: So, your ADC was abusive towards you even though he/she made a mistake...ok, that happens to all supports at some point. What you did wrong was: 1) you didn't just mute him 2) you spend a looong time in chat going on about how bad he (and everyone else) is playing 3) you left him in lane alone to die 1v2, then accused him of 'feeding' 4) you became tilted by this other abusive player and then acted in the same way by being negative and spamming chat 5) you did all these things in the knowledge that you already had chat restrictions in the past. Sorry, but you should have just muted and reported him, and carried on playing without abusing everyone else in chat. Deserved in my opinion. You have 14 days to think about how you might want to deal with these situations in the future.
True but he kept flaming whole game long and i do mute most of the times but sometimes its just to frustrating. Thanks for the comments.
: u had 2 chat restrictions before so idk whats problem
No i didnt, thats the whole point. The guy flamed the whole game through and i kept reacting and after one single report im banned for 14 days.
: You might wanna copy paste the full chat-log here. And yes, of course you can get banned because of one match. Don't you think someone who wishes another player 27 different STDs and incurable diseases, while suggesting 13 methods of suicide, should get banned after that ONE "performance" ?
Game 1 In-Game jOsJmJack: yeh jOsJmJack: it doesnt in this elo jOsJmJack: u could have best comp and still loose if u get feeders in ur team or ppl who dont know how to play their champ jOsJmJack: even worst most teams dont know how to use comp jOsJmJack: sec jOsJmJack: lol <Here Vayne starts flaming me because i am bad and useless and evend called me a * idiot even though he gets caught by a leona Q and dies> jOsJmJack: u talk but u die jOsJmJack: nah ur just bad vayne jOsJmJack: u get hit by leona Q and i cant help u there jOsJmJack: u talk like ur plat jOsJmJack: but u get hit by Q jOsJmJack: wht u want me to do jOsJmJack: dance jOsJmJack: dont get hit by her Q jOsJmJack: i did jOsJmJack: then i didnt jOsJmJack: now be quiet mister low ello jOsJmJack: i hate these low elo adc players jOsJmJack: being very bad jOsJmJack: and talking jOsJmJack: see jOsJmJack: how bad jOsJmJack: u are jOsJmJack: damn jOsJmJack: so bad jOsJmJack: im going to roam jOsJmJack: well its not me jOsJmJack: he talks like hes plat jOsJmJack: push wave always jOsJmJack: wow pro man jOsJmJack: then he gets hit by leona Q gets rekt jOsJmJack: blames supp jOsJmJack: boom jOsJmJack: gj baby jOsJmJack: ofc jOsJmJack: not like that vayne jOsJmJack: why i just got a kill jOsJmJack: top jOsJmJack: and saved top from getting killd jOsJmJack: the idiot bot just flames cuz he makes mistakes jOsJmJack: he cant hold bot for 2 sec or dies jOsJmJack: pro <Here twich starts blaming me for roaming top and getting nasus two kills. He flames me because i wont go back to a lane where the adc blames, flames and calls names> jOsJmJack: please do guys, twich is a virgin and wants to make it to silver before he goes to sleep jOsJmJack: wow alrdy silver jOsJmJack: damn jOsJmJack: high elo jOsJmJack: gank bot then jOsJmJack: u get two kills XD jOsJmJack: ow vayne is feeding jOsJmJack: vayne flamed me bot blames her bad plays on me so i roam jOsJmJack: vayne gets hit by every leona Q says its my fault :) typical low elo adc jOsJmJack: haha <Jax, enemy player top gets upset because i ganked his lane twice. he is now starting to insult tho im not sure what he said, just low elo **> jOsJmJack: jax is upset <Here i state again that its vayne flaming and blaming not me> jOsJmJack: ask vayne not me jOsJmJack: he flames jOsJmJack: nope i wont play bot when adc flames and calls names jOsJmJack: so whatever jOsJmJack: i hear u synd but realy ask vayne why he flames jOsJmJack: and report him if u want to avoide this next time jOsJmJack: im not tilting dude jOsJmJack: i jsut got 2 kills top jOsJmJack: unlike twich jOsJmJack: hahaha jOsJmJack: that bronze twich jOsJmJack: i gank top twice get two kills jOsJmJack: u gank once jOsJmJack: u die jOsJmJack: lool jOsJmJack: srsly i gank top twice 2 kills jOsJmJack: u go there once u die jOsJmJack: and u used flash jOsJmJack: just sad for a pro player like u jOsJmJack: lol jOsJmJack: not as bad as u jOsJmJack: lol jOsJmJack: u went there jOsJmJack: and get rekt jOsJmJack: i was zoning mid jOsJmJack: sad little rat jOsJmJack: awww jOsJmJack: poor twich jOsJmJack: awww jOsJmJack: sure jOsJmJack: mute XD jOsJmJack: goes top and gets killd jOsJmJack: still talks jOsJmJack: gg report vayne for flame jOsJmJack: gg Post-Game jOsJmJack: twich jOsJmJack: silver 3 jOsJmJack: whahahah jOsJmJack: vayne reportd jOsJmJack: for flame The only problem im having is that the adc i was with started flaming and blaming me, calling me names. Once i left the lane to roam twich starts blaming me for leaving my lane, as if its normal to stay in a lane where the other player starts insulting and blaming. 2 bad the chat doesnt show the full chat of the other players aswell. As you can see i was being normal towards our top and mid. But it seems its ok for other players to insult you, yet you cant get upset. I reported vayne but vayne wasnt punished even tho, if you could read his comments, he insulted and called names and said i should leave the lane. I am kinda done with leauge. U get this system in place where other players start flaming you but you get banned because you react to them. This is a single report game and i get a 14 days ban.
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