RedShark6 (EUNE)
: Dusty pc and background programs(chrome, spotify etc.) can affect pc, or some kind of setting in league/pc. Also try updating drivers if you have not. Other wise just contact player support.
pc is just a year old.. I clean it every month so it shouldn't be dusty xd. Background program's, maybe razer synapse? I dont play when chrome/spotify is open only skype.
Cabaras (EUNE)
: Wow is he really frustrated about having 100 fps?{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
It feels like 30 fps it is like playing on a toaster it is really annoying.... so yes
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: d2 support looking for a 5v5 serious dia+ team
Dia 5 adc main looking for a team so if you want to see me playing add me itzdoomalex!
My ingame naam is Alexander aka itzdoomalex jwz!!! My desired position is the ADC role/ my favourite champions are, Urgot-Teemo-Galio-Quinn-Heimerdonger Im verrie pro at league, diamond 5 u know right ;D very goot very good at maken van decisions. My weakness is that when im drunk i cant play league that well :( Im alwaysss available I played a lot of games so my experience is very very high, as high as bram is when he smokes jonko's! I have my phone to call people and whatsapp to talk! skype is for nubs who uses it ? :D DIAMOND 5 should be challenger tho becuz im verrie pro teammates are worse every game. Im dutch !


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