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Father Tios (EUNE)
: They should make the whole assassin genre more towards hit-or-miss by nerfing the base HEAVILY and buffing the scaling just slightly. Such as: Zed, Diana and their friends. For example Diana can consistently 100 0 an adc even when extremely underfed... And it's dumb. They are supposed to be high risk high reward, but they are and have always been small risk high reward.
I agree, zed only requires a duskblade to 100-0 an ADC ò.ò
: They already doing that with {{champion:245}} on the pbe by buffing his AP ratios but nurfing his base damage (so no more tank ekko hopefully). Depending on how that goes i am sure Riot will implement similar changes to the likes of Fizz and Akali. They also looking at {{champion:104}} and might change him to work better with crit to encourage players to build him more damage then tank.
Good to hear, hopefully the same thing happens to fizz and his friends.
Skere (EUW)
: Wait, offtank heimerdinger is a thing? His base dmg isn't that bad is it? I've never seen it this patch
Rush banner of command first, then pick whatever items you need. I've seen alot of BoC + sunfire cape + zzrot + rilay + hourglass heimers in the past. :/
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