put out the fire.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Is this a new account? you said you've been playing since S4 or S5, but you barely have only rather small games even only in S6 and nothing prior to it.
I had one on NA, but quit that account because people were to toxic there, and started this one on EUW my region, i dont know when but, started getting into LOL afterwards, as i said, i know little about this kinda stuff.
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